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i dont think were a publicly traded company
im not sure tho i think maybe we are pwnt by an even bigger company

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so apperently my companies owners are unphased by this whole economy crisis thing
they are like, wow cool everyone else is freaking out, lets make moneys
like i guess mackie more fucked up so now we gonna pwn them with our army yellow driver powered things

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what youre doing it wrong
step 3 should be retrieve money and step should be get more weed
*and step 4
of course, the weed economy is fucked so the math doesnt always work out so happily like before
medical bullshit

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timecop: good to hear all your money stuff is intact =D
i finally has moneys

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boom boom

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20:52 < thebarry> http://www.palinaspresident.com/

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i hate babies itll never work out

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so i hope the midi translator driver gets to work tomorrow
controllers that dont control are pretty lame
fuck controlling algorithms based on words
if then else fuck you

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hahah wat

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i have project backlog and no time
and also lag

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timer counter same thing
its a counter unit and its got compare values and interrupts and like pwm and stuff
anyway if youre having trouble with timers and you need it done quick is prob a good idea to pay someone
cuz yeh alot more than just timers youre likely gonna have to figure out

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on 8bit c is almost goofy
32b gets weird because they get stupid creative with the opcodes
timers isnt c or asm
timer is basic digital building blocks

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ldi SREGSAVE, $80; enable global interrupts
why cant you just use 'sei'
man fuck code, just write out the comments for what yoou have to do to enable a timer
no code, paste that
have you read the app note on timer setup?
and looked at the code?
datasheet how everyone else learned how to do this
except dx
he just did some random shit with some c libs and now hes like building girlbots
and i dont have much time

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you should prob initialize the compare registers
also dont code with binary like that
ldi temp,(1<<CS02)|(0<<CS01)|(1<<cs00)
out tccr0b
like that
well except do the second line right
The Werd.

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means 2
acc is a defined register
heh accumulator, cute
lemme know when you get to something hard like usibng sram or direct reading data blocks from the flash

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dude avr at volume prob go down to .10

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avr is a better value for alot of things
$7 is cheap for an arm, its not cheap for an avr

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oh it has a name?
just write in circles

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ttmustang: kinda, i grew up where they are
the guy who bought the first curiously strong headphone amp lives up there
he evacuated
why are you freaking out

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hmm neat
did you test your rf shit yet?

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no idea
touch sensor

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okay like itll automatically do that set length trace
it has an according function
lib editor just graphically cluttered
but it seems sane i think i get it
what about ST?
ST does good chipamps
wtf is .lic

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i think thats where the factory is at
its like southern china, at the coast or close to it
where the other people on my failproject are
i have to like, find shit to do half the day
i spent like two hours spinning my chair and reading PADS manual
well, guides
it seems like it just has a ton of shit
so figuring out essential workflow might take a sec
sec door

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its like a series of jokes now?
i forgot what the other one was
it was the same pics tho
#3 pic = awesome
biden = one of us
yes i thought you would be pleased
that might be neat
i kinda sucks eee got shiny
i think maybe even ideapads too...

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are they cheap?
well i mean relative to everyone else
atmel docs are usually awesome
are they spi?
nice package

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poke the tech on their msn acct
i get my quotes usually within 20min when i do that
when i was getting an idea of their pricing i think i got like 4 quotes in one day

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