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Another breakthrough product, the world's first solid state amplifier, was released in 1957.
holy shit guys

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and i guess some comparator and opto for feedback on the other side
okay but thats insanity
current drivers for leds seems neat, tho

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why no beach?
you guys have beaches fool
holy shit
you guys got fucked
wtf is that all about
SC fucked you
so i get a tiny blue transformer, right right
then i do a tl494 and a fet driver off this
and then i use this ti drive a giant fet off rectified mains

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felix: but he all talking about sensor resistors
dx^: halp
i know i hooked mine up and they work
okay this is neat
boss copied me the mail he sent to the FL corporate people
and its budgeted 90% firewire-midi fail and 10% new active monitor speaker project
maybe i get to work on something else \o/
midi software without working midi drivers is really boring, yo

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i dont understand why they would worry you ever =(
omg the circuit the guy who designed our thinger used to flip the voltage for feedback
wtf trimpot
use dip switches
wait how much current is this?

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oh sweet
you can use one error amp for voltage and the other for current
blackmoon: if you buy 1000 theyre .15ea
wtf why are you worried about sense resistor

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blackmoon: okay so i can have a tiny transformer to drive the tl494
and then just feed its ass rectified mains
work is mufucking boring
i played with traktor dj software all day
but i can only get the audio chip in our mixer controller working
none of the midi stuff works
bossguy said germans are writing from midi translator thing
i think i need that, i dunno how other tech got it working before
maybe the old drivers did it
it sucks because i can get the test program to spray midi codes to a terminal
i hope coder guy in china sends software soon

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oh yeh theres a table
wow, plain english bold
recommended operating conditions
that kinda looks like my machine instructor
oh okay
the better varients are $.20 more
industrial temp ranges

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yo whats the ..40 pwm controller called
yeh it is you guys are useless
oh hmm it has a built in oscillator even?
oh its tl?
i dont want double i want cheapest
50% max duty?

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