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timecop: hes working on the lcd
dx^: awesome dev setup
cable adapters are ++

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timecop: yes genius

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isnt Z=2*pi*L*F
caveman divider
its some crazy RF shit
pay rab to know
timecop: 42
rf is fucked up everything that works is just lucky

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nite ty for youtube
im listening to it, its not bad
it wont drop =(
i would totally make a tiny isolated circuit
tiny transformer
and then voltage divide with a schottky
define bulk
i would use opto for data transmission to a host
yeh what moon said
the opto is for a data line out

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hehe neat
no idea what you mean
use optocoupler?
oh to get measurements?
do you just want to sense it or read it?
that stuff isnt really the issue as much as powering and interfacing with it

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twingy: theyre horrible
unless its a totally fixed load
theyre horrible
okay like, you regulate current thru the zener with a resistor?
so like any load current is stealing current from your zener
you pull enough current and the zener begins to drop out
pull not enough current, zener gets hot
burning energy really for no good reason
they have an eccentric set of regulation and efficiency graphs
for like $.05 more
you throw a transistor on it
and itll be a shit regulator
but itll be better than just a zener
twingy: that sucks

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the AB bridged chip solutions are pretty neat, not so much
er, so much $

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hmm i think so because theyre made for positive supplies
they usually have output protection diodes
so im guessing those are clamping reverse spikes and saving electrolytics
twingy: haha
`nico: not sure but i doubt its a big issue
most audio outputs use electrolytics on mobile amps ive seen
also the values being useless doesnt matter so much
as long as youre filtering way below switching
cuz i mean you prob need decent size caps
`nico: how much power?

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no but in principle they seem simple
i have one of those class-d nation switcher things somewhere
they sampled me one
might be obsoleted now
RMS * 1.414 = Vpk
Vpk * 2 = Vp2p
`nico: mostly national chipamps and ab stuff in lab
like ab with opamp or long tail pair drive
`nico: natsemi chip is 50W/4R @ 28V
mrtube: depends what you wanna call the THD+N limit
bridged chip
TI and ST make them, ST makes a cool one like a giant soic
i killed it somewhere in between chico and los angeles

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microscope soldering = awesome
soldering wire onto qfp pins = easy
twingy: you prob mean 360p2p?
and no cmon, rly?
because thats what 120vac rms is
he means p2p
not Vpk
120Vrms * 1.414 = 180Vpk, * 2 = 360Vp2p
120vac = 360Vp2p

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hahah @ first few seconds of ac/dc
new ac/dc

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if the current is the same
so yes

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i dont have anyplace to work
and they dont really rebuild it
they take your engine out and stick a rebuilt one in
i dont have rebuilt engines just lying around

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okay guys
i decided im gonna sell the accord
and have the crx rebuilt
cuz crx:
1) fun
2) 50mpg
3) 5spd stick (slushbox is making me a sad driver person)

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blackmoon: yeh but its basically automatic
cat chasing its tail type thing
okay ours is variable speed and variable torque
also, theres a 3rd encoder
well, the halls, the optical on the motor assembly
then theres a hole
and another encoder for the vinyl on top of the mat on top of the platter
with 1000 bars/rev resolution
well, its got three B drivers
yeah thats for the midi/dj controller software stuff
shit i forgot to drop off my pants'

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so the pwm goes out to some filter circuits
two pwm chans
max003 comes from the schematic
a 3rd channel is generated from the 2
serious at what
i think its buffered by the controller
pretty sure
so yeh
all those go to opamps driving the B outputs to the coils
well the filtering is to get sines out i think
nice tc
theyre mostly fail
normally its halls tied to transistors, no?
which was that?
oh neat
good price breaks

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blackmoon: oh the brushless motor board has opto and hall sensor feedback
i think the hall sensors are under the motor hub on the pcb
but the fail motors are built into a mounting plate for the vinyl platter
and its like pressed on, no way to get it off looks like
this unit is from china
the factory theyre using there
yeh i guess so
its 1 layer board, has smt controller
and dip flash rom
has class B darlington drives for the motors
no A is like, hi its not 1945
10% efficiency and shit =(
so yeh
the optos and the hall sensors go to the controller
maxim has no part
i cleaned the dirt off the chip and the label came off with the dirt

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i has mad new dickies
have to get them short person modified, bye
cmon you know what dickies are rite?
canadia has dickies, right?
no man ima get my double knee scotch-guarded workpants hemmed up
i got them for $24!
i used to be able to get them for $21
im like 27" inseam or some midget shit like that
fold ur hems fool
timecop: ha

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eggsalad: .wz 91326
heh, thats deep
eggsalad: !weather tacoma, wa
not impressive

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