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i want a garage
thats a hangar not a garage
shed for your 747
eggsalad: .wz 91335

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i dunno convert everything to times instead of Hz and see if it still makes sense
hey thats neat your prescaled time ends up being a square of 120Hz
oh haha like you hit enter and it just gave you 120 again?

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you need to paste all the math with like units so someone knows wtf you are talking about
not in channel to a pastebin

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avrfreaks.net prob has tons of example code
pay timecop to do it for you
he loves avr

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so eventually it overflows, its only 8 or 16 bits, can only count so high
thats an overflow event, you can make it an interrupt and do stuff
you also have compare registers
you place values in those, and when they match the timer/counter value, shit happens
you can set them as interrupts, you can use them to define pwm period and duty, one can be used to reset the timer short of the overflow value
theres also the setup registers, 2 or 3 of them, and the flag registers (intable events), mask register (enable individual ints)

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but i mean if you can figure out how to turn the timer on, the prescaler stuff is the same bit table
also if youre using the 16bit timers, you should have read the part about reading/writing to the 16b buffered registers
theyre triggered on the low port
so reads are low than high and writes are high than low
theres a timer/counter register, and compare registers
the timer register counts up, once every timer clock
timer clock is system clock or prescaled slower

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you have a triac or what?
you can switch them after each zero crossing, every 120Hz
with a bipolar setup, you get a pulse every zero crossing
then yeh dont need it
anyway im going to go to sleep more
you should read the whole timer section
also the clock sections, in the datasheet
you have to figure out your prescaler because even the 16bit timers dont count high enough

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the one for zero crossing
you didnt get the bipolar one?
optocoupler for zero crossing input
or phase input if you just got one way led
does it have two leds inside or one?
well yeh the bipolar ones only have 4 pins, too
theyre in parallel, in opposite directions

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oh no thats for times, im like ahead of you
youre making me do maths im like not even officially awake yet
yes thats how many counts in a second
but you want 1/120th of a second
why do you want a 120Hz scuare wave
your opto will do that?

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your xtal controls your avr freq, 1MHz = 1 million cpu cycles
thats the speed you run the timers on
read datasheet atmel explains all this much better
hmm, eh?
its 1/14M

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depends how you are coding your thing
omg i dont wanna code your thing for you =(
okay here
i dont even remember what was in there to set
the ext int trigger levels or something?
okay i would have a free running timer
whatever mode resets when it hits top
then use one compare reg to set your duty for the triac or scr or whatever
then have external int save the count value and reset the timer
then you compare the count value to a range to check for a fault

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hmm i am non smoker like almost two weeks
i still want cigs
so its like this until i die or wat

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avr timers?
theres a count register and compare registers
thats pretty much it
some registers to control what those do
so write an int call for the external int that zeros your timer

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my xp sound driver keeps blue screening it
i need a new computer machine

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whats greens

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ron paul keeps emailing me

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3d metroid, fkr
its not supposed to be funny
its supposed to be a totally fucked up in too deep mess

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Color-Coded Plastic Shim Stock .0005" Thick, 10" X 20", Silver
In stock at $4.49 Each
mcmaster yayay
yeh they have the steel stuff for $40
i wonder how much gamecubes cost

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actually yeh ive heard enough first hand stories
placement was same shit
cig lighter = two wires stickout out a socket
short with pencil lead
i got paid in weed to refil cigs with weed
i dont even smoke joints
well whatever i like too
but like its a big effort
and im always losing my papers
or saving them to use with the cnc
rice paper = .001
thats sounds dangerous
cut your eyeball out!
borocilicate glass only, pls
i dont want $40 worth
all of a sudden i have this urge to play 8bit megaman

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omg fuckers
they taped it before they folded it
timecop: heh
wow 1" heatshrink looks awesome
you could heatshring golf balls and make a fucked up weapon
prison tek, feer
that device prob worth 10 soups

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knife is gone
omg fuck this long triangle box
awesome, tho they run out of stuff for me to do on this project
and the other people on it are in china for two more weeks
old job is failing
workers are pissed at the boss guy
i need to put a note to digikey like 'its okay to fold the heatshrink, no more triangle box'
wtf its like taped inside the triangle box

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drink it wat
why you go drink your radiator water
its tastey
thats why it kills dogs
okay so now i has two paychecks to cash
i need new pants yo
then ima get them hemmed by that lady
and use the extra to patch the old pants
where my bike at them

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we had one of those at school
it put parts thru wired glass windows
my pullout is so clogged
and my bongwater is black
stoner crisis

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cant buy it at digikey = useless
i hate that shit
numbers, letters, values, wtf
you can buy drill bits at enco

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we use tons of $3 opamps in this design
the non-mixer at work
i dont think you want to steal this design its decidedly weird
it uses more power when muted
whats that about
output to feedback circuit
then like 100R resistors
pulled to GND by fets
im like, wow nice so you took off the next stages input loads and put a 100R there
wtf does pmpo mean anyway
no thats me
tho i have alot more super hit
i got like 6 boxes of super hit left
and like 2 boxes of nag champa

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youll go to sleep first anyway
youre double secret op
or something
aw it <3 you
didnt work
cuz you hostmask hasnt changed
i dont think im on the bot
oh i guess this one is neat
yeh, theres only one

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you just gotta be careful
i worked on those things with 2ft dreadlocks
im paranoid safe around those machines
but yeh id never wanna work in a production machine shop
my cnc instructor has been in machineshops since he was a kid, maybe 40 years
he hears a loud noise, he hits the floor
its likely to be moving laterally
you dont get under shit like that =(
wtf @ titanium
lexan is awesome
they just need to do a full cage

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the chuck took out half his torso
that seems alot less dangerous
than an engine lathe

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omg hes wearing gloves in that pic
he gonna get sucked into the machine noooooo
whatever it could totally eat your finger
long sleeves = death
did you see the arab guy wrapped around the lathe?
its old i dont think its called arab wrapped around a lathe
anyway he was wearing long sleeves
you could tell because his sweater was mixed in with his head and arm around the part on the lathe
no its just an engine lathe, normal lathe

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tekrad: thats basically what you have?
i love the big crank to adjust the table Z
apestate: 4 jaw chuck yay
i dont even remember what we did that shit for

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we cant view your gmail pics
but to tram on the Y i think you need shim stock
blackmoon: yes
tekrad: used haas minimill is maybe $20K?
theyre awesome
with the autochanger?
i thought they were like $40K+
haas minimill is awesome for small/medium size stuff
wow neat lathe

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thats basically the only we do that china doesnt so much
ultra precision machines and inspection devices
theyre our biggest customer and im sure theyll be able to make that shit on their own soon
taig 2019cr
with a xylotex 4ch
wtf are you talking about apestate
try like 5ipm and .01 cuts
tekrad: iunno about easy, you just have to fabricate stepper mounts and coupling shafts
maybe some consumable/adjustable leadscrew nuts
blackmoon: yes, by the weight and the rigidity
vs steel, it can actually warp thru the spindle head and the main body a bit
omg it sounds so sad
destroys the tooling, possible throws the spindle out of perpendicular
you can re-tram the Z

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omg hai guys
my pee smelled like vitamins
like $2k
like $2.5K for enough tooling and inspection shit to make it useful
i got the steppers and the controller with it, too
are you going to school?
from an ebay distributor
i got it off ebay thru paypal tho
danielson: get a loan and pay for it with that
circuit board stuff mostly
some heatsinks for an abandoned project
slow as fuck
i was doing aluminum at 20ipm tho
wore the tool down eventually but thats reality
toolroom CNC

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bitch i have clean socks
you cant stop me
they also match, mfkr
i have lots of that, nothing special
socks can be a bitch to maintain

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