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the ebay with my cnc machine

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i dont remember what mine are
i think nema23 is what i have
should i be a douchebag and add rail status leds to my board?

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haha you are so proud of that
face routing

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i get the good shit
wtf @ moldy
when i open the box theyre all the same
actually this stuff is just good
dude i smoke
the smoke covers the fabric with smoke
i havent smoked cigs in like 9 days
remember ur face?
thats what the living room smells like
ima put some super hit on right now

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this vetter get better
and then what
not particularly
incense is better at making smells
nag champa and also super hit
no fuck you sir
i have a box full of boxes of incesnse
some of them have tiny boxes of two sample sticks of insence inside
its like a shoebox
super hit + nag champa = pro shit
wtf moldy wtf are you talking about

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thai food by work is fail
chiken satay is ok
rice is like, omg did you make this from a packet or wat
im stick to the italian place
where are you putting your tv?

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the fall of civiliation

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its like $2k to have it rebuilt and installed
so if i had that money
i could sell it id have $3k
if ima rebuild a car, iunno ima rebuild a 240sx, or an mr2, or a 280z, or an rx7
SCCA ate all the G1 rx7
omg =O
my brothers lasted 200K miles
he never changed the oil
he just added more
which somewhat makes sense
because they use oil, pump it into the fuel

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cold solder joint
its melted inside
i think its something else
but ok
guys fail honda isnt getting any worse
and with the honey goo additive, the old pressure light hardly ever blinks

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what do you mean need
timecop: have you used pads?
tekrad: youve used pads, no?
i think theyre gonna get that at work
someone from IAR called me
im like, stfu im using gcc and open-whatever

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theyve done tons of amazing prototype racers
yes the spyder/speedter, the shit james dean died in
if they spent 40 years of continuous development on one of their mid engine designs, itd be the best production car in the world
timecop probably knows
the decoding i would think is maybe hardware, but functionality and interface is prob firmware
man people be falling off

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personally i think the rx8 is trash
the only thing positive about it is they had enough respect to not call it an rx7
4 doors and back seats != uncompromised sport
not hot, fun
theyre go karts with armor
hmm, hottest thing in the late 80s...
oh, C4 vette before they smoothed the edges
and squared the tail lights
early C3 vette is prob best ever american design
well, styling wise
they dont have a trunk they have a cubby
well yeh they get better every generation
fuck a 911
i have very little respect for it
i love porsche
i cant stand the 911
see you make the point
its not their best ones
911 is a bug
it was the drs pet
a spoiled child
i love the 550
the 914, the 928 is hella sexy, i learned to respect 924/944 because it has 50/50 weight and theyre cheap to race

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its funny #cars people are like the only ones actually know what my nick means
its the 13b in the RX8
they moved the intake port from the side of the rotor housing to the wall like the exhaust
but they fucked up the EFI and they would flood if you turned it off and restarted right after starting it
would foul the spark plugs
yes the rotaries
so did sam mitani when he reviewed it
i was like wut

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and im prob gonna move it a bit right and up so i get maybe 5-10 mil moe gap around the output trace
its signal ground tho, not much current happening there
need to put the ground pin on the other side of the rca
top pin on the jack ended up being star ground point
unregulated toroid/bridge/caps
its a servo to stabilize output voltage offset
theres +/-35V to the left going to chipamp
the to-92 are fixed vregs
i can cut the traces
all the dip needs is power and ground, topside

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`nico: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/dipandsoic.png
art, or emi suicide!?
my best defense is like, k its just audio (its for like soic or dip 1ch opamp)
did you get the boards?
same net
the dip and the soic are just connected pin to pin
so you can use either pkg
yeh it does i was amazed

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i thought you hated america
wtf do you need an suv for

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kevtris: neat
k get more panels it doesnt fit
omg metroid ii
only a regular reader would know
8b > u

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