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whats fall
timecop: this is your 2 layer RF suicide?
neat, gl
well, until its like actually spinning and blinking LEDs and shit, absolutely
but thats normal

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clothes are done drying
i can has sleep now
oh you hit order online and it changes
okay need sleep bye
i hope they bomb palin next
she prob worse as a zombie

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that site is awesome
you cant click on Privacy or Terms of Use
theyre not links it just makes it look all official
fuck in n out
aaaaaaaaaw jeeeeeeeah

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i missed it
missed it

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[03/23:29] <furan-> he's a world renowned ass
so true
i wanna know why his nick is timecop
thats not backwards
you just made that up

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dude i clicked
its not bigger
guys i want a cig
its been a weel wtf
i need to go eat foods or something

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oh you just now figured out that firefox and ie do css box math differently?
doesnt that just piss you off?
i think there is a mode of IE that lets you change that too

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guys i ate all the gum
wtf was i thinking
hmm not a bad idea

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laundry piles
i got stuck in the sand at bathurst
so did everyone else
only like 3 of 10 people finished =(

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gum will make me not smoke right?
i found this packet of apple
its all like, sour on one side sweet on other

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oh shit
lesbian english teacher is like, OH HI WHATS GOING ON
she has classes on mondays, shes like want to have afternoon dinner
okay i have to practice mini @ bathurst
hmm okay maybe
man i want cigarettes!
okay but i has a race bye
she asked if my job was okay im like oh i has a new better job
and i would blog more to her later
because yeh i got a race ok bye

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wow @ 400MHz

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sucks to be a web designer

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no do it in excel
so you can have like crazy layout stuff going on
tru dat
i think maybe frontpage has ftp
like a button thats like SEND INTO WEBS
that auto ftps some prelabeled directory structure
interface with doom
pspad is so neat!
its got hex shits!
were all gonna have to learn php huh

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all the php people <3 it
i was thinking that but im like NO THATS CRAZY
because it is yo!
okay so do i buy a car after like, selling car, saving a few paychecks
or do i buy a computer
take bus and use bike
play fallout for like 2 months
and have EVEN MORE money for a car
okay so dx thinks car is impotant
which means i buy the computer to have fallout 3 in order to save more money fopr a better car
no just for like a month or three
rab: you prob go like, File > Make Web Page Dot Dot Dot, do options, hit Okay

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oh you havent seen that?
yes black soldermask
the old amplifiers
i have to ask mrtube if i can post schematic/pcb layout
thats total 8 bit thinking
every one is like it can be done this other way
i dont even remember how i did it
oh wai

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theres probably like typos and stuff
where the fuck are the transistors in that shit

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i can just put it into some junker amp chassis
well, current probably
omg now you are getting destructive!
okay but a temp monitor would be neat
i have some national to-92 ones
theyre probably to pussy tho

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so digikey has these 80V supply opamps
i should make a giant linear bench supply
all i need are fat darlingtons and super opamps
i think i have all the other junk

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dx^: nice

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greybrown hole
we are so funny
i has laundry
also a race to lose

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i think it sounds better if you dont say instead

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