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macegr: heh

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macegr: neeeeat

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+ darlingtons, Vbe multiplier bias circuit
10+10 not bad

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cuz theyre so sexy
the boards were like $8 each maybe
the little ones maybe $2
40V rail capable opamp, 50mA out
heheh, cool

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mrtube: opamps into bridged, fat AB drivers
maybe throw on one of those servo thingers

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oh shit
thats my scope
theyre using my scope in the natsemi doc!
page 7
thats my scope, yo
and fig.20
old skool.

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yeh but morrowind was awesome because it was hand built
and there was only maybe one or two spots with weird graphical issues
like a rock in a lake was a jagged cylinder from viewed under the water
i think so why
like blown apart cities
nothing like, with people and shops
well every demo i seen
is way more fps than id like it to be
but whatever
it can suck hard
ill still play it hundreds of hours
blackmoon: fallout, <3
if it sucks, i will go to besthesda soft and vandalize their building
this is not acceptable
mrtube: heh
ive seen that first page like 20 times

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in morrowind my character made the best potions
and they all weighed 0.0
like, my character had this robe with thousands of tiny vials inside
guess so
i was alchemist tag skill
on like 300 hour characters
like on boring days i would just rape the entire island for good ingredients
go back home and cook
money was never an issue, resale on ultramega 0.0 weight potions was awesome
i did like maybe an hour in oblivion before i just decided i wasnt into the ui
like i had to pick a lock
i got stuck in a corner or something
the ridiculous 200 options face deform dialog
i just said fuckit
everyone complains
and im pretty sure the random generated terrain would just piss me off
fallout 3 is the next one

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dunno ive never read the whole overture protection doc
very cool block diagram
we have some product, i think the plate amps for the KRKs...
were using ST chipamps
but theres also two bigass transistors on a sink
im pretty sure theyre biamped
mrtube: i think next amp i wanna try after the module thing is a high voltage opamp + massive AB output section
cuz yeh rly, doesnt seem so hard
hopefully next week i get trained on the audio precision test units
im run out of current project stuff to do on monday or tuesday

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best yet
how comes its missing a screw?
oh right
cool @ Al plug
was wondering what what was

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i hate those
well, the package
youd have to bridge thru 16R
or theyll burn
or will those amps do 4R?
25W into 4R
yeh if they can do 4R per channel they can do 8R fine
35W is 8R i think
yeh whatever details are, its a decent idea

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mm clip led
so other tech is gone
for 3 weeks, and monday i prob finish all the work i can do on this project
then i get to work on other stuff
hey you want some KRK powered speakers?
the studio monitor dealies
i can get deals, apperently
just takes forever sometimes
i start getting paychecks again next week

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so they came and fixed my bathroom
they put a new valve for the toilet tank hose
but they didnt hook up the hose and turn it on
im all like WHY NO FLUSH
also they replaced the little drain plug lever with a plate with no lever
so um i guess i cant take baths now
(theres a leak or something in my wall, dude downstairs complains
yeh but then i gotta remove the strainer
yeh i seen those
yes i do
so does my strainer
well, prob when i remove the strainer screen thing
i told you itd be someting h4x like that

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rab: omg router ate the pcb too much and layers were exposed, got shorted
world ended, canadians suck at pcb
moon should find these people for me and be like, you guys suck
6 layer
it has internal routes but there wasnt enough gap
between the laters and the route edges
no reason for it, either
anyway, it exposed edges
and during wave soldering for connectors some of it splashed up
3.3v to ground, 0.0R
simple switcher got hot
so did output inductor
i cut traces to isolate it, ran fine
got rid of the short on the edge
hooked up psu again, worked perfect
they seem pretty win

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felix is some sort of grammar ninja
i guess that could come in handy one day
altren is me
someone introduced him
tiny dishwashers are tek.
fit nicely at the end of your room pod
i suppose i should shower and go to work
omg first day othertech gone
i have six mixer controllers and 3 deck controllers to turn nonfail

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