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wtf is phasors
like, a cap or inductor is whatever resistance in an AC system
work it out in your head what resistances change at what freq, or sim that shit and spray numbers and make pretty graphs
i think we did phasors i just forgot

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thats what caps and inductors are

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tho we both agreed a mixer with built in mp3 storage/players + dsp would be neat would be sweet

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clear solder, what
whos wut
ok so my friend makes a good point
while the mixer might be okay
he doesnt see the point of selling decks that cant also play vinyl
to the dj population as a whole
being that its still mostly vinyl (oddly)

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wtf is a phasor

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my buddy calls me up like 'hey can you make me a solar panel to power a computer?'
so i clicked on all electronics and told him the price for a 4W panel
and multiplied by $100
only $5500!
but yeh
he all like wow @ cerwin vega job
he audio nerd, kinda a hack producer
he gonna front me a skater
i know this guy since junior high
most the people he hang with now he met thru me, heh
well, thru people thru me, etc

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i need liquids brb
guys vietnamese foods yayaya
old secretary girl from woodshop took me to dinner for feedfooding her cat

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c66/c65 look a little ugly
you should put those on your boards timecop
no #44 lamps
$45 samples, awesome
yeh how you do that trick niggy
is there like a mech engineer spell

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blackmoon: non-sensi
seedy mex shit
hippy shit

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i should just score an oz of stress for $40

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theres real weed looks exactly like that
marijuana is legal here
you just have to pay to get the card
fuck the fed
this california
he recaps them as soon as he gets them
he doesnt use licked cloth caps either
ive gotten weed looks way worse than that fucking stoned the fuck outta me

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all that shit looks like trash
theres fake buds look pretty much like real bud
i think its budded industrial hemp
itll actually keep you from getting high =(

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van damme
why timecop
explain now
macegr: heh
meh, fake buds is old school
a social worker once tried to smoke me out with them
social workers girlfriend was one of my friends mom
my friend ganked their stash, he said he smoked like 5 bowls of that shit
looked/smelled/tasted/smoked like kind sense herb
5 bowls, didnt get high at all
and that stuff looks like trash

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okay but check this out
im in the weekly engineering meeting today
theyre sourcing toroids for some small powered speakers
so theyre sad because it looks like theyre gonna have to pay around $12 for 250VA toroids
like i pay 4x that
and i think thats cheap compared to most small qty toroid buys
yeh rly
ill fucking make the amps around the toroid
im going to ask if i can buy some
i know theyre hiding boxes of them
no fool
shift stick
or stick shoft
*stick shift
thats the coolest part about his shiftline rly

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its all firewire interface control
the analog part is rather minimal, and its basically an external PC soundcard
were running a firewire/5.1 DSP chip and an AVR
its a mixer and a deck, but only in look and feel
its just control surfaces for audio software
now, if i was working on the projects id want to be working on...
then yes, itd be mad analog filth
but those projects are humming along fine
while my project is basically become a development nightmare for the company
KRK is powered studio monitor speakers
i didnt know they were same company as cerwin-vega

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months of no money fucked everything up
i was supposed to build computer
fix car or buy other car
do fallout
now we are down to the class ferris bueler car vs computer question
i can have the engine rebuild
or sell and save and buy new better car
or build computer in time for fallout
nowhere i just wasnt working for like a month
cuz i got the shop on schedule
and he just could make sales to keep up with me
theyre running like 2 floor workers
theyre doing small shipments every other week
that shop is dead
so ive been working new job for a week
but i wont get check till prob next week
indeed, <3 this job, neat people too
electronics consultant for stanton/KRK/cerwin-vega
technician shit, consultant because im contract for three months before they decided to make me staff
but yeh, ive wanted to work for cerwin-vega since before i knew wtf electronics was
and the stanton shit im working on is basically embedded systems
no actually

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i dunno what if i did
i wouldn prob make dies for that
and then feel fucked if i had to go deeper than the tools throat
anyway you just increasec complexity like 800%
at this point its two blocks and a nut and bolt
and one block doesnt even have to be machined other than drilled
how does what work your scissor punch?
what would cost $250 to make
or something
man i kinda want a cig
usually but he just didnt seem quick about it
im trying not to smoke cigs
but i have no weed
wtf am i supposed to do with my hands when im not doing stuff with my hands
oh totally
ive seen several
apperently its gone gold

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and fuck grinding, get some ball mills
it does steel, it just does it slow
again, im not charging time because im in my room doing what i want while it cycles
hehe i just use teh machine
the screw holes?
besides totally random shapes, the cnc cal also do circles
i hate it when i typo the smartass remarks
um, it depends
its kinda a non issue
most dsubs have threaded studs
male studs with female threads on the external end
tho i think maybe ive seen them just holes that protrude too
thats usually molded dongle type shit tho

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wtf apestate its the shape of a dsub
so yeh, but that, machine, heat treat, add badass nut and bolt
prob well under $10
do you expect us to pay you this or something?
i dont see how the machining/grinding/heat treating part costs that much
unless youre shopping it out
okay so you are
why do you think they asked me
see because while machine is running, im watching tv, laying out pcb, wanking to pr0n, talking on irc, listening to music
etc etc etc
$100/hour is a joke
i mean, any of us can just call a machine shop and show them a pic and get them done if that were the point
heat treating = cost of gas and initial layout for a torche
machining = cost of endmills

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apestate: most panels would deform
its prob $5 in steel and a trip to the coaters
it doesnt surprise me
they charge what the market will pay
and people pay insane money like that

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see but thats just wrong
kevtris' drawing wasnt wrong it was just on crack
which i kinda hate more
like it wasnt a mistake thats just how they do it
blackmoon: i thought of doing it like that
you have to make three holes
so now you have to like, measure and shit
but yeh thats how they got away with cheaper cap screws
i would just use pins
well, like ~3/16" stainless steel dowels
but yeh three holes still
like, it should keep itself in place after the first quarter or half turn
fastons are neat
they did that design to use cheaper bolts
i think more than alignment

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yeh its clearer in timecops drawing
its still ambiguous and bad CAD
it should be a dashed line thru the whole part drawing
to indicate its a center
timecop: eh?
yeh underdefined
center them on the mechanical drawing
not really, you can easily make it work
but you dunno how much they want it offset
not that itll kill anything
you could calc the offset on the other pads
and just make it similar overlap

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youre just supposed to know because you read minds
so is 11.7
1mm is the pitch
5mm is the end to end because 6 mines
so .5mm is the distance from the center pins to absolute center
its not wrong
its just drawn ambiguously by a crackhead
because the tiny line doesnt look like it belongs to anything else
then its prob a radius
and yeh drawn by a crackhead
supervisor prob isnt a CAD tech/engineer
kevtris: because centerline would l9ogically be between pins
even number
the distance would be .5mm
and the line that the .5mm lines up with looks like a center
its not wrong, its retarded
yeh thats cad for radius
diameter is a circle with a slash usually
i dont think ive ever seen D
i have
well, on mechanical drawings
but not in parts datasheets
dia or the fat slashed zero
but the .5mm isnt wrong
its drawn wrong, because its somewhat ambiguous
but its the offset from center (which should be a dashed line)
to pin

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looks wrong
yes i saw as soon as i opened
its not wrong
thats the pitch
its just drawn dumb i think
kevtris: is it 1mm pitch?
i think it might be the offset
see the tiny line?
in the middle
.5mm is aligned with the tiny line
it might be the offset between that line, which i think might be a fucked up center line
and the line aligned with the pin
because you can derive the other stuff if you have a relative to a center ref
but yeh, its ambiguous
okay yeh sec
10mm is center reffed

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tho sometimes it takes first check longer
=( =( =(
prob for like years
hell it wouldnt even be the plastic itd be the backing
the wears the die if youre punching plastic
most expensive part will prob end up being the nut and bolt
everything i work on has firewire jacks, heh
youre prob reading it wrong because its drawn by a crackhead
well, like youre prob reading it right but its drawn wrong
i guess another way to say it
ive caught that =(
star ground?
wtf are you talking about
star ground isnt theory is utterly fucking logical

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or what
does the base match?
i could get a torch and heat treat the steel i guess
the backs are probably softer steel
yeh but thats harder on the endmills
yes but it wears eventually
no idea, id guess maybe 10-20
yes, def look into it
so i turned in my invoice today
so it turns out they send those to corporate in florida
usually takes a week to get back

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blackmoon: wut
i got to take apart a development version of the new portable earthquakes
draw a spec
how do you want the backs
so you drill and put that thru and just tighten it?

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