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hehe prob a good idea
no idea what youre saying =D
its like ALU w/ multiplier or what?
think ill have to check out a datasheet
thats pretty major

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twingy: heh shitty

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dx^: wtf is that!?
hair spray?!

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i just saw that
and yeh totally
so like anything capacitive will stop it?
the bandsaw is prob a hardcore brake
how about just learn how to properly use the fucking machine?
my cat squeeks
makes all sorts of noises
never meows

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iunno thats looks like some shit youd be the expert on
i wouldnt trust that shit at all
also id be pissed when it false positives
cuz you know it will

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fuck wendy
he should have stayed with tinkerbelle
stupid bitch

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we need to steal and integrate their DNA

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liquid sodium is old school
thats what they dumped in the late 50s nuclear meltdown 5mi away
it ate the seals on the local research reactor

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yeh they inspect shit but theres prob tons of shit can go wrong
most that shit is fucking ancient now
sub shit is prob pretty reliable
ive always tripped on that
youre in a sub, you let you missiles go
then what
and then what
cooling what?
oh for the sub power sources?
i love how our most advanced power tech is still like, heat waster up, spin generators

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lordnlptp: nice fin welds
youll never even use the icbm
i bet they have no idea what the fail rates on our icbms are now
blackmoon: shit you only need to get a few up
MIRVs ftmfw
but yeh i doubt they would have all worked in the cold war
and i would expect more fail now

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oh yeh i seen that

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flip tip:
when you set your zero reference, approach the reference point from the same direction
and do not reverse direction
if you go past, go back like .02 or whatever so you undo the backlash
else you get cumulative backlash issues
kinda like tuning guitar, always tune up
if you go to far, go back and tune up again
blackmoon: that pic is horrifying
Palin's parents went to New York in January 2002 to help control the rat population in Staten Island's Fresh Kills landfill as part-time contract workers with the Agriculture Department, her mother, Sally Heath, told The Associated Press on Thursday.
Their task for two weeks was to control the rats so that they did not disturb the debris from the World Trade Center that was being brought there and searched by forensic teams for human remains.
interesting trivia, that

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wow square vias and right angles all the way
that is def an artistic statement if i ever seen one
rab: research, of course
its shit for high speed but i bet its pretty good as far as crosstalk, everything crossing at 90deg like that
and i doubt the right angles gonna hurt much on that board
tho weve prob beat this topic into the ground already
maybe the eth port stuff

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bill maher is pretty smart
the huffington post link?

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guys heat sucks i wanna go back to sleep

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they just need to let them deathmatch it
fuck an election

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rab: =( =( =(
happier note:
i has el grande NYC pizza
two slices
were gonna lose because we made the girl cry +(
omfg this pizza is so good
biden is the shit
daily show ^

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dx^: old
dx^: the campaign complained about that interview
they said she was picking on him
better be good, then

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sit down on couch to watch news
wake up hours later
ribs is overrated
ice tea, mofo
free refills yay
more iced tea is always free
if iced tea isnt more for free at black angus, go someplace else

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20:10 <@Rab> The Before photo is like the dopest bathroom on the planet.
after is metrosexual but before sucks except for the tile color
haha thats like, well done but goofy
man i want some weed
being broke is horrible
long term investment
also id need to get a medical card
not trying to have popo bust in on my mom

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p4 were nuts
and the athlon xps
that was the last shit they made before power consumption became a big deal
yeh but not many mobo even used them
im wont overclock shit
too much on a mobo to break
i dont got money to be replacing shit
yeh exactly
the semorpon in my cnc box is like 42W max i think
runs cool as shit
who cares as long as you get 443FPS
i think he knows what you meant hes just skirting the issue

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operating ratings are up to 85C
prob die design so the temps arent spotty
bossguy said hed maybe put me on a powered speaker project in a month or so
i guess when they get this thing into production
naw fuck that
theyre package rated at 90C
if you decode the numbers on the package
but i dont trust procs gone past 60C very much

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yeh its big enough tho, youd prob have to run a sine thru it at mad power to saturate the sink blocks and back panel
like for a long, long time
yeh they got hot, normal use, its not bad
im pretty sure attached to a sink, you cant kill them
because the thermal protection will enable
youd notice too, you prob seen the waveforms
yeh, just gotta get the heat off of it
im almost positive theyre spec'd at 85C
note 9:
operating junction temp max is 150C
however the instant safe operating area temp is 250C

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no im doing that today
have to clean breakfast up
bacon and basted eggs on top of toastadas, aaaaaaaaaw jeeeah
its prob not a big deal
theyre spec'd at 85C and the SPiKE thermal protection stuff doesnt even do anything until 150C
they usually run kinda warm
with normal levels
i always have my little test amps on athlon heatsinks without fans
your solution prob blows that away
what it lacks in efficiency its prob making up for in mass

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they trying to figure out what to do with me
cuz most of the work left before other tech goes to china is documentation stuff
and i know alot of it already, besides the pc driver/test procedure stuff
this is pretty neat tho ive wanted this job for a few years
well, way longer i guess, maybe since a kid before i knew wtf electronics was
cuz yeh, wall of vega portable earthquakes is totally one of the reasons i wanted to learn about electronics

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theres a plastic isolator to keep the the leds from bleeding
and a ring of leds on the board around the pot
here check this out, this is kinda average wtf design/pcb issue...
they decided the motorized pot was to succeptible to noise, right?
so they wanna ad an opamp to drive the signal to the adc, reasonable, right?
they order a ton of opamps but theyre not rrio
so my tech tells them to put resistors on the rails
they put the resistors in between the rails and the opamps
instead of the rails and the pot
so yeh, thousands wasted on sot23 opamps
had to buy rrio amps
i guess what happened is they used them before, good work
but staff changed on them
like, they wont verify circuits, they wont doc changes, they wont doc rework to get shit working
they send boards back to us like 3 boards in one static bad
like, the other tech basically had to test everything to see what was working and what was burnt
were doing a ton of verification that they were supposed to do mnths ago
other tech is leaving in a week
for like two or three weeks
and im supposed to be local support on the project
its fun!
they all seem pretty happy with me

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im maybe get paid for first time in like a month on monday
like, i got paid to take apart a mixer
is neat!
the subcontractors are total fail!
so i get to do lots of fun rework and testing
right now im on this project...
theyre like on 3rd preproduction cycle and theres still some wtf issues
they trying to go mass production like, now
like, the rework stuff is maybe not so big a deal
but theyre having all sorts of driver/firmware/testing issues
no those are discrete
0603 and standard pushbutton encoders

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(3min ago)
rab: hai how r u

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wtf @ 30ft
It would pay poor women $1,000 to have their fallopian tubes tied.
multiple that x10 and maybe id call it reasonable
hahaha yeh but you hate girls
oh that thing is old school

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haha that would rawk

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