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dx^: hai
wtf @ superglue

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so yeh, in a month they prob gonna have me working on other stuff
i guess as the SC system shit goes into production

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the firewire/sound io stuff is an oxford semi chip
it programs an atmega64l on another board
no i dont remember what the fuckey switchers are
the sane shit is natsemi simple switcher
also the designers went with some piezo pickup bullshit for velocity sensing on some buttons
like, the buttons hit a switch, and then the piezos are amped
the louader the tap sound, the higher the velocity
but the fail shit registers hits on diff sides of the buttons at diff velocities
because they use one piezo in between 2 buttons
me and other tech are like wtf, why didnt he go with dual pole switches and just sense time

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which is going back to the FB pin on the switcher
using an MLF chip that the assembly house in china hates
its some eloquent bullshit
also the linear regs are sraight off the 24V input rail
so all dissipating mad power, instead of running them off the generated lower voltage rails
also some other drama
like, damn just use standard inverting smps circuit, standard magnetics, and an external switch transistor
anyway, everyone is very dissapointed with the contractor company =( =( =(

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so we updated the windows drivers today
and now nothing works
tho before that the coder guy tested my triple stack watchdog circuit mod
says it works perfect
heh also helped a non-tech get his freescale programmer thing to update his dsp mixer
omfg the psu's of both products are some overdesigned bullshit
like, using some standard switcher chip to drive a 6 coil transformer...
to generate negative voltage on the other half
then it uses some funky circuit with a NPN to isolate a resistor from output rail to up to ground
then uses pnp current mirrors to get that current ref over to another resistors

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