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dude check it out
china has all the factories in the world
german factories are really just warp holes to china locations

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yeh usually

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i know
yoiu dont have a station neat you house tho?

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why cant you just use the weatherchannel like everyone else
eggsalad: why cant ccfl_man just use weatherchannel
ccfl_man: eggsalad says you need 10 i think

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haha ohnoz

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that sucks

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they went to my bank acct instead of my check card
and i ended up overdrafting and closing out my wamu bank acct over it
i still owe wamu like $150 i think
theyre generally considered good service
wells fargo is $35 now
and they wnt reverse them anymore

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twingy: very cool
twingy: you like him?
iunno paypal works
they take their cut off the top, shrug
well thats sucks
twingy: also neat
twingy: this is the pizza slice lot?
blackmoon: wait wut
thats fucked
call and bitch
twingy: o
damn moon wtf
you need a better plan
twingy: good lucks with that too
heh, lemm know what they get back to you with
what are you gonna try and offer back?
i did that

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before the staffs had a chance to put a joint statement together
it means he doesnt wanna deal with the flak from the issues arising from who runs his campaign
i just said all that
read scroll =)
eh eh
oh, yes i read that stuff too after you wrote it
very cool
are you still planning on doing install work?
no i mean for other people as a contractor
like you wanted to before
hobbit style
ive been in houses like that
twingy: neat, good luck

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twingy: they are gonna replay the comittee stuff
hahaha @ mccain trying to cancel the debates
he doesnt wanna debate this friday
he suspended his campaign
until congress passes something
they just did what?
play the comittee stuff?
oh, yeh i saw those
theyre gonna do the finance comittee hearings next i think
blackmoon: mccain is trying to cancel a debate this friday
because hes gonna get fucked, hard
no obama said fuck that
presidents have to deal with more than one thing
and the people wanna know how presidents are gonna deal with the mess
which i totally fucking agree with
oh neat happy bday twingy
obama called mccain to release a joint statement
mccain suggested they suspend capmaigns
obama said lets release the statement then talk about that
then mccain went on tv saying hes suspending his campaign
and he wants the debate postponed

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ima go eat foods bye
didnt we do that with the usb2 already?
anyway foods

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they were covering relavent comittee talks last night
i doubt they were in session at 3AM PST when i was watching
heheh you really expect timecop to know if *they* made a mistake?
thats would be a pretty bad mistake
is this for the failboard im supposed to route?

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they design them in house and theyre just made over there
oh fuck those
those shits were hell on unmasked boards, high density
those FC caps rawk
twingy: yes jbl is in northridge
im in chatsworth
JBL was my second job attempt if vega didnt work out
fuck that
tantalum is obsolete
stacked ceramic #1
twingy: they do pro audio
i see more JBP in small and medium venues than anything else
no idea
means youre using the cap like youre supposed to use caps
ima watch congress freaking out on the cspans
i bet theyre doing reruns
wtf is this mccain suspends his campaign bullshit?
cspan is on all the time

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so i was like, 'how long into the production run before you do another revision?'
'this is the third production revision'
this product is gonna fail, so, so, so hard
naw i love it
whats sucky, even like -20db would be like -20db
yes timecop a real supply not a .5W supply
yes but i wasnt here
i read tho
is truth
oh, so i found out today the cerwin vega doesnt just buy china speakers

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clean = smps + LDO

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