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like you gotta start somewhere
a car, all parameters are within certain ranges, and changing things has predictable results
so like you dont start from scratch
theres people dont know much about physics can prob design drivetrain machanicals fine
just from experience with previously engineered systems
but if you have to just like, make something to to do work, but with no base model to work from
hehe, without the physics you prob waste alot of time and resources
yeh figure it out
hopefully you start close to what you need
or efficiency just doesnt matter
yeh thats gotta be a mood killer
hahahaha wtf

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if youre building a specialized system
most of this shit seems more useful in building things like industrial machines as opposed to something super standard like a car
yes something like that i guess

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friction is like adding more resistance?
eveything has mass, sir
of course
hes at GAtech
he doesnt have time to do real life shit
yeh what moon said
if it mattered you would use feedback
tho yeh i guess if you wanted to design some shit
to know the wear rates and shit

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yeh seeing the i dont understand those weirdo symbols =(
but yeh neat shit
i dunno alot about mechanical physics so that part of it kinda confusing
ha i bet
whats compliance
so its like, springiness?

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i hated that shit
but inductors are turbines with mass
more inductance, higher the mass
the pressures/voltages work the same
like if you close a valve in front of thr turbine
the pressure builds up
which causes it to flow back and maybe turn the turbine the other way
explains overshoot
and springs are caps, kinda
sprung membranes or pistons
the expansion of the container after the turbine
thats a capacitive element
super mario world stompers

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nice work, pimp
i use mech analog ii
to understand inductors
inverse of friction
electronics can be looked at two ways
yeh and other shit
allowance was inverse of resistance i think
parallel resistors add allowance
thats why its like 1/(1/R+1/R+1/R)
yeh that makes sense
i dont remember
in RF, you work primarily in the inverse values
it totally fucked me up
its the same thing but like inside out
ha, yeah G
resistors in parallel is G+G+G+G...

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you breadboarding?
or what
keep wires short, try and keep sigal lines from being directly parallel with anything
thats prob not to bad
oh shit
well maybe
like digital shit is square waves
so the signal might be a 1MHz square
but the slew makes it tons higher
when youre considering stuff like EMI and crosstalk
so long wires can end up being like shitty antenna

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i hate inverted logic
active low can suck my ass

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yeh dunno
wtf is spm?
link link
It appears that problems arose after a faulty electrical connection between two magnets melted on Friday, leading to knock-on mechanical issues. A tonne of pricey, outrageously chilly liquid helium reportedly escaped into the underground tunnel complex.
a bad connection
lhc was defeated by voltage drop in a connector
cmon on
wait that was redundant

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naw youre doing it wrong
eggsalad: explain your controlling algorithm
eggsalad: explain your controlling algorithm
eggsalad: explain your controlling algorithm
3" long but the width of a tuna can
he totally stole that whole sentence from someone
eggsalad: keyword fail
hes having a flashback of some one night stand with an immigrant or something
i feel pukey still

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have to get her some clear heatshrink and giver her some narrow leds
dx^: .gif h4x
eggsalad: when will family drama end
eggsalad: def not my sibling
eggsalad: explain my sisters controlling algorithm
eggsalad: no rly, explain my sisters controlling algorithm
eggsalad: sisters butt pork sandwich
he said badonkadonk

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haha so part of my sister bitch yelling today was like THATS WHY YOU DONT HAVE ANY REAL FRIENDS
thank god thats not true else id still be walking around in circles pissed
meanwhile i noted her only close friend right now is also the person she said she didnt wanna be around because of all the thug wannabe bullshit
like she all trying to be super mean to me, then walks out the building all crying because everyone mad at her
like, duh
jenny doing something neat with clear rods and shrink tube and leds
i think for her organic tide pool looking ceramic stuff

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also the mounting hardware and chassis shit always looks cheap
so im always worried something will slip and the blade will hit the table
consumer tablesaws is cheap yo
the industrial shit we had at work wasnt so scary
yeh see wtf =(

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ha scary
no i mean table saws
im usually okay about safety but those and band saws i dont fuck around at all
yeh no shit
use teh push stick, luke
i dont care when im cuttng big pieces
like i can hold the wood firmly from the side good 6"+ from the blade
i hate when i gotts do like little strip cuts

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it kinda has to be so the tool clears the work
typically the angle is low
it directly affects the finish
yes, it also uses inserts
so instead of replacing a large tool or whole cutter...
you just bolt on new inserts
i can only find single insert ones for my mill
3/8" shank
so on mine it wouldnt really be balanced anyway

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theyre jacked into an 80lb machine in my case
not really
its only 10K
the heads prob 20lbs with the motor
and its clamped hard to the machine
and yeh 10K isnt that fast
its a mill not a gantry router
ive been using the pyramid cutters anyway
not for anything 1/8"
shit like a flycutter you just wouldnt run as fast
but a flycutter is significant weight
a 1/8" shank tool really isnt
if it was like 40K itd be another story
blackmoon: yes at an angle
theres also...
yeh the type you linked you just throw in lathe cutters

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wow nice

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ugh i hate being pissed off
this is not a productive state of mind
not that i was being incredibly productive
but i really did not want an excuse
i would have rather worked at a less than meaninfgul pace
i do have a totall clear path from my desk to my bathroom now tho
that is an achievement
no i havent done anything except been pissed off and tried to realize i cant do shit about it so i should get over it
ttmustang: those are probably fine
maybe do .015 or .020 boards with that
man i feel pukish

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ugh, fuckin fail sister
shes all defending the guy who broke in our door
im taking the rest of her shit and tossing it
blackmoon: your logic is flawed
she would just yell more

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man i hate being angry and yelling

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timecop: rf = more significant slew rates = less efficiency = heat
i love the halide water flux i have
but its conductive as fuck
fucking failsister is here to get some papers
im like wtf why cant you take all your shit

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im not trying to get a job at AAA

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i want my job to start already
i signed the contact last week, doesnt start til tomorrow

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he got bunny feet

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zzzz_: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/best_cat.jpg
yeh fuck that im not building that
traffic lights prob the only thing our gov doesnt 100% fail at
because they need to run lights
and yes, #1 cat kicks it with me
but no one owns harold
he is his own cat

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20:20 <+rhett> yeah this shit is pimp renesis
well if its oscillating its not ruining his experience
yeh but noise can make em go nuts anyway
heh alot of amps i tested at school would test awesome, but if you dod no signal and turn the scope time down, you could see stuff dancing on the output
tl072 and 353, think both are supposed to be stable
the feedback path is like .05" and its in a metal box and has a regulated rail
so hopefully noise not an issue
opamps are so neat

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then i can put a series cap at the bottom of the attenuator
and then run the wiper to the bias dividier
compensating what? on the output?
yeh would prob be better
c3/c4 were supposed to kill any higher frequency shit
but its roloff freq is all over the place, dependent on attenuator position

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i only has cheapo sony earbuds to test with
and then sisters stupid girlcat ate the cable
i need to rework input or add a rail splitter
C3/C4 are currently omitted
yeh i might have room but itll be tight
for output?
its done with feedback
their linear range is kinda tiny but feedback fixes
without a rail splitter...
i guess input coupling/bandpass parts before the attenuator

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carbon is double plus, sir
okay or take a pita bread right
and then put all your breakfast in that
eggs, bacon, potatoes, etc etc
k you guys like grits cuz you have too much and you gotta get rid of it
its conditioned yo
no sir
big mac is not carne asada
i can assure you, 100%
also cows come from central california
rhett says my headphone amp working good
he has some shures

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mcd's is like, im hungry, im waiting on this corner for 30min
i need foods now
im willing to take the 6month penalty on life span
for some tasty totally bad for me foods
i dont even understand the reference rab
breakfast at other fast food places is even more fail
wtf is a croissanwich
flat fake as croissant
little bars of hash browns
or hash brown nuggets
totally soaked in oil
fine wtf does that have tyo do with wether its tasty food or not
ive said like how many times its totally horrible for your body?
i aint gonna back down, that shit tastes good
i dont think so
that just sounds like a bowl of bland
if it didnt taste good no one would eat it
and it wouldnt be evil
wtf @ garlic cheese
hash browns, basted eggs, toast
oh bacon
no im not from the south i dont gotta be about grits
take your oatmeal and shove it, too
i put that shit on a tostada
so my eggs is crunchy
like the bacon

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thats an issue with mex resteraunts
total utter fucking lack of consistency
its not even dependent on location
its like the cook and his mood
thats another thing, mcd's tasted the same since i was like 2 years old
because yeh good mex is awesome
but bad mex is way, way, way, way worse than mcdonalds
cheap is not bad
ive had expensive bad mexican
`nico: hello thats traditional
high end resteraunt serves you breakfast, its gonna have grease
or they did it wrong
the biscuits are awesome, proper biscuits
the sausage tastes like sasusage
and yeah its greasy
because its fucking sausage
the cheese melts like normal cheese
tastes like cheese
thats a proper biscuit yo
i dont live there
and home cooking is off the table
can you have that ready for me in 2minutes?
its squishy and tasty
and gets stuck on the roof of my mouth
kinda tastes a little butter
you want fast food to be replicating real food exactly, thats just silly
i wouldnt buy it if i didnt taste the biscuit
thats why i like them
fuck the mcmuffin
english muffins are fail
thats not an options

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so yeh you guys seem to have a prob qwith awesome caution to the wind breakfast
to bad for you
eggs on toastadas w/ bacon and hash browns #1
so yeah
cheetos are ass
chips are ass
unless its tortilla chips and you have salsa
cheetos are ass sir
fuck flavored foam
croutons pwn them
anyway, when you guys wanna stop talking about good for you food
and start talking about fuckitall tastey food, im down
because im sorry
bacon > yogurt drink
even mcdonalds sausage > yogurt drink
lots of good for you stuff is tasty
fuck i think pomogranite we had is prob bad
yeah i dunno man
i eat mcds and i shit normal
i eat mad mexican
i shit normal
sometimes its kinda spicy
this sounds like a personal problem
fuck milanesa
i wont order it anymore
its my fav
if i dont make it, its prob gonna be fail
out of the maybe 100 milanesa tortas ive ordered, ive only had maybe 10 good ones

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i didnt have bad trips
but yeh saying mcdonalds doesnt taste good is ridiculous
it is what it is because it tastes good
its bad for you
its prob better for everyone if it didnt exist
also breakfast at mcdonalds prob isnt worse for you than normal breakfast food
and sausage biscuit w/ cheese no eggs is heaven
rab: like everything you buy at the store?
fucking farmer johns shit prob has chems and preservatives
`nico: no thats your breakfast
not normal breakfast
eggs, sausage, milk, etc

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was prob cheapest nastiest meat and garden shit ever
but yeh mcdonalds is fast food
comparing it to real food is like comparing dollar chinese to real chinese
or taco shop food to a nice mex resteraunt
rab: they do alot of wheat bread sandwiches
im like, bitches, gimme the sourdough
dude your in texas
youre mexican food is just all wrong
and taco trucks are over rated
for every good one there is just as many awful ones
the last few taco trucks, the meat was so fatty it barely tasted like meat
was like, sauce and fat
dude, mcd's tastes good
and thats why its evil
your arguments fail
no one would eat it if it wasnt engineered goodness
saying mcd's isnt tastey is like saying drugs arent fun when youre high
its denial
sounds awful
`nico: depends on the situation
`nico: and i loved being on both

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but is dollar chinese good sometimes?
hell yes
taco bell is same class of food
i dig on the mexican pizzas
i usually do
and i dont eat at mcd's prob more than once a year
but its just like every place else
you get it dry, with onions, it tastes fine
no it doesnt taste like a home made burger
but its better than a bag of chips
no wendys is fail
fatburger is the onlt fast food burger worth anything
mcds is like babyfood
and wendys shit might as well be mcd's
also its not like tyhe ground meat you buy from the store isnt full of shit and hormones too
but yeh, breakfast at macdonalds is the shit
prob better for you than donuts
but people dont complain about donuts
im not
i eat mcds like one a year or less
its fine
have you been to jail?
or in any institutional system?
thats bad food
yeh there you go
prob tasted good

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i got pizza coupon
mcDs is pretty tasty
breakfast @ mcdonalds = pimp
no the sugar in the fries
also just their sauce and vegetables are nasty
bic mac w/ cheese, plain w/ onions
good shit
it might be totally death for you
but if you say it dont taste good youre just kidding yourself =)
shit is engineered
it aint nothing like a good burger
but its better than a bag of skittles for sure
good burgers are like $3 more
but yeh breakfast at mcdonals is the shit
sausage biscuit w/ cheese no eggs
yeh obviously
so how long does that take
also can you do it on the way to work
expecting mcds to be on par with resteraunt food is just silly
also, mcDs food is no worse than most canned food
most preprocessed box food
no sir
it is a fast food place
thats like saying dollar chinese is restaurant grade
it aint
is it bad?

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that is direct democracy
representative democracy is failing hard, heh
blowjob = impeach
illegal war, 500K+ dead = ok
i dont understand how people can be proud of the republican party
omg google

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when youre rich like that its your punishment for being fired
what the fuck was the last line...
oh thats bailed out by the treasury
dude repubs need to be dismantled
gov just nationalized like a trillion dollars of fail
yeh thats really consiervative
def what id call a small gov move
like, apperently were supposed to make money of all this fail
even tho it failed for the fail corps
we have the technology for direct democracy

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fresh ^
mccains face = shame
no this one is pretty good

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rab: no
no =(
see its sad
because i know what you speak of, first hand

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she might be quick but she dunno shit
and she acting like she do
and like she just screams I MAKING ALL THIS SHIT UP!
ya rly
i wanna see her ask biden questions
thats a zoot suit

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god had some failure take his kid to the top of a hill to kill him
god aint a nice guy
i bet mccain gets made look silly in the debates
like, to intellectuals
but of course mccain will say something about america needs to win the war on terror
and everyone will go yayayayay
and they will fix the vote
and we will lose
hell they maybe dont even have to fix it because so much of america is pussy or racist
biden is smrt
also he won some pretty big female rights battles in congress
they changed the debate format
because mccain/palin people didnt want her to get pwnt
um moon, that wouldnt help mccain
they just made it so there would be no direct debate between candidates
just thru the moderators
they didnt want her to get pwnt
he still will
the girl is stupid

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we prob wont have voting machines
well electronics ones
matter of time
mccain will win
we will go into iran
we will fail
we will tac nuke
then everything stops, or everyone dies, but shit wont be the same for anyone after

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yeh no shit bitch
welcome to the new america
Various scholars attribute different characteristics to fascism, but the following elements are usually seen as its integral parts: nationalism, militarism, totalitarianism, dictatorship, class collaboration, populism, collectivism, statism, social interventionism, and economic planning.
k read that and be like, hmmm
moon cali always goes dem
thats why my vote doesnt matter, i dont really mine

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you have stock or something?
wtf are you worried about
dx^: this shit wasnt super predictable?
cmon man
you are no fool
so what
you have to walk or get a bike
you still prob pay less than europe =)

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timecop: haha did they say what size?

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