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im go back to sleep
blackmoon: neat part ty

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for less money i can prob get a dual rrio opamp
low noise, offset doesnt matter
and do a clip detector
that gets all messy tho
need a pot
the to92 easily fits where the bias resistors are now

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well cuz i wanna design for kits
or just boards with a parts list
digikey has tons of the to92 splitters

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you would think this was more common
extra .06

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8soic is kinda big but it can go on top
ground reference only pulls up ti chips
even just ground in voltage reference
same with gnd
okay because its just a precision 2.5V ref
with high power capability
vreg wont work prob because its source/sink
says 2.5v
yeh i just grabbed one
either works im using a 5v reg
cuz the headphone amp is 5v
and im using 5v rrio amp
for the preamp stuff

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ha, 8soic anyway
guess i could use that
on the bottom
definitely, if i can find space
it saves parts
not even $1 worth
but makes the preamp side like 6 parts simpler
like 24K input load
like 10K to 50K most applications
with a signal voltage, and then the feedback is same
output loads is same shit
so the idle load from the amps is prob the biggest load, heh

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finished drawing
k sec reading
you can do that with any opamp
i wonder if they come in sot223
i was gonna throw an soic opamps on there for that maybe
but didnt know where
what are they called?
like what digikey category

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okay i has an idea
coupling cap -> series resistor with cap to gnd after (LPF RC)
then the half supply bias resistors
then into the attenuator pot
which has a big cap at the bottom
for DC isolation
compensation resistor if neccessary between the wiper and the opamp input
that way its half supply biased, has an input bandpass, but a consistent input impedance
can tune impedance with a resistor in parallel with pot

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you need to go get a new toilet cleaning tool so you can be motivated about doing it

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you would hate that!

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alot of countries we are competing with arent running debts
not even sure that counts because of the way its funded

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not in any useful way, i doubt it
credit based economy is just like synchronized cooked books
trillions i believe
9 trillion
first comma is tho, then mil, then billion, then trillion
thats 9 trillion
yeh you made me do it i was confused for like 3 sec
nine thousand billion
i was amazed it wasnt much higher honestly

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standard of living just kinda leveling off
no world war to fuckup everyone elses infrastructure this time
because we made shit
because there was two world wars
and out competitors basically wiped out the industry twice
middle of industrial revolution, were the only country didnt get demolished
it made a big diff
today its not true
thats why shits all fucked up
because we lived with this idiot mentality that we were special
and thats why were were #1
not because of hard work and circumstance
we got the bomb
and we used it
thats the fed bank yo
im pretty sure theyre printing all the time
i just dont think its a very significant amount of money
and they take alot of the paper money back and destroy it anyway
yeh, im pretty sure most of that is just digital money

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just cuz america fails doesnt mean highest economic tier americans fail
which is why immigration controversy pisses me off
blaming the most helpless and hardest working, dollar for dollar, people in america
because they cant get pissed off at the greedy white people who created this situation
like, yeh the mexican on the corner, he sent your factory to taiwan
hes why you dont have a job
right, you want his job, because you really wanna live 10 people to an apartment
the immigrants basically the last gaurantee of their inflated standard of living
and they wanna get rid of them
any place that has a big immigrant 'problem' totally owes them for their standard of living being as high as it is, however much lower it has become
fuck that
they have a problem with it, they need to reform management and company policy
as the working class, they have more power to do that than anyone
just have to wake up
anyway, were not gonna be top economic superpower

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economic feudalism
i dont think there will be a total collapse
this shit is macroengineered, maybe intentionally
none of this bad economy shit is very surprising
yeh it wont ever get to that point
on that level, youre are just of money and market forces, which is a very international thing

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naw, alot of academics live pretty poor relative to higher level professionals
lawyers and drs are exceptions i guess
but theyre going to make bank most likely
i wont talk shit about education
its not a students fault system is fucked up, and if someone is there to learn as opposed to just get paper, its an admirable life
it just shouldnt be like this
it is and it sucks but i dont think its fair to call it a dumb decision
go to college get a good job mentality is rather 50s/60s lala world shit tho
there was more pride in being working class and college degrees werent nearly as common
it made a much bigger difference
now working class is mostly service workers, and everybody and their mom, including alot of the service workers, has a degree

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but standard shop vices prob be hanging by their screw
very high likelyhood of the jaw lifting on you
mine is basically like the one youre linking too
without the angle clamp/sine bar shit
heh that vise isnt even set up right the jaw is all off the ways
but downwards
it prob just uses gravity to keep itself from lifting
it prob does lift when you clamp
almost all shop vises do, even big precision ones
screwless ones pull down as much as up
hehe, with their screw

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all you would have to do it mill down the end of the vise so it doesnt interfere with the top body half
thats not a pain in the ass
thats an easy part to make
so make it
then have it made
thats a mill/grinding tool
you can make it fit
make a negative datum feature block
ive already noted that
and basically, its unfair to note
stick a part longer than the height of the vise in
now flip 90
now you can machine the exposed part, from *its* side
where its exposed above the vise jaws
you can off course adjust this while flat with some parallels
id slide those out, before flipping, heh
then you have the wrong fixture moon
get some clamps or a vacuum table
123 blocks are pretty awesome for that type of shit
also most vises rely on gravity
to keep the jaws from lifting
screwless dont, really

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well yeh just take a normal bench vise
and bolt it to the wall
make sure it has a way to fix itself horizontally
alot of them depend on gravity to hold their clamps onto their ways
then make a vertical bench
you see why they dont exist much, no?
i dunno sine based things arent meant for vertical
well those are just shitty
and theyr meant to do work on from above
so it somewhat makes sense
also you put the vice flat
and just flip the part
and its 90d angle
same position, now you can do work on it ith a machine tool
yeh well make a fixture
thats the table got those bigass slots
pfft, thats machining
more than half the job is figuring out how to hold work
you could just modify that one

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naw, itll always sit on the lower cylinder at 90
just the way sine bars are
rotary table is a 90d capable vise
it prob does?
looks like it
why would you want a 90d vise anyway
you can do anything with the work from the side
yeh but youre talking about hand tool bullshit
yeh thats doing it wrong
yeh but anything like that youre building custom fixtures or you dont care about precision
thats not like an off the shelf application
typically youre holding work by at least two, hopefully three points, not one edge
and if youre holding it vertical, most machine tools cant do work

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sine bars?
90d = angle plate or vise wall
sine bars are weird
youd have to make a funky special block
itd suck
naw the sine bar itself would get in the way
cant make that do 90d
then just use the vert wall as the reference
(right angle plate)
same deal
thats just a sine bar with a vise on top
screwless vises like that are win, tho

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man what are you guys doing up

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i dont remeber
oh i stopped reading because you blogged like 40 lines about it
plated ratbites?
heh, neat
guess so
that would be smt timecop
well wtf @ sorta
obviously != sorta
guys i need headphones
nice dongle

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thats gcode mufucker
it aint fun!
whats wrong with buses in eagle
net container
ok nm go back to eda for kids
guys i want job to start now
what is this tuesday bullshit

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usually slew is tests with a single pulse
long enough that it stabilizes before dropping off
but everything else is tested with sines
only pure wave shape
shouldnt unless it spikes past the set level
hehe blinky
im gonna go practice
chicane is fucking me up
when i have moneys again

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youre testing the amp out?
or the crossover out
thats from the speaker, likely
then yeh thats just its slew response
dunno think its normal for amps in general
feed them squares
theres a transient response graph im pretty sure
see if it matches up with that
pretty much
square wave is harmonics to forever
so a filter knocks out the high freq components
it wont come out a square
thru filters

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i added mute and the feedback series cap to the modular amp
also a cap in parallel with out to neg feedback resistor
yes that limits high end response
its like a freq dependent resistance in parallel with the feedback resistor
at very high freqs it kind shorts output to neg
so it basically keeps the amp at unity
sucks how bad?
the lpf will round out the square

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midi/usb control surfaces for audio software
and mixers and turntables
lots of knobs, switches
leds, lcd displays, etc

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filtered pwm sine waves pls
oh did i file that bug?
i think i did
i made two more headphone amps
im gonna spam make flickr/hackaday/diyaudio.com/head-fi.org
i rescued all my uc dev junk from the living room pile
they did that shit when i wasnt home one day =\
twingy: new job they prob gonna have me doing embedded control stuff
im doing dj stuff or something
starts tuesday
feels like starts never
first paycheck is two mondays from never

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chicane after the tunnel at monaco is fuckin me up

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cublocs = ied
i wanna see a movie bomb with all red wires

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