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k ima go home
i guess ill do spark plugs when i do engine timing
then maybe feel actual difference

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i got normal NGK ones
no i just got normal!
no one anymore, timecop
ya rly
you guys are still talking about 90210
gabrielle carteris was like 30 when the show started
the geeker chick
theres prob way more\
hell you prob only have up to half inch if that
bigger holes exist

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omg fuck that bit
ima go home i think
bit + cnc = win
and theres no way in hell im buying a specialty bit like that if its only $2
hehe should change my spark plugs before going home for no reason
wat its easy
the on the way home i can pretend like i feel the difference
how is putting spark plugs in ricing it

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fail drill
sounds not fun
okay, the graduate is a weird fucking movie

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TiN coated?
it wears off eventually, i rather have uncoated carbide than coated HSS
its better compared to normal HSS

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heh, numbered, lettered, and fractional sizes?

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i has spark plugs and feeler gages
hmm i has lost the cat
im not at home

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torrance is far
torrance = far
and i have the cerwin vega job unless for some reason the florida corporate people tell him no

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anyway i gotta go do some stuff

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im going to add mute to module pcb
nice tin
tiny pins
you want it with servos?
yeh thats gonna be more a bitch to route
thatd be nice
might cost $$$ but LF411A is expensive anyway

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well they dnt say its diff
and if you need pad for the uninsulated, they note that adds thermal resistance
so it might be worse to use uninsulated
i doubt by much
i sold a headphone amp
to the guy that wants me to make him a little LM3886 amp
now i can get timing light and feeler gages and spark plugs
my engine has a noise

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its got .5mm play on both sides
cuz thats close
theyre both 20.2
one is +/-.12
one is +/-.25
its 21mm wide
its taller than it is wide im pretty sure
show me a drawing
else its L x W
24 x 21
and you have .5mm play
then yeh thats fine
did you check the datasheet?
they dont even spec the package thermal capacity diff
the chip

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jesse ventura for president

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sold headphone amp for $50

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oh two things
harbor freight has a $12 timing light
i think i got cerwin-vega tech job
are you gonna make like a table or stick it on your wall or what?
wtf is that
kevtris: neat

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i dont make beats!'
omg thats annoying

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hello that would be awesome
i currently get $0/hr
no one knows shit about GD&T
take an in depth class and its easy to understand why
jezus fuck

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shop is dead
he hasnt called in 3 weeks
i got the shop on schedule, and he hasnt made any sales
he just cut health benefits for all his workers
molly said ronnie almost kicked his ass
ronnie is the old supervisor guy, big huge black dude
i wouldnt wanna cut his health benefits
this guy said eventually he want me doing my own projects and testing them
thats way better than cutting shit outta wood

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okay so cerwin vega guy called me
i got job
kinda, like contract basis for 3 months, he said normal 9-5 hours, $18/hr
he said id be working on teh dj stuff
his project guy now is going to china to work on something over there
so he said he try and sort paperwork and stuff with HR department and call me by tomorrow
hopefully start next week

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i am its bad =(
i like the fat kid with family issues better
hes kinda like wesley willis
except not mentally ill the same way
no more

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Originates from a statement by Avril Lavigne in Maxim magazine.
im rly not surprised?

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someone is coming over to buy a curiously strong headphone amp
so ima get timing light and feeler gages and spark plugs
then i can go about destroying the head =D
watdat eh
haha what

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kevtris: http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=3343

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eggsalad: explain your mfkn controlling algorithm
eggsalad: fail try again
that was predictable
eggsalad: say your fail line
damn eggsalad cant fit his dont in a mailbox

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