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anyway im gonna go watch cspan and cable news and feel helpless and afraid
wrap coil around magnetic bar in cylinder, done
tight tolerances and more windings, k better now

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oh btw the silverface dude in the think i pasted is sonny chiba
i know it kinda
i took a c++ class
thats why c was all confusing, i didnt know what stuff it couldnt do

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doing computer work sober sucks
i dunno how you guys do it
everything is like, agitation level: web design
that sucks
why does his bedroom have tile
hmm not sure about that
theyre about plastic on the couches
not tile in the bedroom

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in 12 hours some chick dropping off her computer and weed
i havent smoked in more than a week i think
this is like some kinda of record

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im pissed, last two paychecks that didnt happen was supposed to be seattle/chicago vacation moneys
i miss my seattle bro =(
secretary is going to seattle
she asked what i wanted her to bring back i said something jimi hendrix
they got his pic in frames and in windows like mufucker is jezus
pussy would be wasting all my gas
i have maybe 20mi left in the accord

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because i wont pay for a plane to fuck her without an alternate reason?
i dont wanna go to maryland
but yeh if fallout 3 sucks, i have to
you cant be fucking up that hard and get away with it
so yeah
secretary told me bossguy at the woodshop cut health benefits today
she said the supervisor, big black dude, almost kicked his ass
she looking for new job too

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he referenced himself?
eggsalad: explain your controlling urmom
eggsalad: explain urmom your urmom controlling urmom algorithm
wow he almost feel apart but saved it
if he just said that itd be quotable
wtfis a kari byron
yeh i put it inside
i talked to a small bewb #cars girl last night on the phone for a few hours
shes in maryland, reality sucks
tho if fallout3 sucks, i have to go there anyway to vandalize bethesda softwares building
so if fallout is horrible i can get the vacation sex0rz
this girl is pretty neat

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eggsalad: is timecop an old fat woman with saggy tits?
i taught him 575 haiku!
yes i know
find out monday

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they aint fuckin around either, i saw a hippy soundguy push a crowd of maybe 5000 back 6" just turning a preamp knob
then the crowd almost ate itself surging forward, excited
thats prob why i wanted to become a tech, heh
thats some weird shit tho, seeing a whole crowd moved back at once
everyone like WOAH look on their face
that was one mad powerful hippie

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wtf georgia
You have a 2008/2009 Financial Aid award.
wtf i told chico i wasnt going there
i hope i get the vega job
hes like, audio/embedded work, maybe some pcb
cerwin-vega tech job
ive been to shows where they had like 40 of those
ported 18" portable earthquake
thats their actual name, portable earthquake

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those are fun
ignore center medians
just uturn over them and shit
haha wtf
thats how you do demo work there
bobcats look fun

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i have a CLANK
front suspension
certain bumps, just right
prob bushings
its got some crazy multilink suspension shit
like, one of the arms on the wrap wraps up AROUND the wheel
its just an A arm and a strut
yeh its weird
i want a 280z again =(
i wouldnt mind a truck so much

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k i will sympathy cry for you
i really like the car tho, fun city car
the suspension feels neat for a little car but it needs new bushings and shocks
wtf does that mean

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i might just see if i can score one at a pawn shop
dx^: nooooooooo
i dont think i have a cam to gut
yeh that was kinda the plan but i realized i dont have a cam
unless my mom has one
fuckin makes burbly noises on deceleration im like yo car, you are not a bigass v8 you have no business doing that
so do timing and valves and hope i get a couple K miles more before it craps out
the oil was so, so bad
i was fucking amazed, because it looked clean on the dipstick
im used to grooved dipsticks, bad oil is hella obvious

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the heathkit schema i downloaded looks kinda overcomplicated
kevtris: ha yeh thats now how the heathkit is
yeh and a neon tube and some other wtf symbol
look like the neon tube with extra legs

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kevtris: stealing tv in jp is srs business
timecop: usb cutout looks a bit off =D
looks 20mils to the left but it might be the angle
oh i guess its just blocking the other edge from view
i need to figure out how to make a tinming light
hmm, interesting

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ok if you drink any of the absinthe DONT DRINK IT NEAT
absinthe and knitting, thats some crazy hobbies yo
time warner wont let me do that
i need some new pr0n
and maybe a movie
so engine oil pressure thing seems to have gone away
tomorrow im score feeler gages and do valves, maybe noises go away =\
hehe, i found my old feeler gages
thet were with the non intelligent tool bin on the balcony
they has rust =(

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i get to kick it at secretaries house for a week and eat all her foods \o/
all i gotta do is feed food to sasha teh cat and give her like 4 of each treats
yes 4 of each tears one time a day
two kinda of treats
ya kinda
heheh, secretary:

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hehe im only like 10sec off pace now!
okay well 14
and my fast line kills me 50% of the time

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blackmoon: actually turdis said i would be into it
i like evo games
then you just play as your creature?
i heard it kinda lacks actual gameplay
yeh thats what ive heard
so i make lots of creatures?
well lots of same creatures
cuz yeh i guess you only do evo on one creature
whole game is one animal?
youre one animals evolves space capability and trades and wars with other planhets like a superpower?
hmm weird
or i can practice mini @ spa more
and maybe not come in last place this weekend

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omg eau rouge killed my mini
macegr: i has phone appointment at 3p monday with cerwin vega head of engineering
he says 75% sure he has a position for me, he has to wait for the other engineer guy to come back from malaysia and then monday they have meeting about next years product line
then he can tell me if he can gimme job or not
if i dont get the job im going to cry and hide until fallout 3 comes out

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yeh im not sure what he means
not enough info
draw pic
oh so angle on an XY plane\

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just add 1 to get rid of the negative offset
might not be log but its a pretty natural ramp
haha, nice

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tables in low resource systems = <3
do the complex math in a spreadsheet and just dump into system
sin(270) thru sin(360) is kinda loggish

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ive never seen it
watching =)
heh hes a valley kid =\

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its explody
ha cute cutscene
oh shit
isabella: is that the unsolved mysteries where the phone lines just went dead?

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that might be ok
oh RB and RT are r_bottom and t_top i guess
%1 %2 %t are net inputs i think
ha @ +.001
i guess keeps the nets from looking like a dead short or something

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yes its called two resistors and and bullshit
if you figure it out lemme know
its the only thing that i think multisim has over it
if i could do pots and script them or even justr script the resistors, and rerun tests, id be like 300% happier with the program
yeh this is hurting me
rab: see the pdf pot?

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kevtris: oh neat theyre machined
i thought stamped + bent

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no its magik!

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teh hurricane
i just saw pics, that thing looks pissed off
heheh weird
i went to hawaii when i was a kid and it was like 85F and pouring
heh, i like rain
i used to go hiking and bike riding in it

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rab: omg its trying to get you

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if they knew wtf was going to happen they wouldnt need to do experiments
dmaresca: old

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