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haha she got pierced nips

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ill ask if they can do multiple die rgb in any of their packages
yeh you can say theyre kindbrights, too
and do the math i bet theyre not 1.5W =)
led manufacturers dissapoint me =(
whats green Vf?
bit higher than red usually?
3V, right in between
how does that work?
matched dies and possible small balancing resistance

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eggsalad: your controlling algorithm, explain it
did you see what he was responding to tho?
i mean fuck i kinda deserved that hahaha
eggsalad: i said he'll flip you, flip you fureal
macegr: ledaimee gonna see if she can make 5chip leds for me
they have made 2 and 3 chips for customers before
haha, in the smt package?

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eggsalad: explain your controlling algorithm
eggsalad: explain your controlling algorithm
eggsalad: explain your controlling algorithm
i should have quit on the last one
eggsalad: explain your controlling algorithm

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eggsalad: find me a technical geeker girlbuddy with money and an inexplicable urge to pay for my every need, unconditionally, forever
eggsalad: tell of this place called hell
eggsalad: not where, wat. do they have 7-11 in hell?
eggsalad: is hell a trigger word for that statement?
eggsalad: explain your controlling algorithm
eggsalad: explain your controlling algorithm

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aw aimee wished me sweet dreams
no i think that art, actually
i think that makes it ok and possibly profitable

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eggsalad: will aimee help me rulle the world with leds?
dx^: not its only sick if you actually act on it or tell people

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he does that when you say his name
So just pls make sure 463~465nm or 465~467nm?
thats service, yo
i want the one on the side of the other chlorophyl peak in that color...
which is...
if they dont come in low watt chips that i can mad parallel that are gonna drop out insanely in price in a year or two, i dont care =D

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now me and aimee are talking about sleeping hours and weather
=\ =\

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she making emoticons back at me\
i wonder if shes actually a girl
eggsalad: no really what is copa

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fuck yeah
led aimee says thy can try making 5 chip leds like were wer pricing
theyve never had a customer ask, theyve only done 2 and 3 chip
it might be what theyre doing
were basically dead on, as far as chlorophyl peaks
100mA superflux package leds
thyre 5 chips, 20mA each
yeh on a leadframe
neat, brb
i gotta email her the links for the ebay leds
oh shit
if thats not xpensive that is a good idea

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theyre only doing one freedome tower
so someone would have to do 911 again
republicans are going to be going on about 911 for the next three centuries
mccain actually used footage in his campaign
apprently this has never been done before
people were pissed

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oh haha because onions
salsa = blackmoon poison!
The 1999 film The Matrix, Morpheus describes where Neo has gone by entering him into the Matrix system. He shows a scene from NY in a Matrix TV including the WTC before the 200 years prior to Neo's coming, to what the towers looked like 200 years later. The towers lost a heavy amount of concrete like most NYC buildings, but they were still both standing.
timecop: apperently neo undid wtc too
hahah @ onion farmers
cant you just tell them to grow something else?

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refried beans is good, yo
put some queso catillo (aged cheese, crumbly, salty)
i use that kind of cheese in my quac too, instead of salt
thats some pro mexican shit
theres queso fresco (fresh cheese) and queso catillo (aged cheese)
its skim milk cheese or something, its the same kind of flavor but totally polar
you prob never had good quacamole
i dont like it made alot of ways
alot of people dont use any lemon
i use mad lemon and onions
hahaha w t f
unrelated: sim race uniform = boxers, puma racing shoes
i think im gonna take the trash out like this

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make it
either boil the tomatoes and papper
blender it, throw onions and garlic and whatever you want in
i like oragano, most people like cilantro
you can just do them raw cutup too,
chunky style, diff taste
more like a salad or something
most peopl do their chunky guacamole like that
i dont use tomatoes and i blend my quac smooth
i use tons and tons of lemon
also you can cook the tomatoes into your filling
yeh thats what a real burrito is
americans have lunchboxes
mexicans have burrito
but yeh, slice the tomatos up
i slice everything real coarse but it dont matter
then throw into the meat maybe 2 or 3 minutes before it done cooking
it totally chyanges the flavor of the meat, tho
sometimes i like it alot, sometimes i dont
so what
lots of good food looks like poo =\

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woot, i finished the race!
haha 914 dead last \o/

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heheh even ps2 i guess
oh no wai, ps3

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you built on land that you have raised 4 tiers high
then youo do 3 floods in a row
then you armegeddon their ass after all their people drown
works every fuckin time
prob a version of that game on every game system since NES

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you repainted a harrier?
ive blown up a gta tank
i just had a cheat code =\

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its over $4K for clean ones, full restored or 914-6 is towards $10K
914-6 are prob more now
they didnt depreciate, if you ignore inflation, heh
i have an ad for them, $3500 new
since i was a kid looking in the paper, $3000-$4000
well yeh iunno, most people here have a 914 knows what it is
its like totally amazing and a total piece of shit
shifting them is an art, because the linkage to the backwards porsche transmission is so fucked up
i dunno, but almost all cars from that era are bad about rust
blackmoon: ya rly
blackmoon: ive killed so many sim race drivers
i killed senna
like, again
actually no i didnt!
thas right i picked prost cuz i didnt wanna kill senna
but yeah i killed prost
prost and senna killed is like, sooooo bad

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you had to change vacuum hoses else theyd catch fire from the heat
from not as much of a prob in germany as in southern cali
my dad burnt his 914 =(
my bro crashed one of his drunk
or got stolen and crashed
depending what story
hehe, ton more than that
weld in new rocker panels, quarter panel suspension points, prob the firewall (behind driver)
likely have to redo all the suspension
move the battery
and the restore that whole area of the car
because its prob just a big hole by now
ideally you just buy one from some poor fuck dropped $10k restoring it
floorpans not so bad
the rear stuff is because of the battery corrosion
the rocker panels is because they were open on the ends
and get mud packed
rust from the inside out
heheh, sit in your 914, door wont close right
maybe one day when im ridiculous rich (hahahahah)
you can prob build a 550 spyder kit for the same price as restoring a 914
$3500 sit, for an average car
since 1970
theyre rust buckets

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was still 2sec faster than my best time in the 914
extra 150hp makes a big diff
914s biggest prob is rust and shift linkage
not so much a prob in videogames
well yeh break the rears loose completly and it has more rear weight bias
914 is a little tiny car with a very small engine, tho
production ones even more so
the one in the game is based on something with a 911 engine
yeh thats most of what you gotta learn in sim racing
in the fastest league im a shelby daytona
that shit will spin out of a turn in 3rd gear if you floor it
ac-130h: wrong, totally
it was a vw type iv
so it was a 2.0, which is huge for a vw engine
also it has EFI
type iv isnt a beetle engine
its the bus
there was two, both bosch
i think mortronics might have been the name of one of the systems
also it has a porsche 5 speed
yeh think so

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like i guess its been established that the car is MINE
70-76 model years
fuck the 911
the 914 had small engines because the 911 was dr porsches pet car
because the 911 is a 356
and the 356 is a bug
mid ohio, road coarse
its a bug
w/ 60 years of evolution under its belt
its def a testament to the genius of german engineering
that car prob has more race wins than any other single model
but yeh
if they had developped their mid cars, the 550 or the 914
well they would have been twice as amazing
blackmoon: haha 914 are known for handling
and thats it
not a fast car, not even the 914-6
tho 914 with 911 engines are known to burn 911s in autocross
naw theyre pretty easy to drive compared to a rear drive front engine
more weight over the rear, weight transfer is more even for obvious reason
you play arcade game =)
its th easiest to drive car in this league
it just slow
i tried three laps in the b,mw, did horrible

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they are when they drive em in loaded in the trunk of a car
race is in one hour
well, qualify
my car is slowest =\
but def sexiest
aaaaaaaaaaw jeeeeeeeah
engine in the middle
people put everything in them
911 flat-6, v6, small block v8, mazda rotaries
naw they gonna all crash trying to be fast
thats how im gonna win
ha tiger said next season maybe he put it in another class
even tho it didnt exist for 10 years because the other classes are mid 60s cars =\

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what if terrorists nuked digikey
i wonder if everyone uses mouser or the world just ends

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hahaha, fucked
i decided if mccain wins and we tac nuke, im just going to leave the city, move to middle of nowhere on the west coast
i cant deal with this shipping delay bullshit
even to canada seems all fucked up

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beach towells, nice
Austrian Death Machine - Get To The Choppa

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hallo mr gr, sir

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`nico: haha @ hold my beer while I smoke this deer
and wtf @ confederate flag in PA
vids is neat

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