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oh end connectors is neat

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except a minor detail but thats fixed
he seems pretty happy with the bit of testing he did, compared to the old power sections
k i have to grab towell laundry and crash out
ok gotta grab towells before i fall asleep =\

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haha nice
i did 8 loads of laundry
also neat
the biamps for mrtube worked

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yeh fuck all that

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is that per spec or it just works?
wow nice drawingas
yeh it looks close enough

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also the time desyned on the fuckey dvr
thats never happened ever
of what?
i love how mini-usb A and mini-usb B look almost identical
oh no shit?
i didnt know B works for both

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whats D4?
the new ones are diff or what?
i so forgot to hit buy at mcmaster
my shit is like sitting in the cart
what do you mean or some shit
youre supposed to know that shit and tell us

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that is the worst notblog ever
that looks totally normal
our dvr/reciever box fucked up
we get 6 channels
and it kicks into screensaver mode for no reason
im talking to you
think hard
theyre coming tomorrow to fix
also the dvr in my moms room is fine
so all i can watch is my recorded f1 vids

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but still who the fuck decides to buy that from china
oh i thought it was the same shit

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Since I was hood-winked into purchasing this 35lb monster
jezus fuck wtf is inside of it
not if the fuse is on mains side
oh trudat
why the fuck would you buy a descrambler with a fucking amp and dvd
china, top shelf

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i think you guys are same latitude
youre like cali, mirrored, after the breakoff

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by you need to redo do you me get me to do it or youre gonna actually try and do this one yourself?
timecop: does nippon get death heat?
man this shit is fucked up
like 100F+, 80F+ at night
oh hahaha thats right youre from alaska
you guys have other issues

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wtf timecop it already happened
did mxman msg you?
hell maybe buy your scope he was looking at a tek 2230 series for $400
hes needs it for megasquirt shit
car ecu stuff he doing for other people

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Hoffman's body was not found until two days later, with multiple gun shot wounds traced to the gun she was supposed to have bought.
w t f

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ha nice
so jenny was telling me for a month about this shit she saw where a girl got caught for weed
and she would turn over on her friends
so cops got her to do this sting where she had to buy some coke, and a gun
so she went to the spot where it was supposed to go down
and they told her to meet up with them down the street
the cops lost track of her
and she got robbed and then shot and killed with the gun she was supposed to buy
cops take no responsibility
it just now got dugg, 2000+ diggs

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tekrad: you have no idea

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did mxman msg you?
he does megasquirt work, he might want it
i dont wanna spend any money until i get car shit and other shit outta the way
timecop: how much?
anyway bbl laundry swap

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hehe i use this generic normal phone beep
people think its weird
i had brass monkey forever
but i was starting to phone trip everywhere
id hear brass monkey in the noise in the shower
k i gotta practice
shelby daytona @ cadwell
racing sunday, woot
haha i have the fastest car and im easily one of the worst drivers
but last week i was in a mini vs mustangs and shit
still managed 5th in a 30 lap race on a track with some killer curves
i dont think this time will be so lucky!
the dayton will spin coming out of turns in 3rd gear wtf =(
and if you get it too sideways and do something jarring with steering it will just roll =(
but omg so fast and so sexy lookin
kk bbl

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ive never had a nokie brick
mine is like usb storage/microsd/mp3/bluetooth/cam/vid
i can use it to make phone calls too, which is pretty awesome
yeh ive had all samsung flips
but yeh ive had the same kickass unadvertised sprint plan for maybe 4 years
they still cant beat my rates when they try and get me to change plans
and like, ive gotten three phones for free
if i destroy it, i get a new one for $35

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i think theyll give me a card if i sign up for the plan, tho
i get free phones

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i want one of those laptop cards
i dunno anything about that shit other than my phone company offers it as a plan

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yes it wont burn anything if you short the caps
because of the resistor
it just wont turn on, heh
i think youre running about 10x the min mute value
like were using a couple mA, i think .2mA was good*2
nB[B[B[B[Bfucking lag sec
ha nice
and no
if you increase the resistor value, its less current
less power
but its all relative, cumulative
its a 1/4 turn inductor
if its a right angle change in path
but keep in mind stuff like usb is almost RF
and theres right angles ingerent in most connector designs
also many antenna conneectors and cable connectors mate with the board at right angles
wtf is wimax?
new wifi?
or like isp level shit or what

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no the amp pics
or did you mean the vdrop on the blues
its always higher for blues and whites
yeh its like above 3V up to like 4.5V i think
def at least 4V
reds and greens use under 2V most the time
i think yellows are in between
im pretty sure the emitted light is related to power use
im not sure but i think the efficiency is similar
thats the caps
your bigass caps
im pretty sure itll turn off faster at higher volume
yeh theyre not very poppy/clicky
im pretty sure ive turned them on with just resistive mute circuits and wondered if it was actually getting powere or not
then i turned it up
hehe yeh i remember that was my BrainGT kits and i was using my friends 100W technic cabinets to test
he was a bit nervous!
you can always try without the caps
cus then you short the mute to ground
wont turn on
without the caps its basically a resistive mute

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yeh LM3886 love unregulated toroids
theyre 0605 or 0805?
my 0605 greens were way brighter than i thought
no the leds
also they had a huge radiation cone
like i have them on the edge of a board on top
and they were lighting a flat surface under the board just a couple mm away from the board
like behind them
130d cone, nice
they use more power, higher V drop
mrtube: wow the pics are beautiful

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maybe try that
k you owe me $1000
man fuckin irc
if anything, it keeps me from doing laundry more than anything
i need laundry to have some sort of GUI
i was joking anyway
i dont believe we have onjoin spam
efnet.nu doesnt like this shellbox's vhosts
so i dont get to see the awesome ascii pot leaf motd

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02:15 < _zzzz> renesis do you drink daily
i drink like monthly
not even
and yeh focus seems to matter more than power
as far as leds
like 5mA 60d prob gonna look brighter than 20mA 180d
same emitter
timecop: what do you mean find
your google is down?
sounds like a ripoff happened

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i used to be like that
dozen beers in a few hours
i was drinking at frat parties when i was 8
no bullshit
\by highschool i was burnt on tequila
i dont remember so much of junior high
haha me and my sister both used to be tequila disposal units
by the time we were 20 the scent of it would make us sick
mrtube: ty!
have you done the crossovers?
or youre running direct into the amps

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i got bored and lost money at video poker like an idiot
cuz i know those are rigged
i dont gamble
and i really dont drink anymore
so i was just there for my bro
thats a scary habit
thats cool that hes good at least
they just keeping him there hopinh he loses hard at some point and they get some of it back
i bet more often than not it works, too
always sometimes if you do it for an income
as long as you come up more i guess
dude i prob wont go to vegas ever again
unless its for business
im not into drunks or prostitues or gambling
well its prob an insane rush
oh is comdex still there?
yeh i guess i could see myself ending up at that at some point
or something similar
yeh i dont like being drunk like that at all anymore
4 newcastles is love
six heinekken is death
i have like zero tolerance now
mrtube: very cool

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i almost fucked some slut girl in our little group last time i went
luckily jay dragged me to a strip club instead
and edgar ended up in her painties
she was like like, to me:
what would you do with me if i was at that pool table totally naked?
im like no hesitation, bend you over and fuck you
and she was like =O
im like wtf thats totally obvious answer what do guys normally say?
actually i wouldnt mind on the beach
i would want them to up littering fines and enforcement
but yeh beach should be ok for alc
and then the freaks start coming out
supposedly its surreal walking around between 3a and sunrise
yeh flyers
they prob got really good street cleaners
i know
the fucked who kicked in my door went to vegas with my sister just for that
over the 4th, it was closed
they found some other firing range but they didnt do automatics there
when i was there?
i went years ago with a friend
his bday is the 5th of july
so it was like vegas throwing him biggest bday party ever
we just drank
they did

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no wai
for sure
i hate that place
its gonna be 105F in the shade
do they close the strip?
and let people just walk around
i mean from cars
ha naw they close it for the 4th
people everywhere
they sell those 2' feet drinks everywhere
i guess theyre longer than 2'
yeh those are the ones i mean =D

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i tried to hit both sides of one yesterday with my iron tip without solder bridgeing and that shit was just alot of time and work
or day before yesterday i guess

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also minimalist audio heads love these things
they basically just run them with an input imedance resistor, and *sometimes* and ac coupling cap
i dont think the original gaincard had coupling caps
ima go throw a load of laundry in i guess
hehe, bridge with solder and pick up with tweezer

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im pretty sure i could have set it up another way so this wouldnt have happened
but i basically just stuck the input attenuator on the inputs
cuz originally i expected input from the original preamp
which is opamps, so a low impedance source
yeh its pretty neat the whole things working
i think to really test the servos you gotta run it for awhile, get it pretty warm
and see if they can maintain over time
yeh theyre spec'ed at 80C im pretty sure
okay yeah vs frequency
they do max power
NO FILTERS, as test condition for 3 graphs for diff loads and rails
for the THD+N graphs

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like how they talk about how maybe they will vote for obama cuz vp a girl
she was pissed
vote for mccain
mccain is seriously getting scarier and scarier
he is not happy at all pushing repub platform and keeping his big mouth shut
its like destroying him
yeh kinda, heh
except the response is like non logical =\
it doesnt seem to affect attenuation but id have to test more to be sure
variable single pole filter isnt really that hard
the problem is that you need to sync parallel channels
and in multipoles, sync the poles and channels
standard pots dont cut it, really
i believe so, sec...
well, i think so actually but you would have to know about how much you wanted to attenuate with the pot
then you could tune the cap

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its something that has harmonics all thru the audio region
okay so you know
theres alot more in the mid bass region than in rock and pop music
like rock the saturation zone is higher
all the vocals and guitars and alot of the drums
were they at least AB?
it could have been worse!
i wouldnt mind trying to do a tube preamp circuit
like if i got into it maybe i could see myself making a tube power amp
but i think id rather do a tube preamp into chipamps
audio transformer coupled
like a few 12ax7 or something
mostly because im in love with the little preamp tube envelopes
my friend jenny is fuckin pissed about the mccain vp pick
she seen interviews on every channel with women about how they feel about it

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dayton is parts express house brand, theyre personal china/taiwan stuff
they were shit paper cones
with like nothing surrounds
so i got silk domes and some mid-bass drivers
12" i think
maybe 10"
yeh 10"
but thats cool because i like tight mid-bass
i have no clue how theyre crossed over
i just took the old shit out and put the new shit in, sounded fine so went fuckit
big woofers can get so muddy
15" def has its place in pro audio and high end setups
but on cheap normal shit id rather have the smaller drivers
haha i had these polk audio powered pc speakers
with a 6" sub with a long throw, big surround
like a quarter cubic foot box
no one believed it was making the bass that it did
it was cheap too
ive heard expensive bigger ones sounded shit
yeh i dont like that
basically 80% of the shit i listen to involved distortion and synthesized bass
so its not just kicks and bass guitar

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like, in alot of systems, theyll use 10uF electrolytics
on half biased amps, because the circuit always has the internal signal offset above the external signal
and 10uF is basically transparent with typical input impedances
2.2uF to 10uF electrolytics is common
ha yeh im looking at them thinking that
i was def waiting to see what was up with yours, too, i guess
i think i want to do my fisher cabs
do a passive crossover for thw two high drivers
and then big amp to the low thing
eventually i can swap out the weird foam woofers
i think its foam
maybe some oddly coated paper, theyre the ones that came with the cabs
youd prob know more about it than me
i think so
theyre cream color
theyre bit weird tho, feels softer than paper cones im used to
oh, sec
i already replaced the highs and mids with dayton stuff

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is just to let the input cap drain out if you disconnect the input
also to bleed off energy from a source
like if it has a cap thats full on the output
if you connected it, you would have this extra energy between the caps, causing offset
kinda floating
it doesnt look like it in sim
sec i will check the values on the low amp
thats so weird
in sim, it rolls of more with the pot in the middle
but at extremes, its more typical
but yeah
roloff on the lowend stays in the subsonic
you can also make the coupling caps bigger, too

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yeh as long as you got some kind of sink tho im pretty sure they cant hurt themselve
because they have that SPiKE thing that chops the signal to cut power
ha nice
no wonder your drivers were always warm
tho yeh people have caught them on fire running them with no sink
i think the thermal overload protection just has no chance
hehe yeh
i think i told you thats how i burnt my first prob, no?
fuckup mounting the heatsink so it was just hitting the die on an edge
it POSTED, when to boot, bricked
R3 is input impedance and HPF element with the coupling cap
but pot ends up being input impedance
ha yeh you can tell pot was totally a last minute add on
ok R1

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but its more sane to leave it for general use
really with the xover you dont need them
but the amp was made to work without the xover
and the xovers without the amp
the response is weird
im sure if i mathed out the paralle circuit with the pot it would make sense
with them
but yeh without that cap response is to infiniti, mathematically speaking
ltspice agrees
did it pop?
oh thats not good
oh ok
im not sure mine dide that even without the mute caps
on the outputs?

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whatever the amp can push
if you look at the graphs for THD, they specify without any kind of filter
and then an 80K filter
for another set of graphs
and no im sure it wont, most circuit ive seen dont include low pass
its a note
the one to ground
probably both .039
.039 and 100R is like -1db thru audio range
its a/c coupling and your low end roloff
so you kinda need it
if you know your source is gonna be AC without dc offset, you can leave it off
and get flat response to infiniti into the amp

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mrtube: ok sim says its not when its all the way low
its towards the middle
because when i do very low or very high the response is the same
it wouldnt matter on the high amp
because its above the xover freq
anyway you remove the .039 and it wont rolloff at all
the 100R and the .039 are the LPF elements
yes the circuit is in parallel with the bottom half of the pot
wiper to ground
i have to test a bunch more and maybe math it out to figure out exactly whats going on
but just shorting the .039 out will make it not roloff
yeh im not super worried about this
thats awesome

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wat, no
well that is totally weird

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oh shit it does roll it off
haha no k rly it was kurdt kobain

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oh hmm
actually thats not super weird i wondered about that
i assumed i was being paranoid tho because i seen attenuators before input bandpasses on enough circuits
its so fucked up outside

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i think if it was a manual i could drop out the crank shaft to get at the bearings and do an in frame rebuild
but im pretty sure thats not happening with an automatic
note: do not trust ungrooved dipsticks for judging oil cleanliness
like it doesnt hold any of the grit or a thick enough layer of oil
it looks the same on the stick with brand new oil as it did with the gritty coffee oil
not changing a hondas oil should be a felony
treasonous waste of vital resources

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i dont want to go outside
its 10000F
man how do they work on cars in the middle east
they must have robots
if they dont i can totally understand why they would wanna kill people
i need new tires and bushings so i wont do over 80mph
no dude my car drives from the next block to my drive way
then i replace the oil pump
and drive it into the dirt
i estimate 1000mi
the last day two days i drove it it was mad hot and it started losing torque like right before my crx's head siezed
not nearly as bad, but its def not happy
the valves got audible, too
so yeh maybe oil pump and valve adjustment buys it time

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macegr: serious wtf did he say in 4 paragraphs?
the guy who hacked wire by soldering two ends together
oh shit
youre going to reverse it!?!?
you know if you do it more times than you turn it properly its magnetic field adhesion fail and the metal shaft disintegrates
or maybe it unmagnetizes
i dont remember

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22:41 <@Rab> I like the recent post about the guy who wired an AC adapter to the battery terminals of his daughter's elephant toy.
i was doing that when i was like 13
and i had no business doing anything with a soldering iron
ya rly
now his daughter can get into the batter compartment
and lick the terminals
and have a baby stroke and almost die
how the fuck is that 4 paragraphs
like my brains wont let me read 4 paragraphs about that
i tried
oh wow
so he broke it a little bit too?
rivits on the terminals prob gonna fails now
dude i dont wanna see dudes runt in tighties
yeh no shit
dont have them
it turns you into that guy or timecop
i feel like i should make a pile of electromechanical crap and set it on fucking fire and call it a heater and submit to hackaday for critique

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yeh you can prob even do that without freaking out a controller, heh
it doesnt have any security stuff in it, does it?
its just sending what you punch on the pad
yeh a controller might not even know if you took over the rs232
one that marketers love
rab: looks like a key or encryption format?
didnt you already

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its not even like money valuable its like, if i get rid of this i will feel like an idiot in two months when i need it
stamped bubbles for buttons or something?
yeh looks like it
dude bubblegum and a jumper wire
wargames, <3
unmount it and hijack its serial comm

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i ended up building it into two enclosures and connecting with velcro and coily cable
sold to someone
hehe, you could put the bottons on right side of keyboard and stick on the left
no doubt
i need to throw a bunch more shit away before the end of today
its fucked up how much shit i have i cant throw away
fuckin valuable bullshit

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but yeh its kinda deep unless i get convex nipponese buttons
i really wanna use american style concave ones
theyre better in general
shorter throw
i think they accept the same type of microswitches, tho
def going with ball top stick
heheh i miss those

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spdt switches
so i can track time from one to the other
macegr: heheh
track gap time
between switch contacts
im pretty sure there is dead zone, but the tactile clickiness might defeat it too much
maybe not because of the way theyre tactile clicky
also the types of switches is endless
yeh but thats way more complicated
i wanted to try and use off the shelf arcade buttons
id prob just let go of the velocity thing before i let it get to complicated
i think i wanna make mame cabinets at work
just buy ultimark ipac boards and wire up some switches
i was gonna do hex pattern
high density, black and white and/or red buttons
flats offset and missing like normal

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i think ima start fucking around with reason again
everything on hold pretty much since end of school/chico chaos/job thing/sister moving in and then out
like, at some point alot of my shit stacked in a pile while i wasnt home
my stk500 and dragon are somewhere in this pile
and thus goes rens summertime (lifetime...) organizational crisis
ive managed to clean up and throw away a ton of shit
like my floor is clean enough to actually vacuum again
and hopefully by end of weekend i have work space again
but yeh the other half of avr synther is a big midi control surface i wanna do with arcade buttons and joysticks
maybe an arcanoid knob, heh
thats actually something i can do with the work machine
but i think i can even do velocity with the arcade buttons

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eggsalad: is melissa the hawtest girl with shoulders as wide as mine?

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