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what kevtris said
just run a timer and a count reg
compare reg for each pwm output
count reg is your period, compare is your duty

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i will mention that

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so there might be an optimized solution but almost any blue or any red led should work

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yeh but he has it
you dont expect him to like design something to do it, do you?
i need sleep i think
ok so chinaled is like what spectrum?!
so i gave them a range
and the idea of using two diff freq red and two diff blue leds
like each led with two elements (they do RGB in these packages)
to hit the peak freqs for chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b
so its neat the reason there is two chlorophylls is to spread the usable absorbtion freq for the plant

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timcop you are so motivational!

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oddly i can almost see the logic in doing it like that
its basically just user output code
photoplotter device sim

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also rs274 interpreters are useful
you can prob roughly port the code to some sort of machine based photoplotter or cutter based pcb tool
okay then yeah
youre just doing bitmaps to gcam sketches
image import is a big deal
thats no doubt the most universal application export option
cad/eda/graphics/vector apps will all do it
that and the gerber inport + dxf import and it kinda completes emc

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and youd know how, itd just be work
cuz yeh the algorithm its using now has to be creative
i lost your explanation maybe a couple weeks in
so every new movement, draw some crazy minigerber?
the raster algorithm it would just take mem and cpu
yeh its your pads

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yeh but its prob good enough
pcb are finite, .002 space/trace is pretty save to assume
.0001 resolution prob enough to do that
.00005 if not that
so thats what im saying
its not as elegent, but it would prob always work
well, yeah for .008 i think so
but for .004 i doubt it
yeh but every app prob does the retarded gerber thing its own way
because its just like advanced etch a sketch
it definitely works
hehe i found the original test board i milled for you yesterday
i dont think that works because of curves
just do an overkill space trace and divide by at least 10
well thats the other thing
i know gerber viewer type stuff would be hard for you to code after all this
and im pretty sure like 1bit images would be simple enough to convert to sketches
like it wouldnt be nearly as much work put it as the current gerber processor

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cuz then you would just have to process the rs274 like a photoplotter machine controller
that should work with eagle
thats why it wont work with eagle i think
it has a max resolution on export
5K x 5K would work for .008 space trace i bet
but yeh its alot of data
but i think it would be fast to process the gcode just because its simple?
its not but its enough
i dont even think eagle will do that, tho
so its pointless
is that free?
oh shit neat
but yeah you could create a 2d raster area in mem
and just plow thru it reading the gcode file
thats what im saying twingy
just write an app that generate a bitmap as big as you need
and do edge detection and sketch that
well, quality being speed/mem?
or quality being outcome
im thinking it deals with wtf generated gerbers

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so yeh its not like i feel like im ever losing money on it
yeh its fucked up
seems like apps get creative with the non standard appertures
apestate: why you selling?
and rockshox will prob buy it
hes been talking about it for awhile
is it used much?
besides the memory involved, would it be easier to do it like raster style to generate a cut area
and like convert those edges into a sketch?
like kinda a photoplotter sim and you just tune resolution so it works at .003 space trace or some shit

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remember i learned on manual machine where backlash might have been a quarter wheel turn
i could still cut parts from the dial
twingy: you just feed in one direction and overshoot on return
and itll cancel
youll have zero backlash error
with a manual machine, thats just how you work if youre using the dials to make measured cuts
works on a CNC just the same
apestate: $2100 shipped
for the machine and the xylotex
and steppers and preassembled cables
i bought it off ebay thru paypal from deepgroove1 on ebay
im happy with it
its done everything ive wanted, and it was an academic purchase more than anything else

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blackmoon: good call on the machined pins
mrtube msged me about them
the macNX thing?
rockshox doesnt want it anymore?
8" Y, no?
hell buy it, probably
yeh the table is same as the big taif
the table body, forget the name, that sits on the y tails...
thats thicker on the taig
its just notmal 1/4"- um...
200 steps is .00025
so 1/4-20
but it uses a consumable brass adjustable leadscrew nut
backlash performance on the X is unreal
its pretty normal on the Y
and i have a xylotex
in 1/8 microstepping
on my x its sub .001
which is amazing for that level of machine
on the Y is .004
which is kinda typical
with no backlash?
thats really simple for me twingy =)

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ha @ assman
i know its decent shit but thats way worse tha naming a presicion instrumentation company 'fluke'

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need sme sort of blade holder or something to clamp it down onto pads i guess

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tiny, tiny fuse holders
no one knows what the is
and okay fin you could use end clamps that hold them to the boards
then its kinda like smt
i know
im saying, no ones gonna search for fhmd fuses when they want something tiny
thats actually not a super bad idea
making like fuseholders for 0805 or 1206 fuses
if you dont want it to reset
page 7 in the soldering notes too

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yeh but with no bass =\
the stock drivers cant deal with it
so i set my head unit to crossover its output at 160Hz
so i can turn it up as loud as i want
i just have the mp3cd that was in there when the crx died
hehe, drum n bass sets, and minibosses
here its a hype set
those are never bad
haha i think maybe a hype tape was the first drum n bass i had
also i dont really listen to music in the accord
since i have the intermitent oil pressure blinky, im usually listening for my head to fly apart

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mampi swift is mopstly crunchy synth bass
not so much reese bass
teh reese bass, mmmmm
that totally sounds like a beat from early decade movie with jet li
and i dont think so
maybe you like that one
i gueese its reece
reese is the peanut butter!
anyway all his shit is detuned distorty bass
like hell run two oscillator with one a few cents off
so its all digeridoo sounding

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heat sucks
thats so horrible!
ok but no really
thats good bass
and car isnt getting bass until the oil light stop blinking and it runs maybe 1000mi without crapping out
omg i dont think you listened to my song!

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that sounds hard to do precise

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for masking the copper?
you gotta say it like bruce lee, guys
hello laser
i have no ideas
RG Ecam
fuck toner transfer

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btw firefox zooms if you hold down ctrl
i wouldnt know i dont use it
and i have 20 boards
so if it works im selling those off
then im do revision two
in black mask
and make a kit
w/ pre-cnc'ed altoid tins
haha good luck!
i hate when speed drops out at like 99.3%
macegr: how did that happen?
heat maybe
the laser maybe did youthing to the copper/core bond?
youthing, weird typo *something

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cmoy amps are fail
sec im looking
dude he picked resistor values and named it after himself
like wtf is that?

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you know the internal name for the amp is death of cmoy, no?
my schematic
cmoy is shit
thats a pdf link
the lowest output impedance that is specified is 600R
note at the top of ever spec chart page its condition is 2K output
no where in the datasheet for that IC does it say anything about running it into 32R or 16R
so absolutely none of those specifications mean anything

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headphone amp with tone control preamp that fits in an altoids tin with a 9V battery
green boards, bottom right

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trisquits, nomnomnomnom

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i like mine
its silver and black and flippy and free
its had a cracked external lcd for months now and it still works fine
i think thats pretty neat
haha @ gnr in deathrace trailer

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raises and buildings? AWESOME I VOTE YES

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oh thats what i was reading about
i dont have 19 billion dollars

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im not getting it until i build a new pc
car money and bill money and gtfo of town money means no pc money till maybe late september

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you of all people should know that people in business love cheap
teh red failboard
with 22" rims and cristal
im going to go to a tireshop and buy the cheapest all weather tires for my car
and if it survive thru the year ill but it falkens
join #dystopium and ask turdis
i dont need to
i have turdis

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timecop: which thing is this?
the old charles one?
no capture for youtube
ima make tostada and eggs with salsa verda
no doubt
they had to do shit like that with warehouses before
omg timecop

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(doesnt have to be a real one id take a kit)
needs better tires

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she is not a great speaker
haha 'wifi on steroids'
i was gonna say damn she kind got a big neck!
she gets better 3min in when she starts talking about stuff we dont already know
my bad like 2:30

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hold on, try not to die
hehe ive actually done that on a freeway in a ford explorer my sister was driving =(
its 4 wheel disks
rear are solids
did you just read up?
they maybe have to boot people first
what i sleep now

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but yeh the cars ive had came with warped or ground down disks usually had fucked up brake fluid
the brakes are ok
shit pads but theres alot on them
yeh dunno how temp resistant that stuff is
plastics hate it
sandi once got mad at me because im half asleep in her car and shes on a highway thats like 60mph, but with stop lights...
and i told her to brake earlier cuz her discs were hella warped
and she got mad, like i called her a bad driver
i bet she still hasnt gotten her brakes done
were not talking but i might call her to remind her, since shes not paying rent for months
(long term housesitting for professor
cuz yeh that a big fucking mustang
brakes going out on that would just be fucked

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okay but you maybe need to remove the mount and the oil pan
my oil pan is dented
i bet the sump tube to the oil pump is fucked up
or the intake side is maybe just dug into sludge at the bottom
because my fuckhead left me dark coffee oil
yes =(
i changed the oil pressure switch
and changed oil like 3 times in 1000mi, last times with oil detergents
it comes out clean now, heh
i had to do the same shit with the brake fluid
i know im going to, just fucked up because its prob gonna be $200
was murky, i hate that
i think its maybe from warped disks
like air and metal bits getting in the lines

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rab: awesome
its not just a small job, its an adventure
okay but yeah
alldata is like, remove crossbrace
remove exhaust down tube
remove mount
let engine sag
remove oil pan
im like hahahaha
that fucked up way to find out you need new engine mounts!
blackmoon: my honda civic was 5 bolts and a connector
and like, thats it
i have to see if i can put the engine mount back
after doing the timing belts
and i have the lower cover off
yeh check it out you totally have to remove the mount i think
im not positive, but i think the timing belts is routed around it
unless they squeeze it to one side
why do you think i have to remove an engine mount?

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so like the amount of shit you have to do to get that area serviceable...
might as well just replace everything
timing belts have to be changed
theyre assholes, they put an engine mount right there
so you have to undo an engine mount
undo a subframe cross brace under the engine
undo the down tube on the exhaust (to get the oilpan off
well its got at least two other mounts
i think maybe 2 more on the engine and then on by the transmission
and yeh if i was just doing the timing belts...
id have engine jacked up so it wouldnt be a prob
but yeah i thought about it...
how the fuck would i get the oil[pan off to change the oil pump
anyway i bought alldata.com diy stuff for my car
im going to try and take back my hondas haynes manual
i hate those things
so yeh
also alldata is autozone
and i bought it at autozone
well, not completely
but yeah, alot of stuff, non existant or just kinda turning 8 steps into one
yeh if you already kinda know whats up with car engines theyre usually not so helpful
they have specs for alot of shit
best way to do stuff like remove dash is find one in a junkyard, and remove it
that way you brake that one learning how

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sec, loading
that looks like it
like, way prettier
oh yeh, that was it i think
dude thats totally a lemmings ui
its lemmings
blackmoon: i have to fix my car or decide to just drive it into the dirt
like basically if the $200 mufuckin oil doesnt work, im like fuck you
adjust the valves
but the cheapest tires i can find
and go
cuz there is the possibility its a wiring or ecu issue =(
sorry oil pump
basically the bottom left end of the engine
also im changing the water pump and timing belts
redline is like maybe $20/quart
well, its all the same area

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oh hi
whats that
not much
thats neat there was a couple games like that i wanted to play
i dont remember the names, tho
ha i know one of them was like ps2 era

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hahaha thats funny

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hahaha @ first one
er 2nd one i guess
hehe first one kinda funny

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oh also the heron (yes that is a correct phoenetic spelling in teh innor citeh)
im still waking up!
thats such an odd drug
primary effect: bank acct disintegration
thats such a cokehead like
no hi, hello, how are you
but yeh ive done it
chew coffee beans its cheaper and like the same shit

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Their letter warned that those who refused to see the light would be administered "justified yet, merciful force".*
*That's how AP transcribed it. Pesky commas, eh?
heheheh silly ninjas, go to school!
Tertkiewicz is "also charged with harassment for a letter left for an ex-girlfriend".
doh, emo-ninja moment
blackmoon: http://jalopnik.com/5039764/drunk-high-naked-driver-crashes-into-parked-car-while-masturbating-but-wait-theres-more
did she do tweak or coke or brain melting levels of hallucinogens?

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