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air tools are weird
wow $101 to seattle
$60 to sacramento!
\i can visit teh russians

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and then ive pretty much cleared the schedule
thru 2nd week of september
blackmoon: i have to go to work and further research forms in word
dude the 1/4" one looks palm sized
i just want it to like get shit together
anywhere i can fit that i can fit the 1/4" manual ratchet to finish it

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thats kinda all i need
if i can get a bigger one ill get an air ratchet too
theyre $20 at harbor freight!
hehe, 'horror, fate'
i think im going to get a little 20lbft 1/4" one
cant break much with that
theyre slow?
maybe expensive ones are better
kk i gotta go bye
heheh, i do two jobs today

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yeh im shopping at sears =\
i almost just wanna blow like a whole paycheck on a craftsman set and just be done with it for the rest of my life
i hope sears survives the apocolypse
prob 1/2"
im mostly just gonna use the impact wrench for big shit wont move
im only gonna have like a 2 gallon compressor
hmm how long do you think that will last?
yeh see

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impact sockets are really expensive!

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06:59 <@DX^> my roommate isn't going to school this semester
dxwhat is he doing?
hes not going to become a nuclear engineer?
dx is gone

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blow up your cigarette hand
u first
dude im buy an impact wrench
its gonna rawk
i just have trig
and a yet to be determined random class
yeh kinda
im steal my moms last ice cream bar
sev has those

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oh more of those rail to rail amps

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one of your shits has lead time
your shit is like $22
im prob not gonna order until tomorrow
i need like 4401/4403s and prob some other stuff

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just something that turns the second monitor support on and off
i have spanned desktop
but i have to turn it off for games
so it stays off alot
but like work stuff is way easier with two monitors
ok im triple checking parts list
then i will add dx stuff and be like BUY
these TSV914 amps are pretty neat (5v rrio low noise/offset quad thingers)
also they are named after the greatest porsche ever

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someone code mea button that toggles my second monitor

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but yeh, fuses
maybe some of the unclad perf
i love that shit
like a rack for your .1" point to point soldering

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oh cr2032
for my car alarm remote
and stuff
fuses, smart
get like 10A, 5A, 1A
ha its a fluke it prob wants a special low impedance fuse
and ive yet to blow it
also one of them is a 110, doesnt even have current

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pwnage would be the machine movers who had to get it up there
moon what random cheap shit do i need from digikey that i always forget to order
i wonder how hard to find adjustable LDO with low voltage reference
that would be perfect for strings of led
(vreg in current source mode)
oh nice, thats how you do it
adj down to x.xV
thats usually the same as the ref voltage, no?

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i wonder if theres big springs or they just use the hydraulics to slow its fall
they have this freakish fluid movement
just open the bypass
prob sized for a maximum rate of fall
so even when it fails it cant fail so hard
yeh but if theres a failure in the ram or the housing
tho yeah youd prob have to drive a medium size truck into it
i dont think they raise or fall more than 6"
might survive!
bet a new one
old one prob be whatever

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dx^: k ima order the digikey soon as im concious again

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the ebay place?
the laser cutting
yeh thats really neat
metal sheers are insane
hydraulics just to lift the thing back up

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change - drill
change - diameter
with the via layer enabled
and itll prob throw DRC errors
cuz tha board was routed pretty close in places

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wow you got pinheaders from digikey?
haha were they like $1 each?

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dx^: that shit is under $25?
was a ton of passives or wat?

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i have to explode and ungroup
think so
nope, have to deposit paychecks

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which will not look okay when cut out into 9" letters
i found something that gets the into into the cad app
but i dunno instead of showing up as green geomtry lines, it shows up as red
and instead of normal layer space, it imports to user layer space
which wont let me add toolpaths
the CAM app handles font import fine
but it wont let me explode the font characters
so i cant define inside and outside edges and cut orders
im gonna cry
this is bullshit
i would have to cad every letter and font i need

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omfg lordpil.com in my google search
fucking spent all day trying to find decent TTF to CAD solution
finally found this demo app the exports to dxf
shit is failing
well this sucks cuz its vector info
but it wont just pull out the vecotr info
and export has to do with display resolution
the acad solution is to export than reimport in a windows meta file
but you get nasty discontinuities in lines and curves

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