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these are neat, if you ever do an opamp project again
low noise/offset 5V rail to rail io
and cheap
hehe cool

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omg are you making an ant?
hehehe 'bugs'

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why are you using that?
5mm seems like theres prob other shit on the board that makes it bigger anyway
thats the scam
is this for the ccd thing?

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whats it have on it?
also, hi
i think AD had one with a ton of dacs and adc
ok i have to finish shopping for 0805s
digital shit this is so much easier
led resistors, pullup/down resistors, caps for your xtal, done

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hehe those houses look cool

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see its funny cuz its darker but i do LED stuff
and itll be darker but ill do only white meat chiken stuff
tho everyone is like GET BONELESS THIGHS one day ill be like OK
but not today
today i stocked work fridge with 23 ginger ale
fuel for CNC brain
hehe, i can cut designs into the laminate
wonder what kind of goofy shit theyre gonna be having me rice their cabinets with

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maybe the lsd or a nap w/ dream or both or who knows
maybe it was real
*everyone* went to that audiotistic
maybe even radiactive fairies
i think anything would have been good, then
it was free, water was $4
minipizza would be like $8 =(
blackmoon: haha i had been up for all day and i think having my ribs crushed during the roots was hard on me
pretty sure i fell asleep leaning on the chinese food table!
dude some bitch in the roots crowd was like HEY, STOP PUSHING
im like wtf stupid, you dont see the 80K people jammed into the hangar behind me?

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is was okay, better than dolar chinese
almost none of it was eaten
guards had just given up, said whats up as i climbed onto the truck dock at the back of the stage and just stood there watching the dj from behind
then wandered off into the rooms off the stage
thats where i found the sign like The Roots / Jurassic 5, and tons of chinese food
also i hallucinated a large blue fairie with red hair and yellow goggles with red lenses and a yellow high pressure tank on her back with a radioactive symbol on it
she was eating chinese too
then i woke up standing there by myself looking at holes in the chinese food

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fuck the first amendment
My speech was free, the day that my soul descended
- jurassic 5
i ate their food backstage at audiotistic 2000!

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oh damn i wonder if theyre still on my phone
we have free speech zones at my school!
not like, someone elses school, MY school?!
red and black broken lines and clearly labeled free speech zone
no if youre demonstrating and you leave, they can non lethal your ass, im pretty sure
its lame

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and yeah, ram vid cards, etc etc etc
i dont research this shit until like 2 or 4 weeks before im going to buy it
else you figure it all out, wait 3 months to buy, all of a sudden theres something new thats affordable
gotta figure out about all that shit
zzzz_: i would, im pretty sure
and by then there will be more competition reviews
having the money and not wanting to be ripped off is usually the best motivator

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oh ive seen that
thats neat
its $$$
prob next year
i still have to get new tires
fix this oil pressure madness
fuckin oil pump is like $200
then i need a computer
because fallout3
bethesda will fail us
i know it, i can feel it
im guessing mid fall
prob dual
maybe get 4 drive and do raid 10

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i did ok in the class but wtf shit was insane
yeh i wanna build amps
like fuckit if ima do this as a sport i might as well play with fast shit
pcb are so available and cheap!
i should audit RF circuits class ins spring
and take MIG welding
and try and beg my way into a tig seat
oh no tubes and p2p witing
zzzz_: if you think that is sexy i should snap picks of my old tek tube scope
same deal but all the parts are on ceramic racks

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looks neat
you prob need a really big antenna and luck with clouds
i should
hell yeah, if its the right length wire
its alchemy
doesnt have to be long, just the right length
is magik, zzzz
cuz the fuckin sun be fuckin your rays!
actually no i dont think so around here
a kid down the street from me when i was a smaller kid was into it
he had a big mast antenna
no idea i was like 9
i wish i knew wtf was going on in RF circuits class

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dude its half baked
this is like a stoners pulp fiction, i prob seen it 20 times i dont even think its that great
heheh, its pretty good, tho
<3 the stephen baldin hax0r stoner scene
okay ive almost finished shopping for input buffer parts
is just a reciever?
is it that thing with a thousand knobs you pasted?
ha, kenwood

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i wish i could save a digikey search

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fuck i hate shopping for passives
guess how much?
really alot
we need wetwires straight to digikey database already
all this typing and reading and clicking takes way to much time
fork with an ethernet jack at the end
or some sort of symbolism for a net connection
maybe one of those windows icon network pipes coming down from a fork or a plate of foods
were unstoppable when we start writing shit down

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cuz you dont do that all day everyday
you should prob be happy about that

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you have to make work like all the time
thats the only thing they all seem t agree on
like, most of them say that only 5% or 10% of your shit will be that great
same shit
heheh, graphic arts can be expressive, its all about subliminal shit
art program staff are so mean to the graphic artists!

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haha are you reading that shit?
thatll fuck youre brain
i think there was another convo going on
people are only made to last 20 years
we are running in B52 mode
avergae lifespan a few hundred years ago, so were way past that, b52 are way past intended lifespan
oh yeah sharks live a billion years because theyre made out of cartilage (fact.)
it took me like 2min to figure out what i was talking about
you guys missed a gibson/glover lethal weapon moment

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need a gerber editor

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setup a cam job for all your layers
top and bottom should just be copper layers
bottoms should be mirrored
there should be gerbers for the silk
made of place and name layers

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dx^: wai cops
omg they sent cops to your house?
wtf gays

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ttmustang: depends

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cutting the laminate totally worked

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okay ima go home early
no its just very light density particle
its wood
its just prous wood
*porous, fine sawdust particle
itll suck thru the spoilboard
theres gaskets on the vacuum table to seal the spoilboard to the table
yeh totally
i totally got 24 cans of ginger ale at food 4 less
for $8
thats half price of the vending machine here
we have a fridge on the floor
gotta go bye

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blackmoon: theres a spoilboard
its consumable, i go about .005 deep into it
the spoilboard goes on top of the actual vacuum table
when it gets too cut up, we have a flycutter to level it again
you basically lower the zero reference like .02 and cut it flat
like, setup is caKE
i start a cycle shove the soil board and the material im working on against some popup locating pips
hit the start button again, popup pins retract (hopefully), and it goes to work on the sheet
you know i think thats prob for the best, right?
haha they banned your whole acct?

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i cant explode text geomtry =(
and yeah that would be weird
hss will magnetize, im pretty sure
my machine not grounded great
okay fuckit
im going to do it with the conical cutter

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ok boss asked if i can cut raw laminate
im like sure!
after i start the cycle and the vacuum table turns on i have to run out and asquish the laminate down before the machine eaats me

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