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k nite

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better than u!
wasnt i supposed to go to sleep
wtf are you talking about
how os that an accord?
also that shit went fast
not for a honda, for affordable sport coupes in general
rsx looks like a civic

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wtf do people just like go there to do their projects and then dissapear?
thats a big fucking cap
you are not a small person
oh neat
i wanna donate stuff instead of throwing it away
im am months into this disorganizational crisis
yeah that would be neat
i can nc his steam car and drive it with gcode
ill surprise him
id totally do very bad things to get into his car hangar
not for me
no bitch
they killed the prelude so it would sell
it is hondas 911
(which has killed every amazing porsche ever)

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.130 for tight fit, .150 for looser fit
okay i need to go to bed
kk, nite
i wonder if F1 steering would be lighter with electronic actuators
clear liquids will get you life
dude TSA has never been an issue for me, ever
im like, dreads, transistors, wires, circuit boards hanging off heatsinks aalmost as big as my head
and like a pair of soda can capacitors

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hes prob going to get it from china =(
thats china, dude
they are such assholes
their sales flyers are just fucked up
'we regret that so and so is out of business. they were a good company blah blah blah blah buy from us'
they sent me someone elses board
it was kinda cool eating pizza and drinking coke on them while on the phone going WTF GUYS
kinda weird
they sent you a tshirt?
all i got was a pcb coaster
it had sticky feet, tho
clear allelectronics ones
no i got all that
they changed pcb coaster to tshirt

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oh i lied
google says 25mi
google also says 29min
google should mention that past 1pm, that time grows exponentially until about 6pm
pick a machine screw size
pick #4 or #6
hehehe, theyre not uncommon, but not as much variety
#4 doesnt mean anything
it means machne screw size #4
and yeah 40 is tpi
i think i use like .130 or .150 for them
look on mcmaster for the screw, itll have a drawing
then just decide how slack you want it
remember plating subtracts from the drills inner diamater

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its maybe 50% bigger footprint, tho
sot223 is like 3 leads and a tab
mobo will have them alot
justone or two, tho
prob big linear regs for a subcircuit
sot223 is by far the sexiest of the 3 packages
(last lines was just about looks, heh)
damn past bedtime

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you get 10hp extra for every reboot
haha i wish real life was like grand turismo where you change your oil and get 15 more hp
its conventional current flow
+ to -, normal bias
you want rever
the arrow should be up
that way when the rail drops below ground, itll be pointing down
anode = ass end
remember that
youll be ok
current flows in thru the ass
i can park at a flyaway lot, bus takes me right to the terminal
nice bus, too
also consider sot223 and that surface mount to220 thing
sot223 is nice, but kevtris made the point that theyre more $$$ and not as available as the surface mount to220
also more current

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everything graphed is usually those vs current and temp
dx^: price
if its a little buzzer thats prob enough
the more expebnsive ones are maybe more stable vs temp and/or lower Vf
besides current and voltage ratings
and since youre clamping, you want a schottky because it has a lower vf
baby jezus gets stoned, everything is good
i should reboot

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theyre pretty simple
theres not very many parameters, half of them are vs temp
for reverse current protection?
if its in series, yes
reverse bias in parallel
you want to be overkill on current
but i mean its a little buzzer probably
prob not gonna overshoot a ton of energy

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no like dont act stupid youll maybe be okay!
sma is good
i said that already
did you think i was saying smaaaaaaah
youre doing it wrong
i have no many sma from digikey i dont know which is which
i have schottkys and standard is like 4 diff power ratings
doing it wrong
vishay makes a .17 schottky thats like bunch of amps at hundreds of volts
in sma
and i think silicones are like way under .10
this is like single qty
just type sma diode into the search
Records matching criteria: 2,515
in stock sma diodes
wtf were you doing so we know to never do that ever at all

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im at work
i dont know where hawthorne is except that its far
no at noon tomorrow foolio
drc is better
i need to reinstall it or some shit
macegr: i think its like southwest LA
im guessing right under culver city
i was right, but not really
i thought it would be above inglewooo
west LA isnt that bad
its hella urban, tho

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ironman now
robert downey

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no winners!
defcon 5 yayayay
heh, harmonica, credits
best movie ever

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haha they broke norad
yayayay alley sheedys boobies are running
hehe, editor turned back time and they made it into norad gate!

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yayay ally sheedy
omg no mathew broderick you have to get ahold of yourself and make joshua play tictactoe!
hehe they think the feds got them but its really that weirdo computer guy
zzzz_: this is free movies?
or tv or wat
damn i wish scared ally sheedy was all holding onto me
uhohz woppr is fakin out the norad boffins
defcon 1!!!!!
omg little jeep vs norad gate
go jeep go

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hmm, actually it might have different levels
'felony assault' seems like a familiar term, so im assuming a misdemeanor assault
and itll depend on the cop you get, whether he goes in or not

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find a calc
it depends how much temp rise you want
default on the two calcs ive used is 10C, pretty reasonable
instinctively, id say go wider
but i do alot of audio/analog stuff where voltage drops on rails matters and rule of thumb is kinda go as wide as practical
well, at least you tell yourself it matter in some sort of weird sense of tradition
most integrated shit has good enough psrr it doesnt even matter
in your case you just care about temp rise
oh, psrr = power supply ripple rejection
sucks, good luck
is he breaking shit or what?
threatening is an assault charge

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``nico: foods or animals?
i just have a stuffed cheetah monkey with no tail
but yeah, cuz me and fur were fighting over it and she had the tail side and i had the cheetah monkey side
and then very bad things
ima take her to vietnamese foods tonight for keeping me from going insane and crshing my sisters newcar
dx^: jes
tho mad fatigued and still mad distracted by anger from this weekends strife
can talk about it without getting fast and loud =\
stupid alcoholics
was hard to program the machine today cuz i was all thinking about wanting to kill my sister

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zzzz_: neato

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anyway, i think they knocked it and offset the top of the table a few hundredths
the locating pins have to popup thru both
i had to file down the inside diameter of the one i fixed to get the pin to slide thru correct
but then i noticed that pin pops up and pull in faster than the other two
and today the Y axis pin got stuck on the way down
because it had the spoil board up into it, but that shouldnt happen
so now i have to pull the other two actuators and file down those inside diamaters too

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heh, cut across the gaskets for the diff vacuum zones
you can see the tool tips wearing out in the path, thing got hot as fuck
i did
he didnt go all the way in, so i just needed to replace the gaskets, and we had alot of the gasket tubing upstairs
but yeah
tool go hot
and the fucking table caught fire
hehehe, i think its come bakalite composite material, like the tool holders in the tool changer carousel
*kind of
er, no i guess i mean *some
oh sweet
but yeh, wtf at setting my machine on fire =(
i also fixed the broken popup pin
he broke off the mail threaded section
so i cut off a screw to offset the stud, and screwed it into the other end
so now i can locate boards in a few seconds, proper style
the vacuum table is actually two pieces on top of each other
screwed together with machine bolts, im guessing there is a cavity for vacuum distribution inside

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also all of our sheets are +1"
fuck standard, have you ever measured a cross section of 2x4?
ya rly
i need to find a place sells the specific lube i need to grease the spindle head and dust shroud
then im done with all the maintenance cycle
i can make an actual maintenance schedule/checklist, like they should already had
twingy: the old tech put a toolpath into the vacuum table (not the consumable spoilboard, like the composite plastic table underneath)

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blackmoon: my machine goes up to 5x10
and we use those, too
i did a 120" tabletop the other day
we can load smaller sheets
like i guess the local place doesnt have 5x8 of particle
so we just got five 4x8 so i could finish todays job
and .625" particle is far from fragile
1" particle is durable as fuck, we do bench seats and table tops with it
ive been to laundromats with those benches
the laminated panels are fine, no wear that i can think off (corners are radiused)
the thick MDF shit is awesome

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they ran out of 5x8 particle board sheets for my machine =(

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