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i have to pick car for #cars rfactor race league =\
is not even 9p tho

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itll kill the avr, hard

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why i mentioned 180 as the dc value
120*1.414 169.68
so it should be like 170V max
its just the average of the absolute value
the squaring just makes it absolute
like, rms is like root of the mean average of the square
the root and square kinda cancel, except its all positive
weird way to just say the absolute average
ttmustang: yes indeed
peak to peak thats like 600V
rectified its like 300V

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transformer, bridge, caps, pwm thru a fet into your load
comparator on a current sense resistor for the fault detection
for what?
to move?
to order a wife from?
haiwaii is a death sentence if we go to war on a global scale
oh neat
youre phillipino, no?
so there or asia i think
i put whatever i want
ive checked off asian, mexican, pac islander, and some other shit
on forms for my ethnicity
yes explosions are neat
and failures mean learnings

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he want it to have a digital interface, i think
`nico: this is for some sort of corn cooker mini barn fire thing
it looked like a mini barn!
yeh now youre making it all easy and expensive
hehehe, believe we suggested that month ago
wat timecop?
you were offended by simpler, reliable, and more $$$?

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ttmustang: your ref will be off the avr supply
and if the signal is very high, like the other side of that SCR, you need to divide it or buffer it somehow
yeah ive used the internal ref for quick stuff, worked pretty good
ive used supply ref too, off a regulator
yeah actually im not clear on what the adc is for either
yes but specifically, what is the adc accomplishing?
for fault detection?
or like for speed control
for fault detection, you dont need so much accuracy
speed control, you prob want the most resolution you can get

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well if you use that as the ref, itll have ripple
and will prob break the avr unless you divide it by a large value
yeh those are awesome
i have a bunch still
the internal ref is usually not so bad
although the value is usually pretty low
they have internal bandgap ref, supply ref, and external ref
no much simpler
its a pretty easy unit to init and run
if you put it in free run mode you can just grab values from the adc reg whenever
`nico: yes
no, shunt is for reference
its kinda like a super zener
that doesnt suck like a zener
if your signal is very high, more than your reference, you will want a divider on it
so your input signal i below the reference voltage

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itll use an internal ref or you use the supply
you can get really good precision shunt refs for like $1
2.048 and 4.096 volts is nice because its a 10b adc
well you just have to make sure the signal doesnt go over the adc ref
for adc usefulness
for pin protection, mke sure it doesnt go over the rails
possible consider a resistive divider on the input of the adc

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get the avr assembler manual
and theres a doc with the opcodes, i think
yes, everything is from atmel
avrstudio4 for asm is one of the reasons i use windows primarily over the lunix for years now
sure as fuck isnt because i like windows
you think?
ebay or something?

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i gotta break down and clean up the machine at some point
ha i havent done anything except pcb on it in like 6 months =\
that shouldnt be a problem then
okay yeah that should be pretty simple
i can help with that, tho alot less in C then in asm

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i want to get to at l;east $20 at this job
so another 4 or 5 months at least
before i even start looking for anything
well then maybe theyll still have opening
id honestly rather find something electronics related, hopefully audio
ha for your board?
ok ill see whats up with it in a sec
lemme register for the one last class i need
then ill get on that, cuz then im done with important shit i can be like chill

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education and engineering was diff then
manufacturing lines werent nearly as complex
thats cool, thats the best way to learn
practical shit, hands on
supposedly they wont hire even floor workers without at least AS degrees
oh thats neat
as long as they dont make lockheed work with anyone else
other manufacturers would just drag them down =(

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ttmustang: seems sane, sec
yeah 17.8K
anything close should be cool
omg tc stop getting dosed
dos them back or some shit

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its a diode
you just put infiniti amps thru it
it prob wont be ok
its just a guess, but im pretty sure
just put a series resistance on it
like any led
dunno, go for 2/3 max at full swing
prob about 180V
itll only be at peak for a moment
so most of the time itll be running far below spec

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its an scr
the opto will burn
it has no resistance

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turdis wants a rare book
only libraries have it for the most part
unless you wanna pay $500+ for it
and in the reference section, non checkout
locally only a uni 100mi away has it

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because his cock is big so he doesnt need to be eccessive in his life decisions

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omg pls to format and return in 2 days with new pics
wai pic no say
oh, cheater!

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haha wow

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omg wow
i want a job
okay well mr leno has money
so he can do that
so like dont piss him off or something

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and turns your penis tiny
and costs too much
and is ridiculous addictive
ha, no but my dad prob does
i cant stand coke/crankheads
er crackheads
but yeah, crankheads too
fuck tweakers
on day there will be a war between stoners and tweekers

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i have a live recording of bradley by himself doing songs at a little club
is pretty neat, hes all buzzin and havin a good time
tho honestly it kinda reminded my of dark short haired shannon hoon
mostly for your bank acct
then desperation is the killer
yeh i never thought it happened
but when i stayed with orby in manhatten, his buddy was telling me about his friend who died from coke
heart basically exploded
my sister used to make spiral rails on CD cases
like, prob like 30" stretched out
shed do the whole thing
okay maybe only 20"
that shit is a waste of fucking money
like, doesnt do more than drinking a shit ton of coffee
coffee makes you pee alot
coke burns a hole thru your nose

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cading logo from image references is kinda fun
its prob triple ply
and crumbles
single ply ftmfw
hehe <3 the sublime lyric about the girl looting some pampers
boss emailed me some logos he got from the web
yeh thats what im doing
Insert -> Raster Image Reference...
haha we were listening to that in my sisters car on the way to the show
thats pretty much it besides bsides and rarities =(
which you can buy on a third album

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18:53 <@DX^> hes too busy blowing shotguns to his circuit boards
putting smoke thru the vias and shit
its exhaling a hit into a girls lungs
he prob means like a part he machined made it up on one satellite
but this is professor
he does small shop gov contract ork, far as i know
he expects us to fly to him and blow him for it, too
yeh but does that make the man?
the markup on your crimp tools?

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tennis players are the original guido douchebags?
that makes so much sense, really
18:20 <@DX^> I saw a dude with FOUR popped polos on at georgia tech
hahaha wtfwtfwtf

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its all about the kissy face pose

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those guys are so fucking famous now
its because its sweet
soco is the same way
theyre also the worst hangovers =(
no idea
theres people who dress 80s hair band here

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dx^: i did like 4 loads and al the drys ended up half assed
so all my clothes is cold when i put them on

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and im handling pc tech and some office app work too
she hes prob thrilled, he dont have to pay me today but hes getting work done
i have black tshirt load
dickies khakis and mil pants load
boxers socks load
towel load

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then he found it, and i pointed out that his fav LEDs were 12W emitters
since then he bans me every chance he gets
alot of other ops are cool with me tho, so it usually gets undone
another time, he kept telling me WATTS DONT MATTER
going on and on about efficiency
ignoring me when i said heat dissipation was a major issue with my project
so he bans
dx^: stayed home, drama this weekend
cant think, door bust open
i told bossguy i cad up those logos he wanted me to do
but yeah was mostly because i cant lock the broken door properly from the outside
and sister has the day off
theyre like ahead of schedule because of me
and the machine is running proper

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i still feel n00b and i been here like 7 years
they mostly v8 and exotics
i never get banned for talking car shit
just when monte or kk is around
because monte is an expert on LEDs
even tho i proved him wrong with his own datasheet (bant me)
and kk is just a xenophone white whiny bitch
taking immigration talking points from right wing radio
yeah ecko said he is bsee but he hates it
eck0 and mxman are cool
really i only have probs with monte
and kk
and kk is a pain killer addicted idiot, he emoquit with an email hook like a month ago
cuz hes a fucking asshole and couldnt deal with it when people gave him shit back about his non-life
and monte just hates me because of the LED thing
no #cars heads
monte said there was no such thing as a 10W emitter LED
after going on and on about the LEDs he was talking about were best
so i asked him for a datasheet link
and he was almost like, what do you mean, datasheet?

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i gave up like 10% in
trolled n00b, oh no
who the fuck spends $30K on a fucking sign anyway
heh, im smoking ground up stems
freenode or efnet?
they need to make the motd scarier, or some shit
he wont ever leave efnet
hes is one of us, now
anyone under 2 years almost doesnt exist

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sounds like a likely source
macegr: what is rockshox putting it in?
yeh but what is it

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and im like, wow cb radio is totally the original irc
why is there a hamradio2?

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heh, looks neat!
i dunno about ham stuff
kevtris made some ham shit way back, i think
i remember this demel etched pcb he linked to
think it was a cb amp, pretty sure it was his work
hmm, i should
i should becaue i know almost nothing about whats legal
haha interweb has invaded cb?
okay i was watching big trouble in little china at some point
and jack is all babbling on and on and on over his cb in his truck

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oh, but her car was like 4 miles away
on haskel
yeah thats about all there is to do stuck in traffic on sunset or melrose
so yeah, she calls the cops
says she thinks she got into an accident last night
and her face kinda goes white
which is impressive because by default we are a medium brown tone
right now?
no i mean hes over there now
i miss his show
i think i learned about asian cooking mostly from him, heh
mexicans are everywhere
theres even a mexican area of japan
of course! olympics!
hehe all ive watched is like 5min of swimming

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she wont get medical help, and it happens in really oddly convenient moments
like, this has happened maybe 4 or 5 times
and unlike 90% of females in america, its always by someone she dont know
no 'getting raped'
and theres never anyone around
she left the scene
and contacted police the next morning
hit and run, not dui
she didnt even know what happened
she came home like 'HELP ME FIND MY CAR'
im like, wtf?
all i have to drive at this point is a 280z thats registered non-op
wouldnt ever smog, strong engine tho
anyway, so im driving my illegal datsun around
and shes like, making drive around van nuys blvd
which is like, total drug/prostitution zone
also lots of porn studios
no i sold it, it had cancer
anyway, its always got mad cops
van nuys blvd
eventually im like fuck you, im going home
yeah its downtown valley
almost cant avoid it
i dont cruise, id rather waste time in santa monica mtn canyons

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she goes for the brew
like jezus fuck do you have no realization of what this all looks like?
im kinda glad delila (exbf mom) came over
so i could respond to all sophis stupid arguments in front of her
and let her know wtf really went down
i told my bro everything too
he was way sad, she just been telling him what he wanted to hear for years now
he didnt think she was a total wreck anymore
wont happen
a buddy of mine, hehe, he can be as much trouble as her, but hes got a bit more sense
he on his own all his life
he basically said the most enlightening thing
'sophia needs some really, really bad shit to happen to her before she gets her shit straight.'
which scares us
because you would think hitting 10 parked cars would be that level of really bad
but no, possibly is just the beginning
yeh, that would suck
but me and my bro just have no stance on the issue

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(cuz yeah, exbf guy, he used to do that. well, mostly fail at that... he was more a roof entry kinda felon)
neighbor guy fixed the door up pretty good
someone would have to kick it in again as hard to bust it open
well, yeah but that just might make them angrier
which might make them do something
alcohol, self loathing, anger
im not worried so much about physical shit
well, not true
those fools carry weapons sometimes
but yeah, more worried about them just being stupid vandals
and my ass is worse in that context
best to not get myself started
thats why i pretty much stodd there when he tried to start shit
haha my sister was all hanging on his back for a sec like JASON NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
i just stood there, like, wtf do you think youre doing?
not trying to spend a night in jail for assault over this
i felt stupid for not remembering her little fridge
sucked, got that shit all over my arms
it just blew me away
both times, getting home

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my bro said they used every guilt trip catch phrase they could think of, at once
dog needed to go to the vet, they had to see a dr about something, they needed to pay rent and bills
anyway, my bro said hed mail it to them
and they went nuts
like MAIL!?!?
theyre in culver city now, i think
it would have been overnight from malibu
and they freaked on waiting
fucking crackheads
they wanted my bro to come and meet them
im so glad he wont even attempt to contact me
last time my bro and sister went to see him...
they said he asked about me, and they said i didnt wanna come
and he just acted bummed out the whole convo
like, 'oh i already know you guys will see me, thats nothing special'
fucker should be dead soon, which will be a great mindfuck for me, but whatever
grandpa lived to be 82, but dads not in the greatest of health
and i dont think grandpa was doing crack or hard psychotropes
okay i gotta go make sure my car wasnt stolen or vandalized

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welcome to my family
please pick up some protective armor and safety goggles at the door
i did, thats when i pulled over somewhere in san bernadino
well, i almost did
i went halfway to get her from the cops before i turned around and went fuck that
im not dragging her back from the box office to the car
but they brought her to my car =(
i only have vid of pharcyde doing passing me bye
and the audio is oversaturated
she wouldnt care
in a more amusing note, my dad called my bro and him and his con-man buddy tried to grift him, last week
they said that they were walking the dog on the beach, with all their rent money or whatever in cash on them
and they got robbed
but instead of asking for a significant amount of money, they only asked for $40 at first
this amount increased in $5 to $10 incriments over the course of the convo

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jfur suggested to take a valium, even tho i hate them, as it was an emergency go to sleep now situation
she like my reverse alarm clock, heh
heh, she was around for most of my 40+ hour insomnia episodes, long time ago
fuck man its like a post traumatic syndrome
everytime i think about it, which is too often, i get all angry and then feel physically shitty
macegr: k thats what happened
i think that may be my best accounting of it so far
i think im done explaining anymore

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gen 1 crx, w00t
half-civics, heh
anyway, when she came over, i was bitching at her the whole time
she was saying stupid bullshit to defend herself, and it was clear she didnt remember much
so id just explain how shit really went down, until shed break down and cry in front of her ex-bfs mom
she got her ex-bfs mom to start paying off the door
like how sad is that
and she was still demanding her keys
i dont even know where they are, i put them down when i got home
like, after her clothes
instead of her computer, instead of her laptop, instead of her bathroom shit
she goes to get the 18 pack of beer in their minifridge
so i laugh and call her a pathetic alcoholic
she starts crying some nonsense again
saying she wont apologize to me because im so mean to her
saying mom is abusive for grabbing her and pulling her into the car so she wouldnt get arrested
like, nevermind mom drove 4 hours total while she was bitching at her the whole time back
and that i drove her car back home so she wouldnt have to leave her new car like 100mi away

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dude she spent years paying off debts from when she hit 10 parked cars while drunk
were not trying to let her be a murderer too
she comes over yesterday, and starts trying to defend herself in front of her exbf's mom
i think like how you hold onto handsrails when youre off balance?
same thing, but with cars
because yeah really
how else do you explain it
i think she just rubbed em
it was a ford explorer
4000lbs of safety hazard
well shes all about slam the pedal to the floor
she spun her v6 fiero like everytime it rained or everytime she did a curb from a puddle
and shed always ask me, hey whats the noise?
when shes do it in the dry
im like thats your rear wheels spinning
(you stupid bitch)
heh, dont joke
a trucker almost did a lane change into me when i was passing on the right, on the freeway
just didnt see me cuz my car too low
they wouldnt see it =(
even F-250 size trucks couldnt see my at a light if i stopped right next to them
blind spot and bottom of the windows above my roof

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her exex-bf, who wont be her bf
because he gets to fuck her every night without being her bf
who my mom lets stay here because it makes my sister happier
he kicks in the door
breaks the door frame
steps in and kicks shit around, gets in my face and tries to get me to start shit
so i just stand there while hes pushing on me like 'wtf are you doing?'
he prob realizes, and they get the fuck out
this was in front of my mom
who has shown nothing but respect for this ass
and i was cool with his ass too, as long as he didnt disrespect my mom
so yeah, have to call cops to get a police report done
this whole time my sister is going on and on like shes some kind of victim, that mom is a horrible person for grabbing her
that im a bitch for stealing her keys at the show (the set of keys she lost)
we basically had to stay up the whole night by the door to make sure they didnt come back to steal shit or toss up the house for her keys
i remember waking up, i was told i almost didnt sleep at all, tho

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cant fix tht
when she finds out i am talking to medics, she takes off and says she didnt really get raped
medics wont come, because she is gone
i call her exexbf, current not-bf/fuck person, and told him what was up
and that if she called him she prob needs a place to stay
its assumed she was already with him at this point
he keeps going on about if it matters to us if she got raped
i replied honestly, that we dont know what to believe anymore, and that if it is the case, she has herself to blame for being in that situation in the first place
and that we tried to get her help, she denied it happening and left
he kept asking if it mattered to us
thy come back up, demanding her keys
were like, wtf you guys are drunk
fuck off, go away
theyre leaving, and i ask if she has her house keys, that we need those back
she goes nuts, asking for her car keys
i close the door, to lock it, she rushed it, slams herself into it (my sister is 5'0", maybe 150 lbs, and not as chubby as she is just thick, big)
so i shove it closed and lock it

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my mom has anxiety issues because of stuff like this
so i was freaking out because i was worried my sister would cause an accident, why i couldnt drive at first, wanted to turn around
i get home, and she grabs a beer and gets the fuck out
i grab the 18 pack or whatever the fuck it is and pour her beers out into the dumpster one by one
she had more in their little personal beer fridge i forgot about
i call her not-bf exex-bf
oh no wait missed something
so while i was gone, she told my mom she got raped by four guys when i 'left her' in the parking lot
she didnt mention she walked like 200 yards away from the car and was telling me to get the fuck away from her the whole time
also she has a history of being convieniently raped in situations like this
so im like, wtf you got raped?
shes like, yeah its been taken care of
im like, wtf?
taken care of how
so i call the cops, tell them we need a cop for a report and medics to do an exam
my sister tries to break into my room to stop the conversation
breaks my door, split up the side

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eventually mom gets there, spare keys
sophi starts yelling she wants the keys, shes still insane drunk
she doesnt want me driving her car home, but shes not gonna leave it
so i get in the car and drive off because i dont feel like having some physical confrontation over her keys
trying to avoid assault charges kinda became a theme of the night
im so pissed and exhausted i cant concentrate on the road, so i pull off and call buddy and get my ass calmed down so i can drive again
so they get home before me
i find out when she was there, she wouldnt get into the car
that she wandered around for another 30min until a cop convinced her she needed to go home or get drunk tanked
my mom still has to grab her and drag her into the car
my sister is yelling that i stole her keys (they were later found to be left in her work friends car where she passed out)
calling my mom a bitch motherfucker
grabbing my mom and shit

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except for $23
no phone, no keys
so im like, you fucking stupid alcoholic were fucking stranded
and i follower her telling her to get back to the car for maybe a couple hundred yards
shes telling me to get the fuck away, leave her alone
its not wise to grapple with a female and try and drag her, screaming, someplace in a parking lot full of drunk guys
so i leave her, call mom to pick us up, wait by the car
within an hour shes with the cops, they are telling me shes fucking drunk and to come get her
im not thrilled about the idea, but she leaves to wander around while im talking to the cop and cop hangs up, so not an issue
i hear 'okay fine, you wander around alone and get molested' in the background
im like, yeah, really
so cops bring her to the car eventually
asking me if im ok to leave her with, if im sober and shit
im like, yeah im sober, but im not gonna make stupid bitch stay if she walks off again

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i go out in two hours, shes sleep, and she ate all my expensive 7-11 triscuits
shit is like $5 a box there
so yeah, no sleep fri night, really
we go, try and check into hotel to leave our shit, they canceled the reservation cuz she didnt call them
so we have no place to stay, and she bought the shit non refundable
so yeah, 1/3 of my $200 paid to her for the weekend, wasted
good show, by 4:30 shes towards piss drunk
her friend can only get one pass to the VIP area
they get both of us in, kinda a one time thing
im like wtf, you friend is an idiot this isnt backstage, those are green bracelets
this is just the nice drunktank
they didnt even have vid of the performances
and music was piped in on shit speakers
so im like, ima go watch the music, we have amazing tickets, you stay here if you want
by end of the show she is so drunk her friends (from her job) have to track me down to drop her off
shes like in the back of the car, i have to sock her in the arm hard like 5 times before she oven opens her eyes
so i drag her back to her car
her purse is empty

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