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thats what money is going into after i get tires for new old honda
im go chill in front of the tv thing
im thirsty, prob wont wanna come all the way back from the kitchen
i should find me eeepc

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you dont have to deal with some insano drug trafficer
cuz some community servant has gone thru the trouble of doing it for you
and also, here, very much of it is local
so most the time there isnt even some crazy distance guy
its some super paranoid guy
yeh be careful, heh
also cali isnt very far from utah
only the big cities are stupid expensive
dunno how easy good work is to find, but things in general prob way more chill than there
oh colorado too
i think i want to go there
they have that red rock music vanue, itd be neat to see a show there
ok but yeah, there or cali prob alot less hassle for most things
wats that
i need to start shopping for computers

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so its thats that kinda pisses me off, some shit thats kinda a big deal isnt really dealt with
but pother shit is blown way outta proportion
ok, nite
yeah but if you got caught you might end up in federal prison
which sure, is alot nicer than state prison
those are the hardcore fuckers making $$$$
that you dont fuck around
the fools who move it long distance
thats how you get fucked
like fuck that, someone else can deal with that guy
ill pay the extra 25%
yeh, serious $$$, misunderstandings are very very bad
like for prob 90% of people involved, its thru friends or relations of some sort

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and other kinda shit is blown way outta proportion
like really, if youre doing that shit right, if youre good, its boring
and really, the only threatening situations are based around tens of thousands of dollars being involved
it dont matter what youre dealing in
that much cash, no one fucks around, and sometimes people do stupid shit
yeh rly
you get beat up maybe
yeh pretty much
people talk
but thats not a weed thing
thats an underground economy thing
same shit can happen getting work done on your fucking car
like, WTF is she doing coyote runs for?
smuggling mexicans across the border
im like jezus woman you have kids
you are so fail
like damn you could have just gotten a fucking job
ya rly
and vatos/essays, not niggys
or i guess both, huh
anyway yeh
theres no reason she should have been dealing direct with that kinda money
like, she has a house to maintain, not a fucking druglord empire

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blackmoon: no this is authentic mexican nyc pizza
omg =(
so i got clerks
cuz everyone said get clerks
but i talked to jenny and asked her how is clerks?
she is like, its meh
you know mallrats?
jay and silent bob?
anyway now i dont wanna see it
she said it was like shit you would talk about with your friends
except it was lame cuz they werent your friends
kinda boring
heheh cool
so now i wanna see it but im 90% sure ill agree with her, because she has good taste like that
yeh she doesnt really like Weeds either
well, shed be caught
and the kids would be with social services
because shes an idiot
also some things in terms of risk are blown off, cuz itd be kinda a downer

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blackmoon: kinda, but the twist was always who ended up fucking who or how or something
like when the martian told the guy they were about to invade
and the guy was like, oh yeah? im from jupiter, we overtook your armada and now were invading
they never even went outside i dont think
that whole ep was one set
how many dvd?
haha yeah thats awesome
get smart was cool
smart ass humor is awesome
my mom is getting pizza from el grande pizza and tacos (formerly grecos nyc pizza, but not a real one, heh)
omg that guys is the best
hell do it by the 1/4 pie slice too

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ok yeh that was pretty neat
oh theres old ones?
twilightzone is awesome
most of them are hella low budget, one or two sets, a couple actors
awesome shit
that and i love lucy
much of early childhood programming, heh
when i was a kid all that shit just looked techy
now im like, wtf its just some scopes and a signal gen
some switched in a panel
but yeah, as a kid, looked like mad scientist shit
awesome pic
yeah i remember that
twighlight zone would usually enf fucked up
you pretty much watched to see how it would end messed up

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he bending way too much to fit his partys platform
he bent enough that i dont really consider him the same person
yes now, basically thats what his campaign is all about
just say whatever to get polls up and cast doubt about obama
and so obama noted this point
and mccain tried to say obama called him a racist
im like wat
ur gay
stop being gay, old man
i used to like you, but now youre being a bitch
like, the definition of a bitch
i dunno what the out limits is
er, or maybe was the the thing like twilight zone?
maybe 5 or 10 years ago?

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we prob survive a blast to the harbor or downtown
but yeah, id still have to outrun the fallout
fuck legalization and regulation
i want decriminalization and delegislation
they need to just erase those laws and release those people and deal with the damages from the lawsuits
and go on with life
lets the lumber industry figure out how to make money off hemp
instead of being so crybaby about it
they plant trees too now, anyway
obama is a good thing
he might just be a trick to get us to go along with globalization
but thats sure as fuck better than everyone hating us
man hes so twisted now
he used to be an ok guy, a little awkward, but a good guy
he wasnt a party guy, he was about his own shit
thats better than being a repub or dem party line guy
but yeah, this whole thing has messed him all up

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haha yes we call it pot
but its almost satirical use the word
yeh, haha
like instead of smoke weed, sometimes well say lets go 'do the pot'
its something barbera bush would say
is prob my save term for it in the last few years
'do you have any evil, by any chance?'
'yes, lets pack some evil.'
'shit i cant find my evil.'
everyone assumes much worse than herb!
oh also a good one:
do you have weed? = are you the president?
yeh really
hes gonna hit iran
and im going to have to move to canada or some shit
sure it will
theyll nuke LA in retaliation for our use of tactical nukes
they wont nukes vancouver or montreal
hey man, the valley is too close

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i wont open them
haha nice
parts drift, w00t
old buddy is starving to let go some herb
so i want some but i cant go anywhere
im like literally stuck
this is so fucking retarded
i think we just use all the slang here
were posers like that
we lure people here
and then steal their slang
and make them work as a servers and busboys

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should work
well in terms of electrical isolation, yes 2x should equal 2x the distance and electrical resistance
it prob wont deal with 2x the heat
thats what im saying
voltage it works but as far as the flame retardant properties, no
it behaves normal
air has a resistance
at 30Kv, it starts being not enough, heh
its just at a scale where stuff like insulation resistance and dialectric consistency starts to matter
and where you start reacting with shit in the EMI realm very far from your device
or ceramic enclosures

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blackmoon: oh weird
blackmoon: high enough tolerances you could maybe do with co2 cartridges

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i think they make air powered torque wrenches
im not sure if impact wrenches have a way of attenuating max torque

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blackmoon: most america cars source parts from japan and china
so theres some metric bullshit on there
like alot of chrysler shit was mitsubishi sourced during the 80s and i think 90s
those engines were prob metric
bicycles are always pure metric, that ive worked on
no idea
they skip shit alot, its weird, i dont get it
yeah i think most shit is like 3 diff sockets and an adjustable for shit like the crank nuts
mine actually has hex socket cap screw
those are all metric

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we have some 8x4 stuff now
its +1"
dis america
we dont know what metric is
except for bikes
well, i do cnc programming on this shit
trust, its all 5' wide
we couldnt use 4ft for some stuff
well yeh
my car is metric, heh
yeh a guy i knew tripped out on my work

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dx^: i can walk on it
but it makes me knee and hip socket feel overstressed
but yeah the sharp pains are more or less gona
im going to do another valium (my prescription is like for 3 a day)
and try to stay off it until tomorrow morning, besides warm bath soaks
i need to find some sort of special dr can fix me =\
thank god for 4 hours convos with the jfur, else id prob just be on my bed crying to myself the whole time about it

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lo der
i hate this
valium makes a noticable diff
but yeah, dont feel super awake, heh

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everyone thinks im nuts because i wont take pain killers
they dont help really tho
like i dont care about it
but i can still feel it all fucked up
its either because i stopped riding my bike

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eggsalad: 16:24 < Eggsalad> DX^: Lolz, there was lots of commotion in the asshole.
eggsalad: 16:24 < Eggsalad> renesis: The good life is lots of commotion in the asshole.
eggsalad: 16:25 < Eggsalad> renesis: Renesis: eggsalad is the largest gland in the asshole.
i just called in fucked up
im going to try and get a ride to emergency room express care
i might take a valium right now, since no more work till monday
i can afford to be useless for 24 hours if it makes it go away
when i fall asleep it stiffens up
so when i wake up its worse
stretching right now would kill me
and now me knee is fucked up from locking my kneecap and squeezing those muscles hardcore to make the leg usable
i have a walking stick now
that sucks

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heh @ $2K guitar but no rent

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