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dx^: getting there
yeh duh, you got the shit that needed to be done yesterday when you gave me the day off
no yesterday
i was doing car stuff
its like tapes but better!
k gotta go ill poke at your shit tonight
i did get eagle 5 installed, you schema loaded, no death

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yeah but then they just followed the line!?!?
they went really slow or wat?
shit would make an awesome carnival ride
stick a chair on the spindle head
meh, i went to jennys and just watched tv i have to much energy now
k fine bye

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i have to get up at 6:30 just because i have to get up at 6:30
if you ever sat at benches or use tables at laundry with 3" radius, those are ours
which kinda freaked me out
cuz thats like every fucking laundromat ive ever been in
the 50 table tops i cut on monday are for the company that does the laundry machines in my apartment building
er 3" radius corners
im like how the fuck did that do that without a CNC?
how the fuck did circles even exist
okay ima go sleep nite fureal

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its macpherson front and live beam/panhard/trailing arms in the rear
was dual wishbone for years
i can take the rear end off the compatible integra
you gain a weird twisting beam, anti roll effect
and you gain rear discs
i fucking HATE drums
ive paid way to much to have them done
just so i wouldnt have to open up the drums
i might sell the crx as scrap
part out some of the shit thats worth it
not much really
its not worth selling but i dont have the space
and i cant work on it out in the parking lots
i dont do tons of car shit so anything major i go way slow and triple check shit
so like, takes me way longer, cant do overnight shit in an open parking lot
i gotta go sleep
it needs brakes
theyre ok but barely
i have to go to work tomorrow

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they were the Si brakes on my year, but im pretty sure they were very common on the civics after mine
and integras
euro import
honda and toyota parts prob cheapest shit here
i got good insurance
$500 deductible
its a $2K car, heh
i never felt any guilt for the money i spent on the crx brakes and suspension
time and $$$ well spent
i have a G1
not so much
shit suspension, relative t late 90s civics
those are nuts
fuck straights
mine is under $1800 factory!
no im saying those cars would destroy real road courses
understeer and all
hehe, i loved it when speed used to do those GT series and theyd race civics and integras against the bmw and porsches and shit
haha no

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that much?
anyway i bled the system thru the fronts till it was xtal clear in the reservoir
it does but it makes the prob worse
no warped rotors do
cuz its like pushing one piston in and the fluid pushes the other piston out
and then at high speed it prob just pushes them in and stresses your whole brake system
i hated driving in sandis mustang
rotors warped to shit
'but brakes are expensive'
she once got bitchy because i said she should brake earlier from 70mph for the stoplights on the 99 up to chico after sacramento
i just buy new rotors
well, in the crx i upgraded the calipers
so i could use vented, bigger, cheaper rotors
solid rotors, besides being total shit, were $45 for the set
vented disks were like $25 and awesome
honda parts #1

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very sticky in the dry
the oil pressure switch might lead to an oil pump replacement
but im pretty sure its a phantom issue
im going to change the oil again at 500mi
shit came out black when i got it
also brake fluid was murky, he mentioned needed to get the rotors ground
im thinking thats why fluid gets dirty like that, the rotors wiggling the pistons, rubbing the cylinder lining into the hydraulic fluid constantly
else how else does that shit get dirty

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thats the scan i think
hmm nope
not the scan
ok i need sleep
okay so i need to get brake pads and shoes and cylinders
and also oil pressure switch
and then tires
and then and then and then
shocks and maybe bushings
it needs bushings im pretty sure
naw man thats normal car shit
also i need to service my timing belt
cuz its maybe a 160K timing belt, feer
im going to get falkien zeix 512
so like $300 for the set
awesome in the wet, even totally worn

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and removed the rectangles on my soic
thank god they left the pin one dot
there was splotches and shit
it was prob right on the pad for the soic
yeah those are mrtubes
the altoids headphone amp is green stuff, prototype
i wanna do all the kits in black
or red with yellow silk
note in that one where my scanner ate it
decalibrated itself, maybe 1" from the top

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haha 3.3L SUV, gay
timecop is soccer mom status
dude hybrid is who cares
does it get 60mpg or something?
no its halfass electric
electric is leet
hybrid is like, too much bullshit
yes because sadly there is no demand
get a real car
ok be a soccer mom
its an SUV then no, its not
its center of gravity is too high, its an annoyance
yes hopefull now that my commute is 1/8 what it was
oh neat
well, i have ginger ale, so itll prob be ok
i got my china boards today
they adjust my silk!
they unclobbered one label

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so that the wheel side of the link terminated bove the tire, like 2" from the quaterpanel fender lip
and then has another link from that to the frame, pretty high up, like trunk wall area
but you cant see it standing near the car
i love these cars all my life and i never noticed the mutant rear suspension link in the rear wheel well

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haha yeah i was making a left turn
i wasnt sure, but then i looked at sev and its windows were wiggling around in their frames
continued making my left turn
accord has pretty neat suspension
shit is mutant
the geometry is symetrical in the front, of course
but the suspension links arent, one looks like it is a forged piece, like a front trailing link
but its flattened so it clears the edge of the auto transmission box
also in the rear...
it did i took it out
i put the original stereo in
he got a harness tho
i think you might need an adapter box so a normal head unit slides in nice
his was like hacked, wasnt into it
also it was a little broken i think
i have an alpine cdrw mp3 player i want to install
but im going to see if cruthcifle dor someone makes a adapter box
the honda unit is slightly tall
but its not 1.5 DIN or 2 DIN like american shit
also in the rear...
the accord has a segmented link, its to parts
one part wraps AROUND the fucking wheel

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i found an autozone with haynes book for my accord
he even checked the shelf and put it on hold for me \o/
chilton and haynes is like same shit
one has better pics usually
forgot which tho
i mostly get them for the exploded assembly mechanical drawings

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very big pics
oh wtf
the scanner misaligned
wtf wtf

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scanning furiously
man this scanner makes the most awful noises

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mrtubes biamp main board is fucking PIMP
still staring
i put one cap at a 45 deg angle

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i think silver is an options
they can do lots of stuff, looks like
i think theyre just some guys doing orders from a big big factory there

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guys guys
i got chinapcbs
their tech unclobbered a label and removed the rectangles on my soic silk so they wouldnt touch the solder pads i guess
kinda neat
kinda wtf
yes very
$50 basic tooling cost
then options are like between $5 and $25 each
and unit price depends on size mostly, maybe drills im not sure
but its like way under $1 for smaller boards
like 80 boards, 4 orders, 2 with special mask and copper thickness options, $400
then shipping, was like $50 or something
the tin?
just normal non rohs stuff

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