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rab: 05:41 <@Turdis> Wesley Willis - The Daddy of Rock and Roll - CG-Amon-xvid DVDRip - 2003.avi [2003/DVDRIP/XViD]

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dude fedex from china is 4 days?
thats awesome

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sup niggy

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``nico: ty, clicking
``nico: k ill maybe do that cuz its wanting to play in wmp
and wmp failed
im like w t f cmon its audio streaming

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yeh kinda
bass just sounds nice, but it gets old and doesnt really do anything else
i mostly listen to dnbradio, sometimes radio1

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haha, yeh my mobo has a passive chipset cooling solution
but not on their site pics of the board =(
those 40mm fans are way to unreliable tho
id rather have a 1.5" tall heatsink
i think is the best thing ive heard by dillinja
and i dont even like the whole song, i just thing he did the bass nice
oh, ha
cleanly distorted stompy bass, if i remember correct

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ya im going to buy some powered speakers i think
this isnt drum n bass this is drum n distortion
he can be such a dork
ui think he would pwn dieselboy in a fight tho
he stumbles on some really cool shit in production
well, diselboy wears lip gloss now
makes kissy faces in promo pics
ill look at those when i get home
loading is slow and i guess i should be working, heh

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okay going ini at 5a sucks
but getting out at 1p is kinda awesome
heh, i only come in early because the floorworkers do
and im saving up for car insurance so im trying to get max hours

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zzzz_: haha fuck no
i hate shaving, draggin sharp edgesd across my face doesnt seem like a healthy thing to do
i use a hair trimmer without a clipper guard like once or twice a week
tho yeh, those razors are supposed to be an awesome finish
im sure, i dont even like disposables tho
i might get an electric razor or beard trimmer
but the hair trimmer has worked for like 15 years now
yeh same hair trimmer, heh
yeh, if youre going for a close shaven look
haha when i was in school sometimes id shave like once every month or two

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i need to invest in some pc speakers for work
these got like nothing below 150Hz

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i might buy a monitor
as its another piece of hardware i can actually carry over to a new box
i dunno if iu want a single wide lcd or dual 4:3
i dont need large if i have dual
17" would be fine
well anyway i have to shop
if its wide its gotta be least like 21"
my crt have better res than that =\
ok bbl

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timecop: why do you need CAM juarez?
ah, hallo
mastercam is like indsutry standard shit
i def need more time on it
and cradek (EMC dev) has a dxf to gcode script
breaktime, i need cigs
chinapcb shipped
haha wtf

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