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look its timecop: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2196/2355482268_2866f10147_o.gif

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(molly is semi-old secretary person)
i feel bad for people who have to deal with legacy databases
like, all my jobs seem to have this issue
'yeah we also use this dos program and computer system from 1994'
'its critical, it can never go down or we are out of business'
okay ima go smoke
apperently i fucked up by not being out by the lunch wagon at break
bossguy was gonna buy my foods for fixing the speakers on his pc
(plug goes into green hole, not blue hole)
rab: wow
for fucking phones, even
anyway bbl

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haha ok not really i like small cars, they prob all have tiny rear ends, if anything at all back there
so my phone is stuck in do not disturb mode
they dunno how to undo it
not my phone, my office phone
i fucked up the external LCD on my phone =(
looks like io put it into the corner of a table or something while in my pocket
i dunno wtf that means =(
19:11 <@Rab> Oh...get them to patch you to another line on the PBX.
peanut butter X?
i use skippy or JIF or sometimes jennyfur brings me super natural pb from where she works
well whatevers
they has my cell phone number
molly is smart i think she will figure it out

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id prob do a fine rack and a fat servo, for mechanical control
or i guess a course rack with downgearing on the servo would be safer
bigger teeths, rawr

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zzzz_: ew @ zx
tho i guess the L28 in the zx is better than the L28 in the z
thicker cylinder walls, i think those were the first turbo Z
i just meant diy
audio was habit attached
and wow he wants to drive what by wire?
i wanna do that with my dfpro and a gokart
excuse to buy a mig welder
im pretty sure DFpro is a servo
on a common rack with the steering input shaft
i have to take apart, heh

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macegr: diy audio game wheel?

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timecop: its got kapton tape, so it gains like 100 tech pts

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