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blackmoon: all of them!
their factory was just Doing It Wrong
its because they put the washer in the wrong place, making the plastic shell act as a compression lock
which obviously isnt gonna work great
wait no (
man is early

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blackmoon: washer put on wrong

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nice teardown of a giant li-ion pack failure

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i dont like fish
also i prob still bipolar as fuck when im board
so omega3 fatty acid stuff is supposed to be good for me
ha tristate
i dont randomly feel sick anymore
prob cuz all the crap im taking, iunno

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3 fort 1
that + OJ + super multivitamins + fish oil + glocosamin/chondoitin/msm + garlic + ginkgo biloba
this is cheaper and better for me
and available at 5a
i eat alot of pizza already
i dont drink it
its galtabs
i wont eat liver

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im so hungry
maybe this is the solution
oh i wonder if they have it non vanilla
that stuff is better
50% usda protien per scoop!
whatever thats like cheap breakfast
$1 a day!
er, no

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i need some headphones
i blewout my $15 cheapo sony earbuds
heh, same cheap shit since like 1994\
even the rollup case
is that the panel sine animation?
`nico: do it, fucking amazing
yeh see
o i dunno what audio he had on
i mean the visual stuff, i prob had my own music on and youtubes turned down

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man look at all the scroll you guys made
took me like 3min just to get thru it all
dirty, sawdust everywhere
sucks how much sawdust i clean from the *inside* of my safety glasses
i think i downloaded quartus once and never installed it
i wanna play with discrete digital stuff before i forget everything
cheapo fpga prob enough to do a pretty complete synth/controller
what manner of crap?
i need to gut my room contents

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