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ooo, lasers
nice flatbox

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fuck 1000 boxes of food
what did you do about the leaky thing?
do i get royalties =D
make a deal with oem to bundle with laptops!
ok i need to shower and gtfo
NPR is depressing

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teknique doesnt come here
timecop: make some schematic i can route for your scope
hes always going places, i think to visit factories alot
omg rf
haha ok fureal:
i wanna g back to my old school and audit the RF classes
theyd make way more sense now
and the teacher is a consultant for JPL
what power?
or its a encoding/decoding board or what
man fuck i need a car so i can do meaningful shopping
i look in our cabinets

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84 products match your selections
Finish/Coating Unpolished (Mill)
Shape Hexagonal Bars
steel at mcmaster
did you guys even check?

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i should redo my digivap
small and more integrated

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omg =(
the whip style is the only thing i like
naw these are ok
well, real vap bros are ok
you have to practice, but i know people who only vap off them
no regs
with the reg its way diff
you dont suck ur eyeballs in
too keep it from burning the herb
you have to suck hard!
but not so hard cuz itll cool the coil down
thats why you have to practive
but wioth my temp reg you just suck slow
to make sure you dont pull all the heat off
yeh its just a dimmer circuit dealie
no temp feedback, its tilted up so it has airflow from underneat
so it somewhat regulates temp convection style
or at least kinda stabilizes

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direct delivery vap bros style or some snowblobe or bag h4x?
no one likes the snowglobes, btw
make sure the heater isnt just a soldering iron dealie
i needs a food
they take practice
without a tempreg

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dx^: hai, wat

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