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mmm, clean pullout bowl
boro glass #1
i used up my last spare gigabeat mobo/chassis today
the other two have li-ion in them
like .25" thick, maybe 1.5x2"
wow @ 99%

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yay, leds working
just 20x 3mm on this one
tesed on 3 12v sla
red/blue, for plants
with lm337 current sinks
mostly was to use up my lm337
less parts yay

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im soldering up led arrays now
i made little boards with 20 leds in two strings
and lm337 as current sinks
oh neat
you can do a 3x4 bigpanel
who is rchack ?

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kevtris: hi
more sane ^
like 4V or something weak
not alot
how sad
omg .06 diodes
from vishay even
fuckit just do half wave
omg what fet
you can drive the led direct if its the only thing on the avr
i wish avrfreak would read avr datasheets
moon suggested a b output on the opto
ha yeh that too
i think some of the avr go down to 1.8V
so you could prob do it

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lm337 array works
same brightness, 12, 24, 36v

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apple product is so offensive

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like instead of driving an inductive load, just driving an opto
the only weird non digikey part is the output transformer
and i can wind that

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have to see about prices
but i can prob do that shit with 3904/3906
its like pulse power application
i think i might do thru hole as a DIY kit
so i can actually sell it
less i think
i can just use any opto fast enough then
load the opto for speed
i have to figure out the signal from the switcher
i kinda just wanna see if i can use any normal switcher for this

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theyre fast
normal optos look pretty fuckin slow
i wanna try and do 100KHz
okay but you mean like a B amp with two BJT off a normal opto?
instead of the single switch and pulldown
anyway, im almostr done machining four 20 led arrays
then i gotta do 3 more

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for the motor?

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oh lemme ask again they are prob waking up now

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mrtube: you see the mail?

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blackmoon: im prob going to use a gate driver opto
what else do i need to change?

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damn i frgot the emitter arrow on the collector

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who is rchack ?
blackmoon: you awake?
ok that might be sane
there optoisolators for driving fet gates, not so much $, look good for >100KHz, might use one of those

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