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maybe way less because between everyone in here, possibly close to all eagle eccentricities are known

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file - > switch to board
no i make the boards with eagle
thats the whole pointof eagle
the lib editor is shit and the schema editor is just ok
stop trying, just do it
if you start now you might be decent in a year

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timecop: hallo der
i have to make plant led arrays today
im thinking boards is to220 wide
to220 LM337 on each end, and two row of maybe 8-10 led in between
2 rows of 10 would be around 1W

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ac-130u: why not just use eagle?
kicad is very french

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sound good

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ttmustang: they only have 23 of the replacement

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eah but they have 3000
and this just prototype
and if i use that maybe i can use almost any fet
im sure some do

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which turn on the very big fet which charges the transformer which does the smps spinny thing thru the output diode
it is so simple it will surely fail
i want to try and get a fet and opto for 100KHz
cuz that is the mc34063 max
but i would be very happy with 60KHz
this only needs one easy to wind transformer, everything else i can get at digikey

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i need fast optos
and low gate charge fet
or it will fail, it will be like grandma smps in the audio range
mc34063 is smaller chip and needs less parts than tl494
is less versatile, why less pins and parts
has two open collector switches and emitter breakout, so instead of switching a coil like normal i am switching the opto

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instead of switching inductor, im switching an led
im like, thats gotta be easier than an inductor
rab: its been redrawn prob 5 times =D
then i scan in and grayscale and invert colors and drop to indexed mode, with like an 8 to 32 color pallet, then put to png
its a snubber thing
i guess it keeps the transformer on the power pole from detonating
rab: when i build it ill do it in capture
but id have to make libs
so itd kinda take a bit anyway
and i like drawing stuff

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ur far
04:00 <@DX^> someone kill me irl thx
dx^: look at my drawing
with bic mechanical pencil and circle template
on .25 graph paper
yeh kinda
cheapo switcher

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blackmoon: kevtris: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/darker_offline_smps_2008.07.19_DEV2.png
k more sane?
oh no

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in sim?
or for capture or wat
dude i hate multisim because of all that shit

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ntrl on top, wai? =(
okay yeah
its dropping voltage across the RC thing
well then dont use them
like when i did that mixer eq section thin in multisim i had blocks for the input buffer, mixer block, bandpass filter blocks
i wish eagle had some shit like that
does eagle 5 have some shit like that?
well use them when they make sense, iunno

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you need special ac caps
most normal caps will die

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fuck, shit IS heavy, i bet its more than 4lbs
did those have steel plates?
i need to buy another logitech optical
$10 ambidextrous style
its a mouse
it shuld have 2 buttons and a scrolly with a 3rd button
and no tilt scroll it makes that shit feel broken
ttmustang: its like two diff circuits, no?
what did you figure out with blackmoon?
and why are you asking me, did you see how my circuit was 3 diff ways failing?

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dude ac-130u
my cherry keyboard is like 4lbs
theres a steel plate in it
and every key is its own assembly rivetted into the plate in 4 places
the springs are heavily loaded
so the keys are very tough
you have to hit them HARD
if you want speed
they break in slightly over time
anyway, its not standard build
but its very, very good
altough, becase of the rivets...
if you get moisture in it, its over
go to all and get another on ($8)
if i got a membrane cover for it, itd be indestrucible
naw man these keyboards are just better
104 keys
no media lameness
just a normal fucking keyboard, like its 1989, with a little chero switch company logo in grey
i could defend my home with these keyboard when we run out of bullets

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its an odd place
but its alot like los angeles
maybe like how white people and mexicans are
didnt bother me, felt like home
but the language thing
thats not like home
when money is involved, in los angeles you say thank you however the fuck you want
long as you pay money, get your shit, and leave, everyone is cool
like youre some kind of asshole for being a french area and daring to speak english
of course
then they wouldnt be the french!
some sort of equilibrium thing
like, without the french there might be nor germans
and germans can make some pretty neat shit when they want

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you protect it quite well!
its a nice city tho
its hard to explain, like i could live there despite that
because its more silly than hurtful, to me i guess
like, yeah im not white or french, im brown
their alcohol is regulated
there was some sort of alcohl conspiracy
big scandal
now its all gov controlled
i think in all of quebec
the girls are cute!
even the one who questioned me at the border crossing!
its a kickback culture
its weird
i could live there
no they were chillin
quebecers have that much sense at least
i dont like my pay?
gots to
its like LA
its a very big city, and the central downtown is not so big
just commercial mostly
so its all suburbs
and very spread out
but its on an island between rivers around a fucking volcano

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im pretty sure i was going for flyback but somehow my brain didnt wanna let the transformer secondaries be charged smps inductors
i guess because theyre supposed to be upside down?
no i love them
but theyre $$$
you know, just in case i need a fat toroid
i have lots of those
like 10
the little blue potted 1" cube transformer by Pulse
haha yeah rly
i feel bad for the people who wind those by hand!
its prob about the machines to do it as much as the material
wrapping tiny tiny wires fast enough prob a bitch
kevtris: i been there
i got in an argument with my friend because i thought it was retarded someone would be offended by me saying thank you in english
also its illegal to conduct business in english downtown
they are afraid of losing their culture
im like, haha, no you guys being assholes and sensitive about this shit, right now
that is your culture

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they are kinda close maybe i can get stuff they have around
no i think he means fr the fet gate
that might work but if its loaded with anything else it might get weird, and itll be ripply as hell
i even remembered the caps
my little auxilary supply
was more about drawing something than coming up with a working circuit
yeh i know!
kevtris explained already

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well turns is to store energy
not to like to transfer voltage ratios
got that
we already went over like 5ways my drawing is fail
ac-130u: its got converters on the outputs of the main converter
i think like negatives and maybe 3.3
those are never very big
they make assymetrical as fuck bench supplies
like a billion watts positive, 1 watt negative
thats prob where they get most creative
all the custm magnetics in atx supplies scare me
like great where will i find these

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so whats why i did the failbridge thing
why is it a forward converter?
because its got a bipolar switch?
okay and you create ac thru it, i guess?
so coil is charging up
okay that makes ay more sense
you get the higher frequency/smaller magnetics gain
but its less parts and its not turns dependent

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hmm, cuz it would pull down the gate when saturated, no?
oh wait thats backwards anyway
(that switcher was kinda a hack cuz less parts/smaller than tl494
no the floating common is because of the bridge
hmm, k
i had fun drawing it at least
hmm, i have the thinkpads psu
ha i saw that the other day
you dont
thats why you isolate that part of the circuit
so the diode is off the transformer
like an inductor in a normal smps
for some reason my brain didnt like that
i know!
i dnt plan on building anything for awhile

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hmm so you have two controller?
no that was me thinking to hard
notice how its like snuck in there
zeners bends dnt curve back!
kevtris: ewhat part about that gate driver dont you trust?
id need a fast opto
and that switcher is only good to 100KHz
o =(
i thought the opto output would do that quick enough

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blackmoon: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/darker_offline_smps_2008.08_DEV.png
oh kevtris
kevtris: does that look non-sane or wat?
blackmoon: also
which part
oh huh
cap i forgot, snubber ill figure out
free wheeling diode
yeah i wasnt sure
ok so read more about flyback converters
good idea

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chinapcb is at home
he says to email him he will get back to me by tomorrow

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ha i bet a few hundred lbs

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mrtube: china is waking up ill email or msn them
10V for what
a reference or a supply?
wont work
that wont regulate

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mrtube: hallo
i finished up adjusting labels in the schema
just have to export images
blackmoon: i drew smps schema pls to check for insanity when i scan in
for what?
or V[R1] = V * (R1 / (R1 + R2 + R3...))
its the input voltage multiplied by a ratio of test resistance over total resistance

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i wonder if i can use a mc34063 to switch an opto led

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tl494/tl594 are prob pretty easy to setup as current regulators
you can prob divide the 5V reference out for the error amps however you want

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its in stockton

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