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wont work, im pretty sure
its backwards
your gate to source voltage is like 170V
doing it high side unisolated like that is fail
its actually -170V

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no but its the wrong way =(
i think its upside down anyway
i hate how fets are backwards i always end up having to check
okay yeh thats NMOS
so youd want it low side
and flipped the other way
high side you have to do pmos
if you use an nmos that wont work right
ttmustang: are you using a pmos or an nmos

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hes prob sleeping because its 6a
its probably slower and maybe AC only
it might just be a potted fet anyway
why arent you using a mosfet
and if its a floating non isolated ground, dont ground it
you guys draw schematics so weird
wtf at gate pointing up

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ima go back to sleep i think

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its like, put the gun in that general direction, pull trigger, clay thing explodes
yeah i dont even know what you mean
well i lead a bit anyway, i guess
hes like, put the shells in here, load chamber like this, ok go
miss, hit, hit, hit, hit
the scoped rifles were more fun
i think his sights were really well calibrated or something
cuz like, it was really easy to just put the bullet in the target where i wanted
im like fuck how do they always miss in the movies
was shooting braced against a big concrete slab tho, heh
yeh probably
kk later

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the smallest thing ill eat is chiken
and i hate it with bones
i like i nice little square of trimmed beast meat
bunny is two huge muscles with a tiny body and head attaches
also youll prob miss bunnies alot
theyre so fast!
they hunt grass in packs
its awesome
is that buckshot round?
cuz man wtf @ eating food thats been killed with tons of tiny little pellets
pellet rounds make it to easy
when i went to the outdoor range, i had never shot a shotgun in my life
i think i hit my second clay and prob 3/4 after that

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thats more important than the background check
if you need a gun instantly, you either need to go to the cops and tell them why you feel threatened
or you need to chill the fuck out so you dont feel like killing that person anymore
why the fuck should anyone need a gun right now?
then you fucked up
plan better
i mean if its between saving lives and making sure peoples shoddily planned vacations go ok, im side with keeping people alive
and wtf is the point of killing squirrels?
dude thats like 4 bites of food
no wtf

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because desperate criminals are the only customer?
so there will always be a market?
a gun that only lasts a few shots shouldnt be allowed on the market
ok what if hes aiming at one one of the three times it works
s/one one/you one
its a gun you buy to murder someone or rob someone and ditch
okay who gives a fuck id rather him just be able to not afford a gun and you not being shot
okay well youre not shopping in the same places as desperate urban criminal
and maybe youre lucky and theyre illegal where you are
also i have no prob with background checks and waiting periods for handguns
i dont understand why they dont do it for all guns

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so of course they are mostly not taken seriously
anyway was she against all guns or just fully automatics?
cuz yeah i dont think people need full automatic weapons
im pretty sure modern mil m16 only do 3 round bursts
well then who cares
her position is extreme and wont ever pass and is pretty much void
only shit gets taken seriously is automatic weapons bans
and cheap handgun bans
Of course, I have great respect for, in fact, I love President Bush, because he is very frank, very straightforward. His intentions are good, but some of his policy in spite of his sincere motivation and right goal, and some of his method becomes unrealistic because of lack of understanding about reality.
i <3 that man
(dalai lama)

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i hope pilosi or fienstien or boxer is the first girl president
cali grrl running the country, f33r
that thing is like 50 years gone
shes a cali dem and we have an AK47/handgun problem
hello its both dont go drolling on with party lines
brits dont have huge gun issues cuz they have no guns, so its not like its a totally invalid point
so yeah, if thats all you hate her for, while i dont agree with her i hardly think its something to hate her over
shes one of the saner voices running the country
theres a bunch of female reps from los angeles county, its neat they dont take shit
theyll get up there and talk shit and be like WTF HELLO

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haha @ location
the accent makes it better

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hmm neat

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yeh guys, this is kevtris
he seems pretty smrt

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omg i hate it when they pronounce my name reneeeesis on the radio
haha no rly its Rotary gENESIS, mazda says so

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twingy: neat

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oh he obtained?
oh neat he reversed it
i thought he made it
tomorrow i should bother chinapcb
okay i needs foods more than nap bye

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i have your tweezers and flux pen
i need to do something about notblog
wordpress really pisses me off
i swear its like windows the longer you use it the more fucked up slow and kinda mildly buggy it gets
macegr: joomla is still working fine?
i think i am going to try that or simplecms
i need to pick a cms thing and a cart thing
yes i have your flux pen
oh right drupal
drupal: world industries water dot
yeh =\
i can mail back i have enough tweezers
i think i know where they are
wtf is that
i kinda do that already

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for the Rds(on)?
thats a test condition, not a max, dont worry about it
use the Vds to select voltages
do above 250V, at least
heh, neat but messy cuz small parts
make the bins the back part
so its always upright, and have everything fold into it
yeah your box was all tek
neat shit in there haha
i had green pliers?
what kind of tip?
i dont think so
maybe its rockshox's
no i was wrong i found it
well, i think you have a 1/8" jumper
i thought you had my flat pliers
but they were in a pocket in my backpack
1/8" mini to mini audio thing, like 3ft or 6ft or something
theyre like whatever cheap at All, shrug

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okay you know what i think i need to do?
make a enclosure box like i did for my cnc
but for a little electronics lab
with a shelf for test gear
that way i always have open space to do h4xing
because really right now that is fucking me more than nything

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to get any kind of real current ratings
yes that works too
im sure plenty of engineers have gone that route
hahah yes
can write the development research notes after you have it running
like in real industry
yeh if youre not building 10000 and going for .5% fail, prob better of to buy bit overkill at least
cuz really you want 0% fail, if thats possible
also youre environment is a controller for a heater
you would def want overkill
for a mini barnfire
corn cooker or something
high end pro bbq or smoking shit, afaik
damn you guys distracted me with digikey
im supposed to be napping, regaining my logic capabilities

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hey i found some under $10
heheh neat
they slow?
im just pasting all the ones i found under $10
yours are non stock and 2000min buy =(
you have to check the datasheets
for the Rth(j)
and the power rating and temp deratings

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see cuz the joke is that theyre power rated at like 30C or something
but doing power, their temp will raise massively
which derates them
so now you are doing more power with less power rating
rly it sucks =(
learning to do all of that math was a real bummer
ttmustang: look for some <.1R
all the way on the right
and yes sometimes you cant search digikey how you want
just think how easy you have it
back in the day, you would prob have to call a company to send you a book of datasheets for a family of parts
imagine how fucked up searching would be in that case??

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blackmoon: pwm controller switching fast opto LEDs, in turn switching FETs on rectified mains, thru a high freq transformer, LC on the transformer/rectifier output
feedback from post LC
seems too simple
okay yeah duh i know that sry
yeah a $2 potted tranhsformer
oh hmm
inma take a fucking shower and nap
jobs are so dirty!
yeah i want everything isolated except the mains fets and opto halves
okay laters
almost 1R Rds(on)
can prob do better

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i need to find a buyout deal for socket A fansinks
anyway, ima take a nap
they got the clip slot right in the middle of the fins too
makes mounting easy
its not bullshit
its just like, for operating in a freezer
power derating is reality socking you in the face
every fucking time
fairchild is good for discrete semiconductors
if you wanna search someones website for parts for some reason

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see didnt i tell you like 2 months ago to talk to blackmoon about it?
20:56 <@ttmustang> they never mentioned an inductor
i did several times
twingy wanted to not use it
blackmoon: know any good current reg smps offhand?
ha i could use an opamp and fake it
multiply the current signal to 1.25V

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might be a 4A or 5A motor
put 90V and a current meter on it
yeah just buy more fuses so it doesnt kill a day of worktime

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i found it funny it took them like 5 years to get to the case and make that decision
7A might be for headroom

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they dont raid legal fools really
sometimes theyll check alot if its a big grow
they cant go hard like that again
last time they did, supreme court injunction made it illegal for fed to raid for like 4 or 5 years
anyway im prob gonna get a medical card
im not worried about FBI im worried about LAPD
but yeah, the injunction is why medical herb blew up
everyone thought the fed didnt care, really their hands were tied until the surpeme court was like:
hai yeah we are the fed surpreme court. fed has power over state. kduh.

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man weed economy is fucked up here
normal ecnomy is fucked up and weed shops are just fucking up quality and pricing
like people been saying that the pricey kush at shops isnt always very good like kush should be
and ive gotten regs lately that were almost as much stem as herb
ha weird
yes the medical distros
im paying $50 more for a half than i used to let them go for
wel, if you mean the underground mofos not doing it medically legal
then yes, yes they are
my friend had to go away =(

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sigh, i think i lost lost connectivity with the dongle machine
hmm, no random key error
i have more licensing issues with legal software than with illegal software =(

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using a tiny85 would be almost as offensive
i have 5 of those, have to think of some weird project for them'
maybe some weird parallel thing with all 5, heh

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how fucking long has been working on that project?
we been saying years for years now
its like 3 years almost now?
has he decided that he needs to upgrade to xmega yet for proper beacon simulation?
he can xfer the led data encrypted from one pin to another
so no one will be able to crack his pwm codes

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i called the tooling company we got some router bits from
they confirmed last guiy was indeed doing it wrong
you cant put the fluts into the collet, even the unsharpened section
but yeah, plunging too hard, didnt tighten the tool enough, pushed my 1/2" tool up like .060"!
yeh but its weird because theres only like 1" of shank to grip on a 1/2" tool
um, why wouldnt it work?
its fuckin led and a resistor on a gio
is he buffering?
he shouldnt need to since thats all hes driving
speaking of driving, ask him how the steam conversion on his pedovan engine is going

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rab: heh
i would have done the beacon dead bug on an unsipde down dip tiny
vreg output and ground to pin 8 and 4
well, yeah, but its for avrfreak
and then led/resistor on random remaining pin to pin 4
also dip pins point up
well, down
so it seems to lend itself to this project
i love how his only criticism of my firmware was that beacon shouldnt be a true sine
like, its a wave table, heh
all he would have to do is edit the .db statement

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