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i should get a buss pass
$5 a day sucks
dx^: which wai
damn you have no money
im doing this because we are lovers, or wat?
i wanna make stuff for jenny but not so much sandi
significant realization.
the day i slept like 6 hours before i went to bed i was supposed to hang out with sandi
cuz sandi is like 'oh ill be in the valley on wed.' and im like 'um, ok'
cuz i guess im not worth the trip to the valley unless she coming out here to hang with other people

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lets see how he deals with a week or three of really early

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but thru a transformer
wats that
twngies circuit is basically the offline smps thing i was thinking off but with zero isolation
wtf is umbrella song
and i know as much as rab, apperently
k good lucks
im going to go to sleep and try and make to work by like 6
i know boss dont mind when i come in late

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you unhook the cap from the supply at 90V
then the cap is dumping into your motor
dropping its voltage, until the next zero cross
then you hook the cap back up
the diode wont conduct until its above your cap voltage by a diode drop
its just unhooking the mains circuit
electricians do it back of their hands like whatever
i hate the shit
also its unisolated
bridge to fet to cap
thats might be how some offline switchers work, tho

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there wont always be 90V
youve done the maths for that?
try tens or hundreds of thousands likely
anyway its not pwm
its shutting off a rectifier
dont forget you hav to maintain 90V for that to be true
and its 120hz

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120VAC * 1.414 = peak, * 2.828 = peak to peak
since youre bridge rectifying, you flip the bottom half positive
its an average of the since
the average of the root of the square of the voltage
just the average of the absolute values said stupid
it wont be
itll fill up to 180V
and itll hole it, unless loaded
then itll fill up every cycle
you have to filter pwm to get an analog voltage out
thats totally weird
well, its not pwm

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just put a fat diode
its not so hard to make
thats the best way, little transformer
just pwm into a cap?
you itll be 180V with ripple
unless its filtered thru a resistor or inductor
or youre dropping it 2:1 on a transformer
yes even with the biggest cap
120vac into a rectifier would be 180VDC

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not mine
not fun

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do they always work?
thats probg why
mrtube: i checked main board schema its mostly done
i have to put the digikey numbers on
i was pretty surprised i thought there was alot more left haha
and then
electronics can be really annoying
was it the white stuff?
no mytubes failboards
yeah high dialectric RF stuff

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ive done shit where an autorouter wouldnt even cut it
also autorouters dont sign about signal and power interference
and current loops
i think about all that shit when i route
i have no idea how many signals there are in any of my boards, heh
prob expensive dialectric and high tolerances on the coax dimensions
cuz that shit matters
because rf is fucking alchemy and it will make you insane like that kid from pi

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i dont do lunix much anymore
i would bet against that working without some extra character thrown in
like 10 layers is massive
wtf 18
no, i think way more
mobo are autorouted im pretty sure
yeh sounds right
yeah but like totally
because they turn around designs in like 3 to 6 months
fuck autorouting
definitely fuck eagle autorouter
i dont even think it can do selective routing
because i could see myself using that for shit
prob not a week

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okay now its totally not fun
china pcb like 4 days?
to what?
i thought everybody knew who susan yang and john wang where on the webz
i have some cascade
oh you mean that
.004 space trace
poor routing skills
no i mean reasons for 18 layer boards
i mean fuck 18?
no even that, 18?
just copy it?
for $i in *; do cp i i.bak ; done
or some bullshit

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just sjop at olimex for sam7 shit
mrtube biamplifier is pretty epic
im having trouble finding fail points
so its gonna be bad, im sure
gonna explode and take out 3 blocks or something
spooky fed things
heh yeh
id get the boards fabbed
i am getting the boards fabbed
not really i should go to the dr
dx^: wanna bet $20 i make it to $18?
no i want to thats good motivation

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id put it cuz who knows
oh i didnt tell you?
boss tried to fuck me on pay
$10/hr wtf
so after 40 hours and like 4 or 5 convos that didnt really finish about it
i handed him 2 contracts and said i could work until we signed one
he picked the $15/hr with $1/hr raise every month until $20/hr
other was $18/hr flat, what he paid his old guy
ill have a car
but he knows the machine is my bitch and i can prob do whatever he needs as far as cad
yeh its neat

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converting to circles and break drc or just make pads to small
i broke a .125 endmill at work today
i dont think it had ever been used before
not so much
like, the speeds/feeds the router bits will cut at is nuts
but yeah i need to figure out where to adjust the plung ratio
no in alphacam
came with the machine, im pretty sure
oh neat\

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isohunt had less spam because it was less popular
which was nice
i think it died first
can you do weird shaped pads?
heh, eagle octagon pads supposedly break some pcb machines
you should just throw an error

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is packetnews still up?

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that seems so impersonal

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01:13 < renesis> vixkunt: someone says they have pizza with cornbread crust
01:13 <@vixkunt> wtf.. weird..
my chicago friend says wtf
i will maybe search for it anyway
see they let you take anything on the plane!
if youre going to carry something explosive on the plane, it better be alot
do he bust in like:
well well well
cuz he did that in #nop once
01:16 -!- Cannot join to channel #electronics (You are banned)
see i cant even join to tell avrfreak to stfu
i am missing out
no bearyhugs

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slc supposed to have backlash punk type scene
like every other super conservative area
wer have orange county
seattle is teriaki everything
also i want to have chicago thick pizza
like if i go there its to eat mostly, hang out with some people for a night or two or whatever
cuz last time i only stayed for 30min than ran back into terminal
also i dunno why people are always bitching about TSA
i always get thru that shit hella quick
one time with some 100V 20000uF caps and some AB power sections, complete with large heatsinks
they rubbed me with sniffer pads, accused me of being a musicians, then said yes when im like WTF IS THAT IT?
bomb rubdown took an extra 2min
rab: i dunno how to react to that
thats wrong, no
im get a plaid shirt with cheezwhiz all over it and be fat and be like Daaa Raaiderz

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like damn am i that much of a threat to stu
well, i could just wait till this shellbox lags out
and my other shellbox irssi autojoins #electronics (like all of my irssis)
thats how ive been evading all this time
auto-evasion, f33r
whatever im sick of local irc
i has job, have to go places
and im prob gonna go on vacation before summer is dead
chicago is the last place is really really wanna go just cuz
and i prob wouldnt have to pay for a room
either that or seattle to hang with bro friend
they supposedly have real mexican food
omg no
theyre prob as bad as dubai

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i would just buy water and walk back and forth between stages
hehe, i had a really good time that weekend
i forget whats its like after 2 or 3 weeks
cant even remember why i do it
but i know by now if i do it ill remember very quickly
hes allowed and im not?
i didnt reallt care before but now im kinda hurt

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its like weed but 100x
and if you trip hard, you wont remember
but youll be so happy you woke up from that dream that youll prob be a better person
hopefully you didnt piss off too many people while peaking
i think so, to me the best part of shrooms is coming down
im an odd one tho, i never have visuals, other than the slightest distortions as i walk past things that i can never replicate
and i dont black out, but i never do a ton and im a bit more tolerant to most thing, im kinda big
also, my whole trip on hallucinogens for a very long time is basically:
just dont trip, dont freak out, youll be fine, this will be over, so try and have a good time
if im bad i usually find a routine and stick to it, at coachella it was buying waters for $2
i almost overhydrated

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the war begins
i knew it since the end of terminator 3
there was only two possible endings, the way they ended it means they want to do the war
so now theyre doing the war, yay
Terminator: Salvation is scheduled to open on May 22, 2009.
my bday is the 23
29 bday gonna be awesome
im get some shrooms or some shit

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macegr: hehehe nice

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