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wai ty dx

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fuck the bus
so i slepy like 4 hours
want to back to sleep
i think i need more sleep

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i think im going to read about metal stamping and try and cad up my own rack units
like, symmetrical sides with tapped flanges for all other panels
then drilled top/bottom/front/back panels
top and bottom can be same pieces too like the sides

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rab: i wouldnt but its available
nice array
its doing more stuff than ultramegaclock

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ttmustang found plastic rack units
even in plastic theyre expensive!
pretty neat, tho

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$80 not so bad
least you know upsex or postal fools wont bork it up
i think they sent me the programming manual for their turning centers
they have a T and an M and i got the one like T

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its timecop
sexy is high priority, no?
ok if i went to dubai with these socks id be clinked for like 10 years
sex and judaism mmm

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neat package
okay food than jobby job, bbl
wow page 9 has test circuit with pcb layout
okay no rly i gotta go

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package is ancient, prob something cheap and fast in that
maybe can figure out a decent layout to parallel them
ha the flanged ones are $$$
theyre M1xx on digikey
in the rf transistors section

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i wonder how much of that shit is like overflow from custom orders
or if they just make a tone of different shit and hope
you dont know the name of the pill cross package?
bah no digikey hits for pill cross
like that, but without the mounting tab

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sounds good
you just want an amp, no?
theyre kinda mostly the same
it might just be a -3db from max gain rating
okay bagel sandwich than wood machine, yay
what is that pill transistor package?
like, altoid mint on a cross
expensive prob = integrated
okay do that shit

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its basically like an almost failure, over and over and over and over
and also LC filter
yeah theyre so fucking noisy
yeah if he done it he prob all ballsy now, build you some cool shit
yeah well, sometimes that just the way to do it
keep looking, failcop
the datasheet prob has graphs
stare at them alot and maybe next year they will make sense

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thats normal RF style
pins are flat tabs, usually dual emitter, to cut parasitics
rab: if i draw offline switcher schematic will you help me figure out its level of insanity?
yeah me neither, so this should work perfect, or something
it prob all comes from like on engineer and everyone else just faking it
tho the equation at the back of the mc34063 datasheets helped me figure out a bunch of it

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oh fuck
RF pill transistor on fucking PCP
damn summer almost done, i was supposed to come up with an RF project
just use the cross pills
if you have money to make 1000 pirat station boxes, of course
timecop: you cant just use normal shit, speeds this high are almost invisible to alot of cheap shit
and parasitic RLC stuff will make you stab

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nice use of angle aluminum
maybe it is only an 8bit counter
those boards look more proper
whatevers its a good board
no fuck you 24mb?
wait no thats adobe reader
timecop: just link to the fucking pdf

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