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but as dx noted, best to wear gloves, not exactly a project to rush thru, that much dc kill you pretty dead
ttmustang: http://www.fairchildsemi.com/whats_new/offline_smps_toolkit.html#flyback

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and switch thru the transformer, which will drop the voltage, then you can LC filter that and pull feedback for the switcher off there
maybe like, optos to darlingtons to really big darlington and or fets in an array
i just just or, i dunno why i would use darlingtons and fets for final power stage but its early
anyway, time is fucked and i guess money a little bit because im saving up for car insurance
but i want to make one of those anyway

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ttmustang: i has ideas
but yeah, i dont have time really to design something then test it out
maybe soonish, but work/bus/bike is wiping me out
okay but im thinking like, rectified mains DC thru fet into high freq transformer
with the switcher on its own $2 transfrormer, also the AVR thru a vreg
the you optocouple the switcher outputs to the isolated rectified mains fet bases somehow

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motor pot, yo
thats so the simplest easiest idea so far
or audio bling
mini barnfire

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although thats likely what that is
looks like something controller an scr or triac
i guess that would be DC-ish

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`nico: ok why is it almost never done ever
im not even sure what that means
yes thats my point =\
and hungry
i need to start having breakfast
yeh already late

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`nico: its the $$$ of the transformer
i thought you meant like 90V transformer into a bridge
non SMPS
cuz thats $$$
dx^: those are huge, i prob still have a baggie
i like rabs
get some rubber buttons
fuck getting away with shit
diodes in parallel is the devil
breaks math, opens up portals to bad places

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hahahahaha, nice
i guess thats a yes
prob for some insano voltage multiplier
rab: do they have 1500 of those for $45?
he wants 90V @ like 10A or iunno
i cant use those
i can use buttons
i dont understand the question
well of course not rab
theyre $45 for 1500
you just need a pwm IC
and the right transformer
and some sex to silate the switches

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yeah you can switch at 100KHz and the diff in copper and ferrite is prob give cost counters boners
i think youre doing offline forward conversion, or something like that
oh hmm
the buttons?
goldmine elec
i think
ill go halfies with someone
the fattest
serious its like $2, get the fattest
dx^: ask timecop for lcd module pics
i think he used tho on one
dx^: make buttons
eggsalad: 03:32 <+Eggsalad> DX^: Will ^dx^ defeat chronic pain?

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dude i made a joke about my opamp teacher
that hed dance around the 3 basic opamp circuits doing ohms law 100 ways
and on the last week, hed throw a cap across the feedback
and go WOW HEY NEAT RIGHT? and then wonder why no one gets it
so yeh, he did that fureal
this was that teacher that proclaimed me an opamp genius first day, then incompleted me in the class
because instead of the last essay question, i decided to take my grade
and use the time to write to him an objective list of things he didnt cover in the class
and something that happened in lab that kinda showed his students didnt really get it
of course not
he was going to fail me if i didnt retake the 2nd part of the final
then i finally did it, because the other teachers and department head and department tech all basically begged me too
and get this, he said i didnt do so great
but he gave me a B in the class
i was pissed
like, how can i get an A to an F based on one half of the final when i was top 3 in the class on every other test?
first time its to get DC rails
then you convert the DC with the switch/diode/inductor
because its a forward conversion smps

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cam goodness
ttmustang: kinda
im working on mrtubes schemas tonight
and then going to sleep early
thats neat
holz-her is speaking to me
i thought that would be fun for you
lots of maths with parameters or what?
well, dx this is in case you want to create new materials
damn 9 weeks to get to 'properties'

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wtf @ raid 50

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rab: ty

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wait he changed it i think
wai is there butan
rab: what does butan do?
i canno click this is a work machine
and no it only says HV

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hey neat
programmer and programer are both proper spelling
there should be more words like that

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and the stuff they can, the diff in time between a multi workspace cnc cycle and a guy workin wheels is huge =\
like, certain stuff prob always be manual, like engine part remanufacturing
yeah which is why you would use them in alot of short run now
theres really specific things that manuals are good for
like if you just need to resurface a part, and turning you can do tons of stuff manually
but yeah anything 2.5D with a curve, on a CNC its like whatever
manual youre busting out the calculator and the rotary table and maybe a sin bar

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