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okay time to leave and do her in the machine
eggsalad: ty
i am!

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ccfl_man: will holz her tell me which grease is which and where it goes and save the machine?
eggsalad: will holz her tell me which grease is which and where it goes and save the machine?

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06:03 -!- mode/#electronics [+b tl072*!*@*] by Hadron
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06:03 -!- renesis was kicked from #electronics by Hadron [Banned: ban evading]
he still doesnt know how to set ban masks
tekrad: who banned me from #nop?

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so you can use a ton less turns, so less resistance and more power capability for a given size
those speeds would be fun to characterize pcb inductors with
ok ima go to sleep bai

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man fuck the 60Hz transformer
we need some shit that a village in africa with one dude that can read english can launch into space with like a screwdriver
you can hey 1MHz ic pretty common
i dunno if the cost is reasonable but you can sample them
low power shit i bet you can do into the GHz
well youd need way less inductance

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they should retire them and dump money in mass production of rockets
space shuttle is just all the defence contractors and DoD in a coke induced 70's circle jerk
hahahaha nice analogy
whats that?
if its not a rocket with AK47 level tolerances, its not a good idea
oh yeah were really gonna build alot of those
blackmoon: have you done a rectified mains smps?

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no i mean the liquid fuel boosters
tho yeah you can maybe use the directional boosters during launch if like, youre gonna die anyway
i dont think itd work indefinitely, but maybe long enough to blow the bolts anf fucking pray the booster doesnt harpoon you or the liquid tank
cuz that would be really bad
solid booster thru a liquid fuel tank
blackmoon: nasa was in congress talking about shuttle systems
apperently alot of the redundant sense hardware is false positive during checks
and some not as redundant, but they know the shit is ok, so they just call them anomolies
but like theres alot, and they talk about it like its totally normal, and it doesnt both them that they cant really fix it because the systems are mechanically just to complicates
apperently you can fit the ferret back in to check the wires after they route them
no for the shuttles
fucking 1800s hardware already

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i think its weight and distance from centerline
cuz like that doesnt make sense to me, a 747 on one engine
yeah but you can eject it
tho its prob gonna fuck you up if youre not flying straight, heh
shuty has bigass controls and vectored thrust
tho yeah, i cant imagine its sporty to fly
and the front wheel aint gonna do dick
they are

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if it goes west instead of east, i dont think a minute matter at all =(
or hmm, yeh i guess florida is good for something
get high enough itll just overshoot into the gulf
blackmoon: if you did it just right youd hit disneyworld!
man that would rawk, that would be like most historial event of the last two decades
yeah i wonder
i guess it depends how heavy the boosters are?
if it spins or not
they can maybe comepensate
because liquid fuel boosters are vectored
im not sure if they can use direction boosters our of orbit
well, yeah basically riding on a rocket
but they could maybe keep it from spinning and blow the bolts
i think its just as likely to rip apart, tho
that thing is really, really big
they run jets asymetrical
not normally but they can shut down engines and get them landed

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i think nsa prob only heavily funded non explosion causing gov agency
tho i bet if you flew a plane close enough to their buildings, they blow shit up too
or to know what to explode
ha, kinda works both ways with them
dude, like 5K years of technological buildup
really were mostly still setting fires and blowing shit up
soace shuttle: bigass fire out the ass
same with fighter and commercial jets
all internal combustion is just like concentrated eplosion orgy
detachable explosions
cuz yeah the solid fuel shit isnt really a fire
its like a long duration explosions that mostly points down
you would think it would spin the shittle but itd prob make everything just blowup
oh on the ground
jezus fuck
you dont want a solid booster lateral =\

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okay new case fans are so quiet i can actually hear my seagates
i didnt go nuts with loud fans
im going to get some 120cfm panaflows and speed control with to92 temp sensor or three for feedback
the lian li default fans are tuned for silence
its frustrating!
whats short?
i wonder if fcc still has a budget
blackmoon: well thats good because theyre not blowing anything up so i doubt they getting much fed funding lately

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wow no onions and no megaman
this explains so much
forward conversion smps or somethng?
ur making sparkthings, sir

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theyd just give you a total
and i doubt they have china cheap per unit, dunno tho
they didnt switch the red and black masks this time, heh
new 8 bit blue bomber

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no i have a parport one
blackmoon: who cares if you care
the one who bans does =)
ha woah
little altoid panels boards are $.23 unit cost
2x2 amp board is $.54
tooling charge is $50
i think i hit their min charge
big board for mrtube is $7
they prob wouldnt tell you
'prototype' fab house

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yeah this got no mobo tray
i really like the fit/finish

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i can configure it with 5 120mm fans
you buy a fan mount the screws into the rear panel
that blows out the side vent, or in, i would use it in suck config
and you can buy alternative tops
the one i can get is dual 120mm
heheh 200mm
no fuck that
i dought this because it comes with 2x 120mm
the cheapo one, PC-7 plus

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i have to call holz-her like MACHINE NEEDS HALP
i wonder if you can plant shit there to deal with the standing water in the top soil
its neat
kinda small but it looks good
i mean pic is small not house
im going to install the epox mobo sensor utility thing
the lian li case is like cold to the touch, heh wtf

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the LPFK thing for drill > plate > etch method seems interesting
shopthing goes in the back wedge area?

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vias arent neccessarily as big a deal as much as trace length and routing diff signals and power across each other
unless youre trying to save $.005 in tooling costs
like, if you can use a via to cross signals perpendicular and stay clear of any noise sources, its prob more beneficial than dropping a tiny tiny amount of inductance from a via

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im doing that thing where im evading automatically on irssi startup
wtf is up with that timecop line in the topic for weeks now
like thats new information or something
mrtube: china said theyd do the quote soon
i submitted last night, your boards and my two
so we can split the shipping in half
is that the ribbon latch thing you were looking at?
pure smt is easy like that
i almost fucked a board last night because i had a TH pin clipping thru a plastic connector

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