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fuck work today
4 hours of bus for two hours of work is some bullshit
(shop guys working from 5 to 1 today)

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wtf are you reading?
mrtube board(s) is done
k nite

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stu: faker!
ok no rly bye

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hello mr cop

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Reiser took the witness stand for 11 days during the trial. He gave long, rambling answers to sometimes simple questions and seemed almost never to be at ease
sounds like a hacker to me

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he escaped?
or was he sentenced today or something?
now i have to actually read about it
see because i didnt care
i like rfs, i dont care who dev'ed it
i dont think he started that
or it just memed from multiple sources at the same time
but yeah my lunix geeker people call it that for a long time
my softraid0 was rfs
like i know what happened i just dunno details
wow his wife was cute

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i havent been yet =\
she been doing it for a few months
i didnt notice
so theyre good
(im not much of a lyrical person)

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like, im into older and underground shit, if im into it
i cant stand most radio shit
and while i respect old west coast rap, fuck the dre beat
im sick of the monosynth
well, the levels are horrible, its all bass, no signal
oh hmm
this is on 89.9?
i wonder if we have the same 89.9 as irvine
yeh i think its public radio here
yeh i saw on the page
yeh this track is good
haha, okay no rly it has a flute
so its awesome
its sad the best reggae/dub station is the radio in GTA games
a friend of mine, from high school, dj's reggae/dub/ska/dancehall at a club in hollywood

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.and they might even have a black president, but he.s useless. cuz he does not control the economy, stupid!.
<3 immortal technique
its so sad that for most people, hiphop is chicks in dental floss and fake diamonds and rented rims and music video play money
i listen to good music

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i might get a truck
old tacoma
prob get a honda tho

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yeah both those things, really important
is it close?
oh thats cool
k i gotta go irc too distracting
man fuck i dont wanna stand up
bus sucks too much energy, standing forever in the heat, standing up on moving bouncy thing for 20mi

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well, when i have a car and have medical and make $20 in 5 months, itll be worth it
i guess
yeh i need a dr
i randomly feel shitty, sometimes, i am like some hard to troubleshoot inconsistent hardware failure
hey when i have a car i can actually shop for more than 2 days of food at a time

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its basically alot of respectable hipehop from the last 35 years
ha, i feel like id be alot happier if i could do a show a week
(i know alot of free and cheap places for musics)
when i get my car im going to try and get an weekend job or internship doing sound at a small venue
fuck recording school, all locked up in a studio with dickhead producers and bighead artists
live sound seems more fun
more power, raawrararar, all that
okay i have to eat and work and stuff
sigh, double plus
4 hours in street limbo everyday sucks
who will feed blogger
hes prob starving

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oh, yeah i want to do new zealand
more than australia, but that seems cool too
big, tho
thats too much!
id make timecop let me stay on his couch
thats seems like 5 times to much money
oh you said that
im going to san bernadino for a weekend, music festival
were renting a car, we got a place 5miles away so we can walk in
my sister scores pit tickets
for seating its just like PIT GA so im assuming no seats

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i guess god blesses my next honda because i take the bus, shrug
its a 15min drive if im ninja about avoiding traffic
and coming home its fast, because leaving at 3
ha youre always going to the same places
i want to go to chicago in aughust i think
i want to go there
it all sucks
flying is the best way
i do 1000mi bus alot =)
yeah thats too much
anyway, chicago, tokyo, mexico city as an adult
then i dunno, europe doesnt excite me so much
i think macegr is from there
i want to go to thailand
theyve never been occupied by a foreign power
theyre different, for sure

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or just really really high end machines that will estop if you make a silly look
like my first task at this job was basically to bypass the estop mat that hadnt already been bypassed
okay i need foods and then im finish mrtubes board
ha, my friend says taking the bus is good
that im sacrificing for my new honda, and that god likes that shit

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like, cant speak english barely, but theyre hella skilled at cabinet finish work
but i mean, compressors are ancient, and they prob dont even know wtf an osha nozzle is
like i think the air and water share the same pipes or something
can dump the water catches on the compressor lines but its fucked like 2min later
they work fine
but yeah, theres likely a million tiny little violations like that
overall, its pretty safe, just low budget
but yeah its a big shop so youre not tripping over machine tools
its just the cnc and a couple table saw, everything else is just hand tool fabrication and assembly areas
yeah thats one of the reasons i wanted this job
its wood and its not a scary crowded shop
production metal kinda scares me, heh
itd take a beefy paycheck to get me into a metal shop

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shit is theres alot of stuff that came with the machine thats like all hidden in this old dudes office
theyre going in at 5a and leaving at 3p tomorrow
crazy shop workers
they normally do 7-3
itd be awesome if i had a car
but i dont, its a 2 hour bus trip
so i usually show up around 9 or 10
im going to ask him if i can come in 3 days a week
like mon wed fri
i can prob get more total hours like that
er, no same total hours
i cant
i would get home t 6p and go to bed at 8p to wake up at 3:30p
and im really just not hardcore like that
anyway, im the only floor worker with an office
i even got my own a/c
so yeah, strolling in whenever kinda just fits the role
theyre shop is big
its tad ghetto, tho

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like, the last guy designed a bunch of cut sheets for specific designs
and theres tons of options in every design
cuz its commercial cabinets and workstations and shit
so shit like cash register boxes, keyboards, storage, whatever
anywey, HUGE mess
all in one directory
so yeah,m you can design individual parts
with toolpaths
and then insert those into a design
instead of redesigning it every time
so if i actually knew what was being ordered (i dont right now, im basically just doing what the mexicans on the floor tell me to make)
i can do like 2 or 3 orders at a time
so waste less boards
because they never do more than one at a time, because im basically designing this shit on the fly from pen drawings and tape measured dimensions
so yeah, hell be happy about that
wasnt at work today
today i made the machine noticable cleaner, and did most of the remaining long term maintenance shit
working 4 10s?

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right before i accepted this position, i saw one auction for our type machine, sold for like $120K
im amazed how fast it goes
book says like 1500ipm maximum
and im cutting at like 360ipm
i have to do speed/feed tests
seems like it
hes been gona for a week
so things are alot better since he left
tools changed indexed, machine cleaned up, i got a decent workflow and design strategy with the CAD/CAM shit
i get to tell him cam nesting technology seems about as advanced as pcb autorouting technology
like, i can do better laying it out by hand
but i figured out how to insert blocks

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im not sure whats up with the company
like if holz-her distributes for cosmec or one company bought the other, or what
i have to call them, see how much support i can get out of them
oh no shit?
like an NC tool or an actual NC bot?
i think you can do almost anything with the bots
thats what we have
minor difference in trim panels and shit, contruction looks like the same machine and hardware
we dont have a clear shield
our gantry thing is white, not red
that seems to have the electronics cab more integrated actually
man thats the last thing i gotta do
when i got there, the electronics cabinet was open
and there was mad sawdust inside
i was gonna clean it, but options were like, shop vac or compressed air
yeah i need to scoop the shit on the floor up and then get a 6 pack of canned air
thats not bad

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ttmustang: very well
like, its basically my machine, boss and the floor operator dunno shit about cnc or big machines
ive almost got it completely cleaned
i have to figure out the gcode for extending the uxillary spindles
theres like 16 og them, 6 are vertical, it also has a saw for cutting along the X axis
but yeah, it actually has sideways spindles
this is all besides the normal toolchanger spindle
but yeah shit was nasty
sawdust + grease = poo
i walked to the floor tech and im like, 'es perfecto now'
he went and cut a board on the freshly flycut vavuum spoilboard
i programmed the cycles to cut down to Z0
and you can see all the cut marks in the spoilboard, but you cant feel them
at all
good machine

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yeh its what i was going for, really
doubt it, unless you use series resistors to absorb the diff in voltage
but theyre diodes, so directly paralleling them is very very bad
okay i have to do visual inspection on mrtubes board and do the last couple things on the curiously strong headphone amp
then i send order to chinapcb
and then downtime to rebuilt this pc into the lian li case

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tho its never a big deal, usual;ly well be talking, and then ill hear a flush
tho sometimes i hear more detailed things, i almost always hear her peeing
kinda, i guess
its more like, hold breath, quick exhale
no i guess she doesnt fart
yes it stinks like guy poo, too
hows it feel to know youre prob not gay?
that you likie sex

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they do that, you know
yeah sometimes it happens
too advanced for us
well, usually they dont have to
because i have a bathroom in my room
well, connected to my room
ccfl_man: have you ever talked on the phone with a girl going to the bathroom?
ccfl_man: would you consider it like phone sex?
i guess im just a lucky guy, then
scat sex0rz, ooooooo
my best friend is a girl
we kinda known for marathon phone convos, so yes

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so someone pooed in a half built bathroom?
or wat
and then
when does the story end
i dont get it
the girl had to poo?
thats the story

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wat is teh story
tekrad: sent
heh, i had to take the sherman way bus
but it worked out awesome because i bought a NYC pizza slice from El Grande at the USPS bus stop
also, i has my lian li, because my sister went to vegas this weekend as was like FUCK WORK today
omg, best $100 spent on a computer product so far
also the 650W coolermaster psu i got is heavy as fook
i think im going to get a vantec stealth 80mm fan for the top vent
they gave me fan screws for the vacant fan mount, seems rude not to use them
ccfl_man: wat is ur story
quick because i have to take a shower wash all this fucking sawdust off me

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they come in a bunch of power ratings and voltages, about that size
the alternative is rectifying mains and switching that at high speed thru a tiny transformer
like in a pc psu, more difficult, i havent done it
oh theres also the RC of mains + zener hack, but fuck that
*off mains
yeah, tiny bridge, soic prob best
and then a cap, and a 3pin vreg
i can help you out with that when i get home
not so hard at that power level
anyway, talk to you later

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ha theres maybe 30 signals for the NC hardware that are described as ***** Classified *****
well, yeah simplest way is a transformer or wallwart
rectifier and filter cap(s)
then yeah, you need a switching thing
yeah but that gets big if you need serious current
if you just need like 100mA or so, you get get little transformers, about 1" square
okay yeah, go to digikey and search for pulse power transformers
bridge rectifier will fit underneath if smt
maybe even cap and the uC, if its a little thing
sec, lemme look quick
oh, Pulse is the brand, not the category

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im still at work
im all dirty, i just spend like almost 3 hours cleaning the machine
i couldnt fit between the tube beams to get under the machine to clean the X ballscrew =\
like, not even because im fat, i couldnt get in farther than just past my shoulders, chest too big
had to send in the shops little mexican guy

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omg you people talk to much!

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and its not like i moved here for a job or something, this is my home
naw, this the best place on earth
by far, people who visit cant know, takes years to see
we have everything and everyone
not really
i have snow almost year round 45min in one direction, most fucked desert in the world in another
theres rainforest habitat in the santa monica mountains
the beaches away from the tourist spots and harbors are awesome
and most of all, we have people represent everyone and every interest
most other cities seem rather dinky
also music and industry
very concentrated here

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i dont like aftermarket rice
factory rice is by fat the most reliable shit in the world
and prob half as used
i like it here, i have an education in cars that last
yeah totally
thats like $2K too cheap from a dealer
then you cant come back
coming back to LA is hell

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