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then i kinda figure out the grease gun situation
and find the little grease zerk nipples
then squirt some new grease into the machine
and then yeah im pretty much done with weekly/monthly/3 month/6 month maintenance procedures
last guy didnt do shit

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hehehe, nice
ghetto failboard defies us all
o, sexy
i can help you with that
i can prob find the parts of the haas manual for its pocketing canned cycles
i wonder if my bank is open tomorrow
i have 4 paychecks to cash =\
twingy: yesterday at the end of the day i removed all the cosmec router's side panels
on monday i get to craw underneath and wipe off the big long ballscrew
i really like my job
its very apperent this is my machine if i stay
yes exactly
because of the square tube crossbracing, i have to craw in and out of 3 sections

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sucks cuz the wire wiggles as soon as the solder heats
and when you pull away, wire will change position
total wtf shit

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i dunno give me the datasheet
so reset is active
programming mode
so its low, so IC7A is high
so tristate is enabled
reset is high, reset is inactive, IC7A is low, so IC6C is thru
tristate disabled
seems right
fix it

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you exported doesnt do rs274x?
i didnt send those
because it looked like a report as opposed to NC, but i dont know how its normally formatted, shrug
dx^: wat about it

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tekrad: rs274x pls
the scaling seemed off on one of them too
it wouldnt help
i had mad trouble doing it with my hakko and a skinny chisel tip
i could have drawn the board by now in eagle =)
thats good
hes prob sleeping or bbqing or something
stub schema, die

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its tekrads
Photo-Plotter Apertures Report
Position Width Hgt/ID Shape Qty
======== ===== ====== ===== === 10 10 0 RND 4 13 60 0 SQR 2
14 60 0 RND 126
26 12 0 RND 64
that didnt paste nicely
but yeah thats the other files
guess so, or its rs274d, not rs274x

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if i swap my desk and my bed
ill be right next to the ac when i work

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ha no
especially not in the living room\
i have a window unit running 24/7 like 4ft from me
it barely does shit
and the ac unit in the living room is useless
because we have like 20ft cielings with glass across the top of one edge
it basically cool about a 10ft radius
and all the ac are new and working fine
its 100F all day and we 2nd story
this is normal
and it has to run on a 15A circuit with all my other shit
if im dumping megabucks its to get the fuck outta here
someplace with concrete floors, i can just rest with my face on the concrete to cool off
hakko 936.
whens your bday?
wow nice
that sucks
oh rite
liar i dont believe yo!

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ok bug with attachments submitted
tekrad: if you give me the pitch and gap between rows, i can just make that in eagle in like 5 minutes
k no rush
i might clean up a bit and take another nap
stupid heat

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tekrad: what app made these?
wasnt to hard to setup last time

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yeah im lookin at them in a viewer
top layer seems scaled wrong or something

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twingy: gcam choked on tekrads gerber things
twingy: i have an ac
i dont have a window
i have to build a wall into my sliding door

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do you have my email?
send to there
me too
fucking heat
even my sisters girlcat is knocked out

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i like the cam processor

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what do you mean rules with angles?
i do alot of my boards with curves
shouldnt be an issue

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and get them back in 3 to 5 weeks
tekrad: if you have docs or drawings or anything, i can prob do that quick
eagle is best
tho i can feed to to gcam and see what happens
reg gerbers
thats small enough to fit eagle free
yeah if you have something else installed just send gerbers

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.012, and sure maybe
heh, im catching up on sleek i didnt get during the week
whats it for?
yes but what to what

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mrtubes shit is really cheap

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he had to stop for school =\
i think im having heat issues

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i didn think it would work!

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dx^: this is like most epic failure ever

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okay crossovers are done
erc drc and ratnest say so
look how paranoid ghettoboards have made me

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