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since my sister got here
it is more loud
and all there ever is to drink is beer
not rly
stupid drunk mild drama noises

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ghettovia = hell

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i need a minifridge
its time
im not sure i can do this summer without one
one day im not going to make it to cold water in the kitchen i will just dry out and die
this time ron paul is not talking to me
this is some 3rd person staffer bitch

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if not try holding the board upside down and toughing thr bridge with a tinned tip
sometimes gravity is enough to pull excess solder off onto the iron
fuck the pump
no, no unshielded microwave emitters in my bedroom
oh you mean the chip
i thought you meant the board i was like omg you should be working for the china

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oh no
no one does, but they do
so he does to

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im trying to but im horrible
im letting my #cars niggies down
dx^: wai
no stop
anyway, you made your point mrtube
im dont buy cards for games as much as i do for compatibility and value
most benchmarks are pretty neck and neck
like im buying hardware every 2 or 4 years, on a budget
its gonna be an improvement, even if i buy the ultimate shittiest hardware
thats useless
more than my current card
i think its the tiny dot
put the atmel right side up
small dot is lower left?
yeah my shit gf5 is better, sry
im not even sure where i got this card
stupid fan siezed on my other card
people say that
my friend is all lalalala about his old voodoo cards
like Fzero will always be the fastest racing game ever
i can play that shit on a keyboard
need a proper pad with finger triggers

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triangle and/or dot
i said i wasnt buying a name and i gave like 3 reasons which you havent really adressed
other than saying ati is made by a few companies (my point was nvidia is practically made by every company)
no i never said that
i said their performance is consistent
and that their driver support for linux is better
and that i like their distribution model better
theyre always competitive
themselves, ATI, i dont pay attention to the new whatever every 3 months, so theyre pretty much same performance since forever
4800 and 6 series were fine
ati on linux was a joke
i did doom3 on linux
like when it came out
also morrowind =)
fallout, quakes, anything quake based
so that was like, every game ever for about 3 years

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pretty much pick the best nvidia i can afford and work back from there
5 series was trash
ive never bought one
yet this box has ones
i wont buy ati
i need to use linux sometimes
i dont care if ati drivers are better than they were
nvidia drivers are awesome
and in windows nvidia will never be bad, so decision is clear
get the best nvidia i can afford
because of the consistent performance, the driver support, and a better distirbution model
not because of a name
nvidia is like 100 diff manufacturers
ati is one
okay so now ati is two
theyve always been built by one company and distributed as one source
the one where ati support for linux didnt exist

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the 24db one, its easy fix, i take off the feedback resistors, so its actually less parts and neater routing
i have to check the ti calc thing, it has gain stuck on salen key filters, and i think ive tested it
but linkwitz riley is maybe not the same
i have to search ublog for nicos multiplier chip
make a power meter
im buy a $1K honjda then building a $1K computer
there are so many dx avr eth files
k i found it i think

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flux pins, align visually, solder corner pin
flux other size, solder other pin
really very easy after that
het a hakko
dont use a sponge
use fluxed coils =)
only time ive used a sponge in maybe 3 years was when i was soldering at macegr's office
and yes the brass coils
fuck that, it cools the tip
oh right
i was simulating mrtubes fail xover
wtf ronpaul emailed me
yeah i dont think you can stick gain on linkwitz riley

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didnt i send those?
good job
send to email?
dual boot, bitch
virtualbox is slow
dx^: have flux?
rab: old
please to find out what pl means
if i kept logs i could prob find out i think he said so
solder, probably

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fureal its kinda text shiny anyway

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it has to run on the same circuit as all my computer shit
and the CNC
so yeah, the a/c unit aint getting any bigger
well, elementary school was worse, i guess
see how shiny

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also, what is this basement you speak of?
i see
this is something like when you have doors on your roofs for when it snows too much?
im duct tape a hose from my AC to my paintball mask
hello, rental unit
freeon doesnt make it not 100F outside =(

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its like 95F and windy outside
jezus fuck im glad im not out there

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prob should, even if its not meant for lateral loads so much
oh, yeah but it needs to lift
but you can prob set something up to NC the Z to plunge and lift for traces
oh hmm
oh, yeah that can probably work

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maybe try with a come, i seen paid hair people do it like that
what kind how big?
thats 8?
theyve had 8 testing awhile
i kind of need it, most my pc isnt recognized by ubuntu 6 shit
just enough to run the steppers
yeah, that means its a real CNC
has a hardware controller =)
not some pc h4x shit
just get a junker pc of any kind to rs232 code into it
fucking school had a win3.11 box doing it
shit worked, so they just never changed it
you prob want something with ethernet or wifi, heh
for the changer or the spindle motor?
has an air tool nipple or what?

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(mines like a jewfro, all standing up like CUT ME CUT ME)

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nothing, theres only 3 wavelengths
yes top bright rgb led
i want to come up with a company name like Mean Well or Unity
but i dont think i can because im too american
i do it
i dont even have taper things
i have, money wasted
you need a mirror?
how do you do bolts you cant see?
i just feel the edge of my hair with my finger and hold at an angle
yeah if you look youll fuck up the angle
cuz your brain will like anti-compensate =(
you have really straight hair?

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yes they have a name you know
macegr: omg your things are on sparkfun?
its a single RGB led with a daisy chain serial bus driver IC
guys its hot
make it stop
oh, blinkm
one is a hatchback and one is a notchback
10bit serial words
likw one 32b word for led current, another 32b word for config and error correction
the driver
ad somthing something something soemthing

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micropower heater
oh its not an IC thing
shiftbrites are really bright

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meh, you cant just go to a headshop?
they prob order boards
pipes and bongs
try and get into a favorable convo and try and talk them down
macegr: eh eh
i hate the bus
my energy is this many: |||____________________
i played metroid on eee standing up
i beat the mother brain while standing up in the front of the orange line bus
wait so every led = resistor?
common pins?
oh wow fail

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yo only do that for like 5sec or so
so its handsfree for 5sec
then you take it off and youre holding it again
if you leave it on, itll vap your weed and itll just condensate on the whip
i wanna get a rework station
glass on glass taper is a perfect airtight seal
speaking of eagle

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the guy i know who uses it the most uses a normal one
they didnt have handsfree when they got his
and its not handsfree
thans a ridiculous name for it

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from where\
im pretty sure they do their own distribution, price seems pretty locked in most places, and they dont have them at the wholesalers
guess so, sounds right
matched ground surfaces, its pretty airtight
its not so great to leave it on there because it slows warmup time and response if regulated

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hmm, k
about what

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i think i needs food

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hahaha nice
code is code is code is code is code is code is
i should learn basic, yeh?
so i dont have to in 20min at some point
no there is like special words!
i dont know them
theres more?

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bearyhugs: wat wat

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this is ass, stupid CAM program
i dunno why the fuck the security dongle app is on the bosses box, anyway

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This Firestorm card is the only thing which will protect your pc from all spywares, virus, popups, and other attacks.
zzzz_: i fucking cant do work because the network security dongle cannot be found
thats + wifi network failure
wifi for business LANs should be illegal

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