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i found it
count zero, page 119, 1986

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but its literally 'a person who fucks up' and 'to fuck up'

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rab: the term wilson is mentioned in verb tense exactly one time in snow crash
urban disctionary has 3 pages of wilson
so far no origin goes as far back as my very documented ones
none of these people know!
some people kinda got its meaning, but not really

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no idea but i assume thats how he did the pre maker order
timecop: lightest cms with decent image processing ability you know of
bitch i know you or your droogs know this shit
theres something on freenode i might try
man they have pics of the main devs on the website
and i think they all wrote their own bios
kinda funny, but then turns into kinda a turnoff
like, great these are the assholes coding my website

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well, 5V might work
macegr was using 6V
i think

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topbrite and um
HK LED something something
timecop: do you still have a roll of blue led?
0603 or 0805?
i think all the ones i have are 0603

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you prob need to do all sorts of understudy hours to get the electrical cert
like theres some new level of educated electrican in cali, my school was the first program to be certified for it
so i have all the education, id have to work under someone for like 6months or a year or iunno to get the cert
im pretty sure it was hundreds of hours
so i guess if you found regular work, not so long
HV system installation might be interesting work, heh
sandis brother does that now
croawls around in corp and gov buildings downtown, hooking up the big machines

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35K isnt too horrible, more than enough to live in LA
my mom raised two kids in pretty decent neighborhoods on much, much less
i had a nice house as a kid
im over it
frankly, its almost worse than having kids
big fucking expensive thing you gotta take care of, depending on all sorts of circumstances you have no control over to work out or else youre fucked on your investment
you should
high demand, and itll get better, too
theyre local installer or a product distributor?
neat, prob alread have a bunch of customers

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probably can help you with that
im ordering mrtube board this weekend
and next week im not doing shit except going to work
boss is on vacation, so im going to try and do 8 hours all 5 days
like $500 paycheck, yay
you can do some shit like make it manually overidable
and its be less lame
but in general, aside from audio, powered pots are kinda meh
too much $$$
im at $15/hr =\
but i made boss sign a contract with raise schedule so in 5months ill be at $20/hr
and i wanna work there least a couple years

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its just diodes
and thats what diodes will do
in a normal full wave bridge rectifier off a transformer, the transformer secondaries are floating
the lower side of the transformer wont be 0V, itll be -0.6V
so you cant ground it, it will fail
also, if you ground the output of the bridge, WITHOUT transformer isolate, youll only use half of the bridge, im pretty sure
actually 1/4 of the brige maybe
yeah, half wave rectifier
half wave and full wave center tap are more efficient tho
only one diode drop
for full wave center tap, you have to buy twice as much transformer tho, for the same amount of current
because youre only use half of the secondary coil at a time

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my machine at work is pretty sweet
the old guy wasnt using it right =(
all the offsets are fucked up except on the tool they used
also he put the tool to deep in the collet
ER32 i think, theres an ER16 holder that slides into an ER32 collet
the old router bit was so dull you could lick it and not worry
you can
your + bridge output would be -.6V
your - would be the negative of the absolute value of the input voltage, +1.2V

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yes actually
wanna do something with that 1" acrylic
ima pull the pcb fixture off the machine
shit has been on there for 4 months

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so you still need ferrite and copper, but because of the much much hogher switching speeds, relative to 60Hz or 120Hz from mains, you can use a much, much smaller inductance value
both, actually

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and an inductor?
for what part of a psu
need cap, diode, inductor
ttmustang: thats an idea
i got one of those cheapo outlet timers
yes you need a cap, diode, and inductor
cuz thats how you do it
cap and inductor basically make a low pass filter for the SMPS pwm
so it comes out as DC, or close to it
the diode allow the inductor to continue to conduct when the switch has gone to an open state
you would ground the + side
but you cant do that directly off mains, because the side of the bridge closer to GND will be offset from GND by a diode drop
i think that part of the circuit is usually isolated, then its fed thru a high frequency transformer
and then the low or high side of the transformer is grounded
depending if you want positive or negative voltage

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you can make one with mosfets and resistors
i dont think anything off the shelf will do mains voltages

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21:47 <@`nico> IEEE hires the most retarded web developers
thats so sad considering how much those docs cost

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20:04 <@DX^> I think my scissor arm is going to be pure win
k bbl working

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oh i remember that board
but yeah same era of conversation, so likely that

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timecop: freenode guy says...
a) network fs access is slow
b) no way to login
c) no way to change sys level config
i dunno thats what he says
says one of the sysadmin fooks he works with got one
someone else same chan wants to get one
i noted you had one, enjoyed it, and hated teh lunix in most circumstances
timecop: did you get a terminal into yours?
or am i thinking some other lunix media thinger
did you get into your popcorn hour's system on a terminal
or am i remembering something else you were playing with
heheh, yeah i figured, was some other thing im remembering
oh, right some media decoder thing or whatever

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