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i think like 90% of this boxes vhost are blackisted on efnet
sandi emailed me back like 'SORRY!'
do not want

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$16/hr with $1 raise every month until $20
or $18/hr, no raise schedule, its what he paid the last guy to run his machine into the dirt
they been running max speed and max feed on the same tool for who knows how long
im prett sure i saw somewhere in the manual that was not ok
the flycutter inserts look a bit carbonized, heh
jennyfur understands why it nicer to do electronics work at home on computer than CNC work at job on computer
'yeah cuz at a job you cant like, smoke weed and jerk off while you work'

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boss is trying to fuck me for pay
so he gets to pick from one of two payment options tomorrow or im gone

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okay #1 reason why me and my friend would not make the greatest couple:
wed sit around and talk too much about nothing and never get shit done ever and have no money and die
sexiest pocrastination tool ever
so yeah all my smart real life people agree, wtf @ my boss
only timecop disagrees among irc peoples
thats $10 > $0

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do it do it
macegr: you want me to machine you wood?
heh, can laser do that?
i would think itd maybe catch fire
with wireless!
and batteries!
and magnetic sensors so they know orientation
and always display characters in the correct order

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i have to write a contract thing for bossguy to sign that doesnt make him feel like an asshole
also helmut noted that i should give him back my first two paychecks (i havent cashed them)
he said before he would fix the first one (10 hours) to reflect what i thought i was going to be paid
you need a tesla coil and older generation firmware to make it look really, really cool
opera is a goofy browser
it has no soul
okay i needs more foods bai!

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tried bitbanging shiftbrights from parpot?
of course its possible!
neat someone did it, tho, heh
i has a paper mail from mr brad sherman
he is my congressman
yeah they mostly kickit
dont go anywhere
mid east town hall meading
hmmm, temple judea in tarzana
consul general of the state of isreal, jacob dayan
he will answer my mideast questions
tshirt ninja?
or dynomite suit
either would be effective i think

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ima steal that, kthx
theyre bright enough i think
clock projector
and accelerometers + breakdancers
both are worthy of imitation
thats the one prob worth the most money
you have to think of a good way to monitor it, heh
script checks version suffix or flag somewhere and hit the led driver with the rs232?

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accelerometer to color on valcro straps
and time lapse photos
well, long exposure photos
and idunno, some breakdancers
i bet SF has those
just wire up a team of street performers
what do they PWM at?
and its still trail
so like 750Hz?
that should be okay i think
well, who knows with digital cams
still worth trying
do some speed tests
like if you can drop it can video or long exposure time it, itll prob be okay
and if it only pulses when they go fast, thatll look neat
like omg they broke the matrix watch out
tomorrow im either losing my job or making money
so ill either have money or time, if i have time ima finish cleaning up so i can make a mess again
sort all my passives, i wanna do the shifty vu board

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you go to pitt?
my dad went there like 100 years ago
i wanna visit there, but i dunno any of my family
pharmacist =D
from what i hear my house was pretty nuts in the 80s
yeah hes a bad real pharmacist as well as a bad street pharmacist
well, now hes just a consultant
cali license on hold, indefinitely
caught with drugs from mexico
what happened to the matrix thing?
takes too much stock?
temp sensor to color
ok nm boring

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03:33 <@timecop> yes, like a lm317
man that whole convo, classic
timecop actually runs xp in a linux virtual manager
its his dirty dirty secret
now he has to kill me because i said

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rockshox: not the hub fool, the fucking bolt
hub is an assembly
i dont care what fucking bike people call it
bike is a machine with like 4 pieces omg
no es importante
03:35 -!- flyback [~chicken@c-67-186-27-158.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #projects
wtf is juice

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blackmoon: status of frankenbike
i got some CF forks from a guy in #cars, but my wheel spindles are too fat =(

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thats how all #electronics fiction should end
"and then timecop was like 'dongs.'"
The End.
can it, put it in teh tubes to the iShelves
to keep track of obsoleted iShit?

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so is it evading when i copy over an irssi config and im too lazy to take #electronics out of my autojoins?
like, evading seems to assume some level of extra effort
we catch fire easily =(
are you on the bots again?
youre the only op was consistently useful
omg timecop, been so long
how r u

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helmut once worked like 200 days straight, two jobs, no days off
his wife is hawt
like a mexican missy frederick

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if not something more malicious
(bethesda software is actually based in bethesda, heh)
ya rly

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iunno, easier to just buy it and make a proper footprint, shrug
those parallel pin sense resistors are pretty neat, tho
very smrt
no one wants it
you increase demand by one
china = cheap
my homeboards are pretty much my breadboard alternative, heh
anyway even if i wanted to that $150 isnt available for months
i have to buy a car, ill be momentarily fucked by insurance, and then in need a computer
racing games at absolute lowest setting for 20fps is fail
this hardware is living dead status
tase did it
mrtube: yarly wai i need a new computer
but notrly
fallout3 is The Reason.
its gonna suck
twingy: what are you doing around thanksgiving?
i will probably be in maryland to egg a building there

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steals stus rgb gas tank idea
why doesnt your site work for the uk?
what cart?
no the bad one is important

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coffee table with motion detection or something with accelerometers
yes but its like a traditional thing
have something cool? why wouldnt you wanna make a coffee table out of it
its like primitive human instinct
or some shit
with a slight pulse for seconds hand
point one into another and use pwm to create overunity
ill leave the details to you
cuz you are the engineer
well wtf is forbes level with rgb led =\
bic makes these graphite ink pens
weird shit
ball pointed

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then i can be like 'I CAN HALP U'
oddly i kinda just look like a guy my age who works in a shop
short hair + piercings + dark tshirt + dickies pants
i kinda miss my dreds =(
i cut them when i came back from hellish week in chico
to find job
i need to do laundry
i kindadont mind paying anymore
when we lived in the tiny duplex thing, we had a washer and dryer
i can get 3x more done with the two washer and two dryers in our apartment

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prob just mess up your interface settings
i needs the food
im going to email cerwin vega and harmon/jbl my resume and call tomorrow and beg
also theres a semiconductor company with an office in chatsworth
i found an error in their datasheet
thats prob useful in a job interview?
like, they have a dimension thats prob .040 as .400
thats really very wrong
like, no sry your initial pin width is not greater than the total width of your transistor

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mrtube: did you see crossover boards in email?
like, i basically have to make the one on the right look like the one on the top and its done
i think the amp is done, too
it says its done
oh right
i have to make room for your really really big .250 faston connectors
k not done but almost done
i used something else
after bind, that wasnt such a bitch
ren running a CNC mill: norly, how much are you gonna pay me
wtf boss guy is such a retarded white guy

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can prob break ircd with a hostmask like that
thats a pretty bad bug
im hungry

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complimentary darlington
they bust open their to220 if you rev voltage on them =)
but yeah, theyre 1.25+dropout for the minimum waste voltage
tho for your app prob not a big deal
bjt sinks are 1V
Vbe + saturation
Vbe + Vsat

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you need a current sink, you can do it with transistor and/or fets and/or opamps and some resistors
heh, i deadbugged 10leds and an lm317 like that
wasteful =(
point to point soldered
sot223 lm317, a .25w TH resistor, and 3mm TH leds
green, $.06
but yeah same thing as opamp with built in 1.25V offset
+ dropout
very wasteful compared to the kamikaze dual BJT source
you use the voltage reference (output to ADJ pins) to clamp current thru a set resistor
and itll drop whatever voltage it needs to in order to maintain the current thru your load
you can do the same thing with the Vbe of a transistor
its a much more efficient but much less protected circuit

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ccfl_man: he is back.
twingy: did you guys ever find a tech?
if no im thinking you guys need a new contract0r guy haha
eggsalad: he is back. (failed)
eggsalad: no notrly
ooo, good luck with new tech guy
im pretty sure after tomorrow im looking for a new job

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how come not one of us knows this
teh elusive th via
on what size board?
well, how many drills i guess would be a better question, sry
`nico: neat
hmm, is there a transistor type with lower Vf?
like, schottky transistor
to control current across the solution
well yeah, you need a current source to do that
current source/follower
opamps are so erotic

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whats the current following?
no i know im saying what is the voltage source
its just user input, knob or something?

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instant chemical and thermal burns
safety engineers always be wearin their safety gear

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2x input capacitance, same Ron
i like that pinout
well what about spot welding?
its useful for that, no?
and im sure if you get the setup down, its decent, its like standard for sticking chassis together
rly im just going to ignore you and prob eventually come to the same conclusion myself
heheh, yeah thats kinda worrysome
ty =)
im prob just gonna use bolts or nails or something
timecop: http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?Detail?name=FDS8858CZCT-ND01:00
putty tray fails
cmon rly click on it or look harder
`nico: noooooo
no no no no

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amd i have these shit 'commercial grade' stamped steel and MDF shelves
office depot low end shit, fear
i think im going to break each unit into two
shelves on very bottom and very top
and put those ON my desk
then put the monitors in the lower shelf
and printer/scanner/scope/paper stock/dvd supply/bullshit on the top shelf
i want a spot welder
like right now dammit
eagle is best on dual monitors
well, any EDA app
cuz its always two editors, schema and board
i have two 17"
CRT on my desk

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id have to test digikey 1000mcd and hong kong 10000mcd side by side to know
but if theyre basically the same, i fucked up, digikey red 3mm led are cheaper
20deg leds, eheheheh
i dunno why the other grow lights are all bragging about wide angle leds
its not gonna make the walls or floor or fucking air grow any faster
welcome to my semi-permanent reality
only swap desk for room and adjacent areas
i did manage to clean all the shit off my floor
even under the bed
im make an ebay pile

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heh stand some sot23 on their sides
pfft, to92 if you gotta be using pins
it have some huge pcb heatsink or something?
i think two to92 = soic8, as far as smoke containment goes
to92 only about twice as good as sot23
heh i changed the driver 3906 on the led board to to92
i think theyre mostly 3rd party modules
they always look diff tech than the other boards in a device
should have got some Mean Well
so i think i did a stupid thing
or wait nevermind

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insulation has gotta be almost nothing
'can you see it if you put a flashlight on it?'
over, and over, and over
monolithic cmos inverter, fere
heh, russians, <3
neat pinout
1nF input, 20mR on
dies at 35V, w00t

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i dropped my thinkpad R31 on concrete like 10 times
was fine
knocked it off my bed into the AC unit, shit bricked
neat @ soic CMOS
hawtf @ solder melted
tried removing the inverter board and powering up?
its N and P, its monolithic =)
they need to do LED backlighting already, inverters are the most failing FRU ever
yeah thats why i think it might now
heh, how many wires coming from the inverter card?
like to the mobo/power
so prob bad coil or fets or driver got slow
the wire on those coils are like less than hair width i bet

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that guy didnt index the tools properly, left the electronics cabinet open, has the worst project file management habits, and doesnt look to be the greatest at CAD
also he broke the CNC
theres 3x 3/4" dia. brass pins that pop up like 4" to locate the spoilboard (vacuum surface) and the work
2 on the lower X edge and one on the left Y edge
the right X ped is sheered off
so you basically eyeball it
graphic LCD?
ha $14, good luck
goodwill, swap meet, what?
omg i bet charles is dosing my shellbox
what is its mode of fail?

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so the spoilboard is all gouged the fuck up
oh hai
so now i have to reindex all the tooling,
and flycut the spoilboard
im writing up two contracts tonight
$16/hr with $1/hr raise every month until $20/hr
or $18/hr with no raise schedule
oh haha
yeah i remember pics of you sitting on your ass with a quad between your legs
but yeah he paid the last dude

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fucking job
my paycheck was for $12, hes like $14 by next week, he wanted me to cut this job
so i did that, it came out okay, considering i have to design the shit from fucked drawings with only help from spanish-only speakers on the floor
who are wtf does eof of client mean?
that shellbox seemed hella lagged up
i used tool 4 instead of tool 5 for the cuts today
haha that shit is offset from tool 5 by maybe .05
so the guy before didnt even know how to index the tooling
and they have the tooling plate and height micrometers to do it

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