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fucking job
i wonder if they fixed the network problem
bossguy said it was ISP related
im like, well then why are you LAN shares fucked (in my head)
guy has cables routed all over his business
why the fuck would he use wifi for the LAN

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01:21 <@`nico> renesis, do you like it more than orcad?
`nico: i did the pmux bullshit with orcad, it was hellish
i tried ultiboard directly after that
i laid out like 4 or 5 little boards in one night, doing ratwire connects in the board editor
the interface is super interuitive and its pretty decent CAD
also neat 3d display, easy to make 3d parts
for bloatware, its pretty awesome
eagle and ultiboard would be what id ask for if i was doing this for company
im pretty sure ultiboard is was more

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00:46 <@timecop> did NI buy multisim
wtf forever ago?
and fuck orcad
7 and 8 were good
i didnt play with 9 much
multisim is to overkill
well its some bullshit
i like ultiboard but i wont use it because of multisim
tho if i was forced by a compy to buy an expensive EDA app
id prob do ultiboard/multisim

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nice, i have redirected airflow

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appreciation for anarchy
eggsalad: neat
i have alot of cardboard
im going to make an 6' ac duct

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my head hurts but i think its the heat

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eggsalad: roar
its good to have self confidense

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oh haha because you didnt ban my username
gpf_1: hallo
who are you?
and stu will prob cry about it and charles will prob ban me soonish
learn how to stfu, pls
oh now everyone is unhappy
ac-130u: answers your question about stu being on the bots? =)

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