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because now i can walk in and set one of those up in a couple hours
also i need to go renew my license, i cant to DMV when its open because of work

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but yeah, $10 for CAD design from whats basically concept sketches, CAM programming, and CNC operation and maintenance
like 10 peoples reactions so far: WHAAAAAAAAAAAT
yeah and ive put in like 50 hours for $10
maybe more, depending how pay negotiations go
but timecop, i can get that much working a random job within 5min of me
i have to take two busses, its between 90 and 120 minutes
then i have to walk like 3 blocks
or i take my bike for that, but then i risk being way late if a busses bike racks are full and i have to wait
i can put Holz-Her/COSMEC Conquest 510, AlphaCAM, and NUM Trace CNC controllers on my resume now

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and i did a week of work anyway just to show him i know my shit and can keep that machine running all fucking day if i want to
yesterday i basically walked in at 7a, cut like 20 boards with his non-english speaking tech (cool guy)
found all the tooling in the shop that belonged to the CNC
and did alot of the weekly and monthly maintenance
when their network went down, i basically laughed and use floppy discs to get code from the CAM machine to the NC controller
aint no broken wifi gonna stop the machine
also the workers were showing u at 5a today
means id have to wake up at 3a
really im more comited to the workers than the boss
but bossman is like, 'come in whenever you want'
direct orders

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but yeah, smart girl, her daddy is a lockheed skunk, and she proven 100 ways she cares about me
really its all an elaborate plan to get with her mom
who ive had a crush on since i was like 7 years old, she was a school worker, heh
but yeah
but yeah, sandi not logical head like jennyfur
so i guess im going to be late for work today
or not go
'hai, okay i prove i can work your machine and silly CAM app, talk about pay on monday'
because boss is trying to fuck me
hahaha no timecop stfu
because fucker isnt paying me shit

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anyway, it boils down to she has self esteem issue
wich i can understand, do understabnd, bend over backwards trying to accomodate
also why shes the nicest girl ever, in context of the general public
but yeah, it sucks because with me, being as close as we are
the self esteem is her excuse for all the dumb shit she assumes or dumb ways she treats me
anyway i wrote a big fucking vent email about it to my oldest friend
who is also one of her closest friends
and sent to her too, because i dont ever wanna talk about that shit or probably to her ever again
`nico: ha my oldest friend is a girl
and weve like, fooled around and done it and etc
13 years now, best advice i ever get is from her
shes like smartest person i know, at reality stuff
im just good at technical and random stuff =(
details, i was kinda going nuts for much of our earlier life
and we might drive each other crazy

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what happened was shes been talking to a guy down here
emails, from her old school
wtf its your bot
anyway, she said a BUNCH of shit and im like
okay so are you full of shit now, or last week
when i was gonna drop my life on the floor and go to see you
even 2 days earlier than i planned because you practically begged
but yeah shes like 'well i think itd be better for us to just be friends'
but she also said thats already what we are, that everything more was just great sex
also that she thought i was going to come up on a weekend still, like were still friends now or something
after all that bullshit
like, i went from being a person she trusted more than anyone else shes been with
so like, recreational sidefuck, over the course of maybe 4 or 5 days
because i told her i was busy twice
because i have to wake up at like 4:30a to be at work
so i had to go to bed early and didnt want to start a convo i couldnt finish
shes from los angeles

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