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i cant believe all that shit fit
damn that antenna con isnt going anywhere
damn theres like a mm gap to the module too

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hmm where is dx
did he not come back from a massage or something?
oh wait he was here couple night ago when my sister was playing with eggsalad

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im gonna need my calipers
like anything under an nch i swear these guys just guess
.1" is big for me, but its like under 1/8" so it doesnt even exist for these guys
boss doesnt even know what size tools hes got in the rack

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because whenever i lose shit i just wander around going 'donde!?'
so yeh
by tomorrow i should have tooling down
ima watch the mexican guy run a couple cycles, or at least walk me thru what he does, to see if hes adding the tooling or its in all their old programs
i hope its not in the programs, means i have to redo all of them if i re-index the tool rack
which i kinda wanna do

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so i think the way its gonna go down is:
design in acad, import to aphacam, shit better be layer based import, tack on all the tooling and toolpath data, post to file and machine, throw 8x4' sheet of MDF onto vacuum spoil plate if one of the mexican guys hasnt done it yet, and either hit go or call up one of the workers to do it
i program from a little 2nd story office pod with windows overlooking shop and air conditioner
dude its pacoima
the shops is like 10 mexican guys and a big black guy
yeah but not just LA, pacoima
like, before it was valleys industrial chop shop district, it was orange groves
dude im whiter than most white people, i cant speak spanish and most white people in LA can
well i speak a little
donde basura
haha sandi joked at me the only spanish i know is 'donde'

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woodshop people dont really make the best mechanical drawings
so i basically have to make sketched into working designs
its 3 axis but thats all theyre doing with it now
operator is a guy the old tech trained
who speaks zero english
and boss has no idea how to run the CAM shit
it took me about a day to figure out how to generate toolpaths and post gcode with alphacam
tomorrow i go in late to meat up with a diff tech who does some jobs for him, to talk about tooling offsets and shit
but i figured out what i wasnt sure about before i went home
basically right after he handed me the manual for the NC machine

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guy prob failed to crack it right or something
i think i have 2k8
2007 dynamic entry shit is pretty 3r337
im pretty sure 2004 doesnt have it
anyway, response is ass
its like sub 2GHz P5 512MB lenovo shit
i click on a menu, i wait 3 sec, hover, wait
whatever its fine
dude autocad ran on DOS shit, its not like its a way diff app
just has tons of gui shit and useless shit tacked on
cad isnt the prob, menu and file management response is
cnc programming and operation, and i guess cad design

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and like a billion processes running
wow the guy who had my job before is listed in sun valley
i know his name because theres like 20 folders named after him
does theres work?
yeh exactly

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256mb nvidia, nice
if i work there much longer ima make the boss buy the computer new ram
that shit is full of juzarez
juzarez (c) me forever
but yeah autocad 2008 is on the box but theyre like use 2004 2k8 dont work
i accidentally clicked it because i use 2k7 or 2k8 at home
has a scene kiddie splash in a goth style instead of normal autodesk one
then it asks me if i wanna buy it, hahaha
also it has daemontools and some other iso app image drive, both vdrives running
some habitual Time Executable error
yahoo toolbar AND fucking AOL

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you can do drugs with timecop!

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apple to fail eccentrically at the wafer level.

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GCAM + Axis is pretty sweet
between the both of them, the opengl feedback has helped me catch pretty much every major error in programming and setup
thats prob not so hard
it just does rs274d or something?
oh cmon dud
i could prob do tha algorithm for that
hehe, k brb peoples

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because i do the work in autocad and transfer points right now
but im pretty sure it does dfx and dwg import
said that, and im not the only one =)
but yeah youll never get GCAM to that level of CAD
well, short of shifting all focus to making it a CAD app
like, line offset and intelligent snaps while mousing
and maybe GCAM can take acads place for alot of stuff
but acad has like 20 little cool things like that
and the UI is fucking amazing, console or gui entry
i <3
yeah but thats kinda my point, GCAM is a CAM app, acad *IS* CAD
the best you could do is emulate it
i know, thats why i think its a waste to spend serious time on CAD type features
as opposed to just making a dxf import
mach has CAM?

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alphacam gui kinda makes me wanna stab
dxf would be awesome
i can design pretty quick in autocad
haha, my cnc programming/operation job is also a cad design job
because wood shop people mechanical drawings are like, pencil scratches on napkins style
with numbers on them, that dont add up
so i basically have to adjust everything till it works and boss says ok
like the first job i did for him was like 'okay i drew that drawing buy the numbers, do you guys have 120" sheets or wood, or wat?'
so yeah, had to knock 25" off that design and still make it functional for two slide out keyboards and like 3' worth of cabinets
this is prob faster now that i can get it to gen toolpaths

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needs to handle negative coordinates
and you need to change last layer only into no zero pass
because honestly zero pass is lame
i dont spend as much tim doing setup as i do to watch my machine do nothing for a complete Z pass
well whatever, the way we didnt do it
because its frustrating and i still dont see the point really
unless youre working on random stock and dont want to do setup or proper roughing passes
dude if it drives me nuts, imagine how a production shop would feel
i think that and the zero coordinate thing was the only real issues ive had
er, neg coordinates thing, sry
besides that its been working really well
i think grid based top locked view would be pretty sweet for entering coordinates
but yeah exact implimentation isnt a big deal
mousing will make it alot faster
the cam backend is pretty good
well, very good

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they played all the songs right and its just sounded flat, dull, kinda loose but not in a flowing improv intentional way
iunno, they sounded old and into themselves, or some shit
twingy: for what?
oh, neat
wow neato
oh no shit
i thought itd all be more $$$
wonder if the eeproms corrupt in certain EMI situations
be fun to test

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my bro worked at a music trade mag and used to give me mail crates full of demo and promo shit
i think i miss the mail crate music more than anything else, and i dont remember the names of like 90% of it =(
but yeah, everything after aenima was kinda not as great, i think
and they played like, sober, prison sex, 46 and 2, and not so much else
and then they sucked at everything new
haha, nate had the best time, he was into it, rawking out the whole time
nate didnt even know wtf tool was =\
okay its kinda like...
red hot chili peppers sounded like 5 guys one brain when frusciante came back
like, totally in time, totally A Band
tool that night sounded like the exact opposite

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they were the worst act i saw at coachella i think
massive attack the night before and the 5min of drum n bass in the electronica was better
everyone built it up too like it was gonna be the best shit i ever saw
1st thing maynard does is cry about how people downloaded the unreleased albul
fucker, i didnt even know it was unreleased
all i know is that lots of tool fans had it, and lots of tool fans loved it
and im pretty sure it went at least gold in the first couple weeks
i <3 tool, but that show was crap
haha my friend has been into them since they played little clubs with RATM
his mom took him to a show when he was like 10
but he was all like 'r u ok? you didnt like the show, did you?'
jezus fuck thats forever ago
i had a jezus lizard demo before i knew what it was

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their set sucked when i saw them
and maynard is a whiny bitch
apperently the set list didnt change the whole tour, because it was all synced to the video show
which people keep throwing up as an excuse
like, really, i dont give fuck all about tool videos
i didnt pay movie for their video production skills
i saw corn
i think at family values
defontes too, chino is kinda old and awkwards, heh
still drunk!
but yeah, korn was like 10x better than i expected
dude i dont give a shit
i can find hours of bullshit like that on the net
and not just 3sec meshed clips
i wanted to see a tool show
im like hardcore into the first 3 albums, they played like 2 or 3 songs
and they were all radio shit
and its not like they were playing them well and it was better than studio to be there

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should work fine
kinda a bitch to operate, tho
if you move them in sync, tho, you would always get R/2
you might have init issues
yeah if you init them and theyre not getting flipped by noise, should be ok

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ITS 7:40PM

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fuck suits
well, actually no
i look pimp in a suit
but only because it looks so wrong, its right
its like a mohawk punk in a tuxedo, it just works somehow
but yeah, fuck working in a suit
yeah looks like they do alot of diff stuff
omg im going to blow up this fools phone
6 hour leadtime wtf

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theyre like business services for agriculture?
that sounds like a cool place to work
yeah i shopwed up to both interviews in black tshirt, dickies, pumas
guy who i work for is always in tshirt and shorts
sometimes a nice shirt, and shorts
haha no
cant wear a tie with a tshirt =\
yeah im just going for shop jobs right now tho
if it was a bench tech, i might do whote shirt and tie
prob still wear dickies
anything IT id prob buy some nice pants
rab: heheh
a poor one
my mom was like OMG
i told her i was almost overdressed
my shit didnt have any tears or stains
yeah thats kinda fucked up

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they bustin people hard for not following the rules
and if youre doing a grow without medical cards, youll get popped, they been bustin people up
thats why my best friend had to move away =(
he ok tho, he wasnt home
well, he had a medical card actually, but he was way over any limits
heh, georgia air is fucked up
hehe, nervous
oh thats kinda hrash, yeh
im pretty much balls out whatever about shit like that
like, all the shit in my life has fucked me over, im not about to be afraid of some interviewer ass
which either works out well, or not at all
for IT stuff or office worker stuff?

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so leds work on plants
one more educated than i said the 3W array is working amazing
that my growth in dirt rivals HPS setups in hydroponics
evil tomatos!
and yes its almost outgrown the box
it started off as like 2 leaves from the clone and a new leaf
now its like...
7 big leafs, most are mature (7 tipped)
and about as many new leafs
not quite as dark green as id like but its def doing well
all i done is watered it twice in two weeks
so yeh, time to get a medical card
up to 6 evil tomato plants, legal
with no limit on size
so you can do a vine around a room if you wanted
(yes, people do that shit)
these kind
unless you registered as a caretaker for someone else
you dont even need a medical card to grow, you can do it as someones caretaker

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for what?
if its a divider it might not matter
if its wired like a rheostat, it likely matters
is it a good 40W iron?
or ratshit with screw in tips
man fuck those
i was cleaning out a toolbox and i found one other day
forgot how horrible they were
25W prob fun w/ high temp solder, heh
those things cant hold a steady temp worth a shit either
thats the dvd rip app?
er, no wait thats vobcopy
or its part of that mess?
yeh i knew i knew that binary

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my god 7p
i talked to him about this at like 1p
he fucking went to sleep
yeh timecop knows more about that shit than me
theyre quick enough you can prob do it faster than human time
look for timings
if theyre in the uS or nS range, youre prob good
ha two in parallel

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like, i was at a facility with 40 boys
38 were taking prescrip psychotropes
39 were written up as taking them, my friend wouldnt but they said he was just to collect his monthly insurance payout
and EVERYONE gets a diagnosis
at least SED (severely emotionally disordered)
(whatever the fuck that really means)
i think by the end my full tag was bipolar with psychotic tendancies (insomniacs, ph33r)
but yeah 100% of kids in a situation that was likely their parents fault, not theirs, shouldnt be on drugs for mental illness
and yes until my fucking connect shows up

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a big pro one or a little digi cute one?
tried it yet?
or you waiting
dead on, or close?
oh, yeah that might be the cap
not the meter
so i looked and the $800 extra in the bank turned into $1600 extra
disability backpay pending appeal, yay
its hush money!
because i dont sue them for fucking up my life
i prob have a decent case, every place i was stored at has been shut down for child abuse and/or insurance fraud
also the destroyed my school records, water damage? WTF

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hes in .jp
prob still ships from here
anyway he prob doesnt need $25 worth
+ $1000 shipping
they dont like timecop
i dont have to go back to work till like 3p tomorrow

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im hungry

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sounds like mexico
its not an epoxy dot?
wonder what the resistance gunk is

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ttmustang: jes, was the only one i interviewd for =D
macegr: sweeeet

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job is neat

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