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even if the post apocolypse american design is shit =(
there is one i think
or maybe someone just mentions it like a joke

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they prob would, too
they prob do, with that screensaver =(
no i mean the whole thing
look overdone or something
hope so
they better not fuck this up
this is prob gonna be my life for a few months =\
why they gotta reinvent pipboy
kinda, yeh
well yeah they can make new ones same footprint like the old one
that one doesnt look any smaller, heh
now its weighing your arm down all the time and shit
banging against your big guns

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okay yeah so for some reason they couldnt make shit small
yeh fureal
brotherhood of steel prob has a battery bible
maybe they have little fission reactors, iunno
yeah they got like, servo joints, or some shit
7seg on crt is just so wrong
it didnt even look vectored
dunno just looks wrong

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i was thinking a long butcher paper stencil
and some wide masking tape
and a roller with hot pink acrylic paint
i hope they have a glass building
pip boy looks bit to new and shiny and modern
its like, 7SEG on CRT
fallout world didnt have aliens
so they didnt have silicon transistor technology
dude the water chip wasnt even pocket sized
was there LEDs?
yeah but blinky can be neon or incadescent
but it could have all been tubes behind the panels

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get some url catcher and !google and !weather action
at least url catcher
oh neat i got into the bot finally
its good im going to have a job because if fallout3 sucks i have to go to maryland and troll bethesda
thats prob gonna cost a bit of money

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thats kinda funny
instead of a gun hed have pens, envelopes and stamps with prerolled letters to your isp
ima stamp schema with last led equation and watch chocolate
okay i should call the shell people and tell them to reset my passwd
make the bot useful

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blackmoon: does it do that when the lines are being driven?
like will it randomly reset while the device is sending data
oh that sucks
yeah okay

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23:17 -!- ^DX^ [~dx@c-24-99-22-37.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #dnbradio
23:17 < ^DX^> renesis is an asshat and drums are gay

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signal generator = dac w/ optional active filter
or maybe you could hax a smps chip

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you fuck it up itll burn hard =\
thats alot of shorted out energy
signal generator, high speed class-d controller, fet bridge, step up transformer
AC->DC, with possible 90% efficiency
dx^: awesome

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i wonder what freq range he wanted
under 100KHz i bet he can hack it with d-audio chips
depends on current
and i think he wants to drive motors
he got cam working, so now he gotta point it at shit
he might need a current boost stage
like in between
theres industrial controller chips that will prob do what he wants, too
ive never liked that circuit
copper is expensive but coils are pimp
dx^: very low esr caps + fets instead of diodes
not so hard

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what kind of AC?
variable freq?
i dunno
yeah dx and blackmoon prob know more
its caps and diodes no?
so you diode drop
also esr
i still think fet bridge to generate AC and current
into transformer
transformers are pretty efficient arent they?
yeah thats badass
anything about 85% is like <3 <3 <3
you can do amplitude in the fets
you want a class-D amp, basically
with a tube amp simulation output
yes ty

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ok, all thats left is labels and values in the schema
and haxing the rail planes so little things get thermals but big things dont
MOSFET hbridge, output LPF
oh you need boost
transformer after that
ferrite toroids #1

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twingy: sweet
i think i want that

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neat, ty
can probably make a cnc mounted squirt tool
oh haha yeah that might work
vias is this years big wtf
just vias
thats twingies idea
but finding tube stock with thing enough walls is hard

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okay almost done with input adjustment on tube board

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dont op them they are bad.
eggsalad: why cant you be an op?
i cant buy subatoms at digikey, i dont care
min qty 50M

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id never buy an ATI
i dont like their distribution model
like, fine, everyone buys the wrong gfx card
they bought the whole company
i have a gf5 because my gf6 fried

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im gonna make a module out of the inverting sections i routed for tube

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macegr: do i put the switchers on the panel or in the psu
i think in the panel
user puts the range of voltage and ground on the 2 terminals
fused with a fat TVS and a fat rev diode
like, try and fuckup my leds, foolish users
(me w/ dmm probes)

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chiken breasts and thighs, boneless, completely trimmed, and filleted in half
and then yeah, tasty oils and good herbs and shit
almost anything works
that sucks
sesame oil is more expensive
sesame oil is strong
so you just need to add like a half tablespoon to a few tablespoons of peanut poil
or veggie oil if youre into soy
i neever test anymore
heh, i havent pulled the pcb fixture off the table in months

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mrtube: no DRC errors, no more airwires
all leds with parallel resistors added
i moved the ground bridge up so it doesnt liv directly under an output resistor
thats just seemed like a bad place
i have to go thru and check them schema
but yeah gainclones just work
mrtube: okay i wanna change the input circuit
before the little gainclone and the buffer for the big ones
because right now the coupling cap is after the pot
so you have a 20K or 10K pot in parallel with a reactive load of about 10K
so itll change the load on the source when you adjust volume
yeah so cap first
and then we can do a higher impedance input
is that it
theres more right
hmm =\
ok good job

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board houses dont even do it like that (because it would be hard)
no, most of them prob just buying machines and paying engineers
but yeah maybe a wire feed thing for vias
like a MIG type thing with solder and wire pair coming out
like the litz wire idea
pad size kinda involved, too
cuz i think would probable work with big enough fluxed pads
ha, it could drop flux down the wire
messy little machine

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will it kill us?
yeah you can do thast during drills
hmm, neat
is it one part or two part?
well but fuckit if it means zero leadtime for THP boards, worth it i guess
the edm tube thing looked like it would work for decent $
especially if you could get a manufacturer to make you little short stubs
are they too brittle or just too thick?
yeah not even a pinhole on the ones i saw

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hmm, i think its done
thats like a ship container
thats alot of energy
twingy: there isnt some supertoxic epoxy sit we can squeegee onto boards to do thru hole plating?
its conductive?

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but it would need to be cutoff completely
meaning it just ate into something a streamlength
tho thats not nearly as bad as of fuck im in half but im not quit dead
thats neat
i should try something with the 1" acrylic
senior tube!
the board is almost done

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hahaha, funny hello world
thats really clear
the guy said usually the only have to run the machine once or twice a week
and they have enough parts to work with
so maybe when im there enough bossguy will be cool with me running my own stuff when cnc is down
well i saw an auction for it just now where it went for $55K
so yeah, sounds about right
the powder stuff?
yeah that shit is nuts
i think we have those on our aircraft cariers
thats what shields are for thos
shit isnt going thru .125" steel and .75" acrylic at long range
that could work easy with metal probably

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i got a 2nd interview for wood cnc job
that shit is maybe 8ft across
i think this will work out, i showed up in grey dickies and a black tshirt and he was like in goofy tshirt and shorts
and i guess i get to work in some air conditioned 'upstairs' place
haha at my school shop 'upstairs' is across the street and up 3 steps
but yeah its pay i want and i dont have to work in a production metal machine shop
which scares me
altho tals dad works for some shady isrealis, who got some high end machines
with laser guards and shit
so if this doesnt work out he says i can prob get a job there, i guess im way more qualified than the illegals who work there now

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handle it
theres like zero dr people in here

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50 boards stfu
oh, hai
i hope i get wood cnc job
i told sandi she was happy
instead of like OMG WHEN ARE YOU COMING
nice reception

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i dont care they have bike hubs made
i want that
in my bike wheel
fuck that
my haro is heeeeavy
also me too
i dont like big bikes my 24" bmx is perfect
and i hate clicky gears
look what they did
they painted over the flat black vent grills

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so like, drop a few lbs in fork and crank, and CVT, and haro tankbike will be ultramega
i think hes pointing out the wrong radius with his fingers
its the radius from the device main shaft to the ball/transfer disc contact point, not from the center of the balls to the contact point
but yeah, looks neat

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black or red soldermask
quick, say
or no soldermask
no soldermask would be kinda pimp
only think exposed around the leds would be grounded vent holes
okay but black is extra pimp
i might be getting that but for 24" from a #cars person
cuz my bike is a little heavy!
and then i might get a CVT rear hub
i hate click gears but the cvt looks awesome
macegr: ^^

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maybe chunks of 3/4" acrylic with a pocket in back and some 3/16" in front to cover the traces for fuse/tvs/diode/connectors
if i make alot i can do a plastic casting and a thing steel or Al or acrylic plate for the back
or maybe silicone gasket
and acrylic plate, to cover fuse/diode/TVS/connectors
in series?
oh neat
oh yeah you mean your goldmine thing i was still thinking shifty rails
nice footprint

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they can deal with the series voltage, or no?
oh i did digikey BOM for one of my panels, its $50
for 260 leds, transistors resistors fuses diodes TVS connectors
12.5W per panel
im doing fuses on the back now
because competition use open LEDs
so im just going to have exposed PCB and 5mm leds, pins all the way into the panel, aluminum or drilled acrylic back, and then i dunno for the fuse cover

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he says people come in wanting like 16/hr
mostly immigrants
hes like, wtf
also he asked if i was okay with actually like, putting wood into the machine and running it
which is funny because thats like most of what hes paying for really
so yeah maybe i can get a car in a months or so
im probably going to get a running integra
cuz like, eventually i can put that into the crx
120hp in 1700lbs = rapid merging

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i found the lumileds superflux 3mm datasheet
its like tiny version of the 5mm one
i wanna try normal leds first
because normal 5mm sockets, i can use all sorts of diff lenses
my first ones are gonna be like 20deg
which is exactly opposite whatever everyone else is doing, heh
i need blue too
the kingbrights im using have matched output, its neat
oooh, nice
thats a neat package
macegr: did you read i got 2nd interview monday?
at the wood cnc job i wanted
the one was like 'how much' im like 'low mid twenties' hes like 'neat'
they do autocad and um, alphacam, or something
for hourly pay

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and id wanna space them out anyway
i can buy those too
or hmm what pinout
yeah 3mm is still that 4p pinout

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hmm, wow

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im gonna do samus
and get someone to kiss the board
naw fuckit ima just do samus now i dont wanna wait

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ttmustang: haha that schema is nuts
yeah i dunno

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or maybe thats the middle of a quarter sandwich
okay yeah
its like dull copper
you can burn off the outside pennies with a torch
because its for barn on fire?
or because its just ultra spaghetti style

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timecop: stop being in .tw
timecop: how much do you pay chinapcb for your little boards?
i wonder if his phone beeps when he gets irc highlights
they usually hide tech labs
photoetch process
the gerber files are CNC code to run photoplotter devices
just makes a decent resist
the acid cant get under it
just at the edges, but not so much area for it to eat away at
like maybe .004 to .008 thick
so it prob undercut the sharpie a tiny bit, but the big area okay
theyre zinc alloy i think

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ha, thats cool

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china sleeps, just doesnt have weekends
might work fine
thats not a bad idea
chipamps are neat
like i know i can have an excellent amp without alot of money, that will always work
okay neat
because your board is good
but i felt way rushed on my board
yeah theyre internal resistor and capacitors werent as good im pretty sure

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because cost of 1/2W 1206 is fucked up
to split power for the mute resistors and the leds resistors
but yeah hey fit no prob, so thats neat
because its the diff between like $.03 nice resistors or $.40 nice resistors
youre not as likely to have 1/2W around if you wanna build more
thats always the $$$
chips are only $5
its prob not $40
its prob like $20 or $30
because the 2oz also cost extra and i think thats where they put the cost for both
thats fine
i asked if its more work for them to do multiple colors
mostly im curious
havent answered prob went to sleep

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almost done, doing leds now
i was gonna try and finish everything today
and gtfo of LA for a week by sunday
but now i have a job interview on monday
2nd interview, for the wood CNC thing i wanted
so yeah no rush
i want 2 at least
i wanna redo the fischer cabinets
i moved the ground bridge up so its not right under the output resistors
leds are mostly added, im doing resistor values now
mute is 4K, for like 2mA*4
so 3x 12K in parallel

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heheh, minibarn fire

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it was like a gradon in a tube and the dragon would blow smoke into the tube when you took a hit
bowl was on its back or something
haha wtf, *dragon
haha ok, so now we see if sandi is happy, or pissed
i was gonna do these two boards and go hang out in chico for a week, cuz she said sry alot and got sane and were cool now

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i did when that nurse girl accidentally deleted hers and then turned into a robot
like how the fuck do you accidentally delete that shit
it asks you are you sure like 3 times
yes the fairchild girl
she was cool, we smoked and she didnt get weird
she was big, but she had huuuge tits, and her butt not so bad
anyway, she came over and like someone i knew came over than like 2 of my sisters friends came over
so like there was two many people for a moment, think she felt weird about it
ha nice
then like her dad died a year earlier
i dunno she was all emotional about that
she had a really cool pipe

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yeah thats kinda nuts
really anymore than that is almost abnormal for younger girls
know what fuckit
im leaving these fischer 10"
removing the breaker bullshit
and this is how i will end them
eventually ill wanna turn the little volume trimmer up
200W has got to be bad for them, even under 100Hz
has to be
wow she big, if shes not annoying thats not so bad
but shes not like anna nicole big
but she will be if you keep her probably
she can prob stomp you out
she big, you still damaged

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and biamp them and run the his and mids passive xover
heheh ok
i will paste to turdis
back pains fool
if getting rid of your titties would make your back stop hurting, would you do it?
hahaha wtf
and someone in my chan finally banned wkr4ker
it was like, 6 or 8 peoples i known forever, wkr4ker, and submarines
no more submarines
ok i dunno maybe he didnt talk about the submarine
but he was there for awhile so prabably
maybe he wants to be a gulf drug smuggler
he must like getting it from pigs

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im just leds and labels from being done with tube board
oh and some part values
tune teh inputs
also i have the AC coupling caps after the volume trimmer because i added those after
so its all, hai i am your changing impedance when you adjust volume
k neat
and theres totally enough room for the parallel 1/4W 1206 resistors for leds and mutes
.40 for a 1206, i dont care its half watt, WTF
hehe, i think i wanna build these amps as much as tube now
i decided im gonna swap out the 10" on my passive fischers (hi and mid are already replaced)

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rab: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QOV4S9TP
chocolate subs
i should watch that soon

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oh hi
default kernels always suck

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digikey needs ^z in search
omg like .40 for 1/2W 1210
fuck that im using 3x $.03 1/4W 1210 in parallel

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thats like free advice from a consultant to JPL!
okay not free, $20/unit
i think its one
something one day
is truth
the tek i have at home is a 22 series w/ DSO
80s vector style
i dont think i could use it for what i do without the DSO
too much digital and low speed
if i figure out the rs232 on it i can do data aquisition with it
heh, last time i tried to hook it up, it did something weird to the digital shit, for a couple days
prob dumped something into a cap somewhere

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we had hp/agilent scopes, i didnt think it was was diff than the tds once i figured the menus out
hehe, we had agilent bench supplys, signal gens, DMM
at every single station, maybe 50 total
teacher knocked off the agilent truck or something
that sucks
i think the spectrum analyzer we had was HP/agilent too
we only had one of those, tho
thats this was neat, also huge
and then tons of tek 22xx scopes
like, 70-80s analog ones
i miss that place
haha, they said they didnt care if i audited the project class whenever i wanted

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that means something in latin or something?

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