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fucked up

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mrtube: check ur emails
its done, except for rail monitor LEDs
i have to adjust me 0805 polar footprint
it worked better i think, with the common mutes
k bbl laundry, GTR2

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some weird light tube fail lamp
i made a ghetto milk shake
no ice cream =\
its like, milk ice peach jelly sugar cinnamon cloves blend
its crunchy!
i didnt wanna go anywhere
laundry is happening

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15:09 <+renesis> m0sphere: biamp power section
98% done yay!
i have to add power monitor LEDs
i have to fix my polar 0805 lib
and adjust isolates and width and and do some hax to get the chip caps thermaled and the other shit not

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haha one ratwire left on senior tubes board

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