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it says im done
but i dont believe it
oh i know why

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3 airwires left
all ground connects
almost done

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GTR2 = fun
were racing this super long european road course
6-12 min laps depending on cars
so you have to do an out lap
before a lap that counts
and its all hills and curves
gapped with huge rolling straights
parts of it thru european towns
its like nurburgring but harder

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i want a controller pendant
for jogging
so i can like machine with a joystick
yeah can prob just wire it into serial
um, hella openoffice
no u
werent you doing some billion cell spreadsheet?
that should have been done in a db anyway =\
okay so after that it always crashes
that sucks

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dx^: you mean for like contracted work or what?
with serious shit you do that first or bad things happen towards the end =(
for what
project class?
is this your solar thing?
just pretend like youre making the 1st page of a datasheet for it i guess

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rotary table and math

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haha metal machining is so wasteful!

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so um
if i use an external switch
smps chip shouldnt care about output voltage, right?
i sure hope not
feedback shouldnt be a problem
yeah i guess itll be okay
omg whats it making
oh see whats its boring with?
insert holder on straight shank
i wanna get that for my fairie mill

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so i have an extra taig headstock to build a spindle into
i have to do lathe hacks on my taig
i dont think it will work
i never took the project CNC class
i think the haas lathe at school is still alive
yeah, maybe some tiny tack nail just to keep it together while gluing
big nails and screws tear that shit up =(
like omg where is my wood going

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next pres is gonna have a hard time, poor guy
he won
its over
democratic party elected rep
its all them
hillary is such a bitch with this popular vote shit
she thinks were dumb
only id you dount count caucuses
and the two states that dont count
they made some deal
if you count caucus state votes, shes not ahead
she lost almost all caucus states
because they dont count votes as well
or not at all in some districts
so fuckem, right
shes a bitch
a sore fucking loser, she been losing for months
ya rly
people actually talking to people
and the billary fails
random name recognition and bad propoganda, clinton wins
for what?
rice paper is .001"
roling papers
rice paper might be bad for that
best shit to set Z with

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because it maintains a 1.25V reference across those pins
thats how you set the output voltage normally
but you can just use that to set current thru a resistor
you use the adjustment refence instead of Vbe of a transistor
so already youre getting an extra .5V loss
also you have to deal with dropout
317, thats prob around 2V
so now your current reg has like a 3.5V dropout
dual BJT current source is 1V dropout, only .6V across the set resistor
so you can use a smaller wattage one
its like 1/3 cost and 3x more efficient
prob not nearly as reliable
but my thing has fuses and rev protection diodes and im going to put spike protectors on it
ouch at vise shipping
haha gobama

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no you just use one resistor instead of two
output to adj thru a set resistor
take current output off the adj pin
thru the resistor
its horribly inefficient
because its a 1.25V reference
compared to the .7V ref in the BJT source i use
yes, on any adjustable vreg
put a resistor on adj and vout
pull current off the adj node
thru a resistor, yes
and not really into it
you pull a bit of current from the adj pin
you want pics?
its running for days
also its per natsemi and TI doc spec
anyway, its horrible wasteful
compared to the dual BJT or a BJT + MOS design
put Vin on the input
put a resistor from output to adj
and pull current from adj
thats it

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deadbug lm317 Ireg + 10 led prototype still working, 21mA, like 2 or 4 days now
so wow, adj Vregs make pretty decent Iregs
macegr: make your usb thing do: SHIFT * 5 + ENTER

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oh its just clk/dat/lat serial
shiftbrite code becomes LM1972 code
so i think his amp thing is gonna work
because now even tals failclone works now
and that was the only gainclone i know of that didnt work

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mrtube: i have these national overture digital attenuators
i might throw them into my friends amp thing
it used to be a rack mount server, it has these weird octal counter encoders on the front panel
two of them
so i was gonna is an LM1972 and some avr to do volume based on the little counter encoder setting
its neat you have to use a pen or a pin to click the counter up or down
i can give his ghetto amp back with a little digital volume module
housewarming gift, feer

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kk laters
oh no problem
stuff id have to figure out anyway
i think i wanna redo this in modules, with dip and 0805, just the non inverting ones
and then do inversion with an inverting amp with some gain
and run a parallel non inverting amp with same gain
timecop: status of finding my chinese rack chassis

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oh yeah by then for sure
thats actually good if you wanna aim for that
because i wanna go thru and doublecheck schema and routing
and then i want to redo my led board
cheaper better more tree hugging
so i can submit both and try and get them to do a deal and bundle the shipping
i was like, $40 fedex, stupid china all far away
yeah ourpcb is a china fab house
fuck them
theyre tards
they sent my board to someone else
and sent me their board
and then fucked up on instructions
after doing it the right way once
and got my school tech in trouble =(
he made this dissapointed face at me, it hurt
a few and one big one considering they sell themself as a prototype house
easy to not fuckup big orders, they mean $$$, everyone loves $$$
also their email spam is sometimes offensive

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and the others wouldnt even turn on, unless you uses external resistors (we dont have to because natsemi loves us)
its like leds, the chances that the diode drops are exactly matched are very small
so you dont directly parallel without buffering resistance
but they put that inside
its all the reefer, son
so i realized i only need 13*20mA
which is 260mA
so i need much less smps
fucking blue led 4.0V Vf
i will rewire the mutes

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mute transistor emitter goes thru two diodes and a 1K to mute pin
base in on ground
so when mute pin is on ground, that transistor is dead
when you pull it to Vee, transistor pulls current, which biases a current mirror circuit
anyway, it has a resistor in the circuit already
so i dont need an external ones
if it was just two diodes and a Vbe, connecting them together would maybe be very bad
but they are smrt\
you do, but just one
the internal resistor makes sure all the mutes get similar current
or else the external RC circuit might just dump into one mute

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mrtube: the 1K splits the current
like, its...
theres not enough parenthesis in there, heh
anyway, they just call it |VEE|-2.4V/Imute=Rmute
you pull current from it
but its off the negative rail
its connected to what i think is a current mirror after active protection circuitry

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so mute is 2.4V
because .7V*3
two diodes and a Vbe and a 1K R
so it should be okay to tie them, because they have the 1K resistor in there
i blended my strawberry lemonade with ice
the powder is still falling to the bottom
ima have to boil it first to get it perfect

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hahah, usb-prank pcb looks kinda like star wars blaster cannon or something

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but how wide!
chicks dig width.
resume almost compelz0r
wow i typoed the kiddie typo
mrtube: can i gank pic of half built speakers for resume pics?
also im going to flickr-blog the fuck outta my sine shit
because i found the code and my resume has a write up (i was like wow no shit)

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im hungry
also, fuckhead opamp teacher says theres no way to compensate for input bias current offset
aside from trying to do every amp one by one
but its like, nA, not mV, like Vin offset usually is
also if its a big issue ur prob doing it wrong or using the wrong part or something

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its error compensation
ideally opamps are infinite input impedance
but thats not real
TL072 and LF412 are jfet input, so very low input bias current, so people leave them off alot
or stick them there at random
sometimes i even see them on voltage follower circuits, like, wtf is that about
like, the feedback resistors in parallel will compensate for the error
assuming the input bias current offset is low
okay i have to help my mom carry stuff because shes such a fucking midget

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mrtube: okay i guess ill run them together
diy audio forum stuff and they have the mute circuit in the datasheet
should be okay to connect them
he didnt put the input bias current compensation resistor on bjt input opamp =(
national usually puts the smaller feedback resistor on the + input

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dx^: why cant i just buy their super vitamin
for magnesium and chromium and shit
so like
super everything, glucosamine/chondroitin/msm, fishies, gingko biloba
damn why
hey i need metabolism

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yeah eat veggies
i just dont pay attention
hmm i should ride my bike more
dx^: neeeeat

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unless someone robert kenndys his ass
if i had an running automobile i would look for jobs in WA
did you get it
did you get it
no cmon rly you didnt
i will laugh if hillary is mathematically impossible and she still doesnt give up
chiken stuffer!
macegr: yay
macegr: yay
oh thats good
no hes just big really
hes not even like super big because hes like 7ft tall
or something

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rab: like almost 3 pages of profile/goals, education, jobs, skills, ninja rankings
and then its just little project writeups with pics
each is maybe 2 pages, more than half is pics
haha @ tempered glass
but yeah everyone i shown it to is like, 'wow projects, neat resume'
and twingys contractor guy was into it, he called like 'i dont think you will have problems with an engineering degree, so like, how serious are you about school instead of job?'
i would call dude back, but i dont think i can do maryland
im like a pacific ring of fire kinda guy
looking like obama will win and i wont have to move far away

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damn looks thick

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i think im going to add the curiously strong speakers to resume project writeups
i have...
vfd clock psu, stk500 adsr synth, and pcb fixture
so then itll be like 2 cad/cam/cnc projects and two electronics

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is tals dad, i just fixed tals gainclone, for good luck
okay so i should go hook up the gainclone cuz its daylight
bump thru that bigass box to test a bit
then do resume and call guy up
they has a laser

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im like where the fuck did i put that shit...
yeh. electronics work for a few people and procrastinating on resume for deep search
actually i should do my resume right now
and call my friends dad up

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haha, nice
i always feel weird in houses like that
$250K is alot
for any little business
yeah if he can keep shit level and not get caught for stupid shit
but if hes just dishonest he prob gonna get fucked over eventually
yeah thats fucked up i wouldnt

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oh thats fucked up
how did you find out?
he just sloppy or he trust you or what
cool dr
for something

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[chew cigar]
haha he only lit that shit when they were about to die
which was almost never
senior tube board, almost done
im doing labels and shit
yeah id feel kinda used if they were just calling me up a couple days a week too
ha, fucked up

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oh thats so awesome
i had them backwards on top
so when i mirrored them it just worked

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i put the vregs on top
and rerouted them

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