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macegr: middle florida was hard on my chest first couple days
like it was alot of effort to move the humid air in and out
tals failclone is almost rebuilt
i gotta find a 9VAC transformer for the fans

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guys guys, lm317 current source working okay
12V 17mA, 24V 20mA, 36V 20mA
driving 4 leds

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omg its working

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i have deadbug sot223 current reg

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you guys whats wrong with digikey
hm, just their searcher is fucked

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tomatoes of course, but it all works the same with plants
but yeah, you just trim the edges of the rootball
and pack in with more soil
so the roots and trunk get mad thick
okay but hypothetically
if i got a medical card and i wanted, to, i think the law is still 6 plants, so id have one mommy plant and 5 clones
maybe with one week offset
i wanna try onions actually

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tals is the only braingt pcb gainclone i ever hard of failing
i have more pcbs to do first
ima do curiously strong audio test gear
not at all!
no these are for me
im doing the led board today
500 x 5mm LEDs, 1000mcd @ <20deg
also i have to find some adjustable vregs
i got them
i have sot223 lm317 somewhere
those, or hopefully LDO, + one resistor = current sink
according to national datasheet
plant lights
they def work, no doubt
and the guy who gave me a plant to try says its growing very, very fast, especially for dirt
ima bonsai mommy her

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actuated by flush buttons so you need a paperclip to push them
so i might put an avr on it that reads tha encoders
and adjusts LM1972 digital attenuators based on the encoder setting
google gaincard laboratory 47 gainclone lm3875
was like $3000
its just a chipamp (LM3875) and a couple ~2000uF caps and 3 resistors
and an input pot
and some connectors
and a silly case
and a toroid in a mini oil drum called the 'power hoopty'
its just an amp
that sold for $3k built out of a $5 natsemi chip
well, yes
but also analog ninjas
LM3875 is legend
LM3886 obsoletes the legend

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almost done with tals gainclones
eggsalad is in pain?
am i an ass because i fixed tals gainclones without his help?
it has these weird encoders
on the front panels, rotaty octal behind plastic windows

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almost ready to rewire tals amp

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okay check ur email
i should have left out the images
do you have alot of email space?
is like 5mb
and the datasheets
well lemme know ill repack
ima go find foods

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how much were the mallory caps?
i wouldnt mind some caps for a big psu
nice caps
no i dont need expensive caps that tall

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mailing you files, going to sleep
do muts and finish power tomorrow
and what did you want to do with the red led?
yeah thats so sad tho
i could do a real simple avr temp sensor
national linear temp sensors, maybe go to 120C
or a $5 amp and thermocouple
you dont need an avr actually
ill think about doing that
sec lemme find part...
i have some of those here actually
can use a pot to set wtf temp
give it a range like 90C-maxC

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i should do a preamp
and use my gainclones
slow blow caps, transformer can prob take it
er, slow blow fuses
oh haha
yeah maybe

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yeah but they have $1M per seat autorouters
ive never had gainclones fail
check this out
my friend who found the gainclone shit for me
his failed
he brought his failamp over today
i opened it up and looked at it for 5min
he flipped signal ground and signal input
so yeah, all swap out his wire with some pc psu wiring
and itll be fine
yeah and noise and it was shorting the source to ground
he said he got it working once
somehow he coupled noise into the outputs, who knows what he was sourcing it with
but yeah, so that shit prob works
so ive never had a failed gainclone
also, ive done bpa200
it was my first pcb
prob not very efficient
the amp i use is a technics chipamp
reciever thing
its like, 1/3 audio board, 1/3 huge chipamp and heatsink, 1/3 psu
i think mine is like 30W or something

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so it fucking made sense to me
its sane
its like a mixer circuit, or diffamp
i can tie them
but if you do it like that, you can twist the wires or use twinlead
and get the signal off the pcb and signal traces and power traces
then use adapters or just solder the wires together, telephone splice style
jumping over the signals
thell drop to the bottom and be wires together thru one trace
few more DC caps goes around there
the signal opamp dc caps
like 100uF or so
also the mute circuits
but i need sleep
i did the connector libs and the powt libs and everything is pretty much setup
mrtube: he does digital shit, its like 3 chips, connect the dots, add a ton of little DC filter caps
like his board was hard as fuck but it took maybe 6 hours first time and 4 hours second time
just because theres not alot to it
and digital is kinda noise immune by nature

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