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wow, mrtubes board now seems suddenly super easy

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yeah i have to call up credit agencies and take my shit off paranoid status
i dont even try applying for shit, nothing is automatic id have to call places and have bunch of shit sent to me probably so i can sign it
debit shit is the same if its not from my bank, i think because the cards are visa/mc tagged
It usually takes 3-4 business days to transfer funds from your PayPal account to your bank account, depending on your bank's policies.

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anyway, ty for job, the money def wont hurt
that was kinda fun too, i didnt think i could do it
yeah i dont even remember how i did it before
i wish you could use paypal at digikey

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k ima do shower thing
i have no herb, sister also dry, sucks
oh isolation or something?
properties for the pour
oh wtf
is that about
trace or via gap setting, my only guess
hmm, maybe i copied those or reused or idunno
haha @ hikari mail subject
okay then it was maybe using the trace settings

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oh there was already one there
wtf wai is it connected to xtal out
k deleted that one i think
k its good
you want my files or yours are cool?
k neat i can just fuck with tubes board tomorrow
haha ya rly

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oh wtf blogger
haha dickhead

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timecop: check ur emails
did you like drive away and end up back at office or something
haha stuck
no fucking idea
im was sure it wasnt gonna happen, shit just worked out

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timecop: your shit is done

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timecop: vcc broken in 2 areas
almost done =D
when is your day over?
prob be done in like 30min
have to drop the gnd pour
maybe less time
think so
oh, just 1.8

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okay is that what the grey shit is?
okay im clear

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timecop: haha bitch i think i did it
the board, foolio
looking like its gonna fit, towards done
gimme like an hour or so
i gotta score some cigs and then do some drc busywork
i havent done signals yet and rails and gnd maybe need a few connection bottom side
but ive used like none of the bottom, so signals should route hella quick
and like little more than 1mm play
on the module
as straign thru as it gets
youd have to rotate chip like 45 deg to do straighter
i tried to put the usb pins on the bottom but the xtal fucks that up
i didnt even drop a ground plane, its all routed with traces
so the ground pour should just work
else ima stab

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timecop: is the module moving or not

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FLAC biatch.

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man fuck expresscards

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whats a little bit
thats fucked up
like 5mm 2mm what
lazy ass
shit i have to go to welding like now
and pick up my shit

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haha, yeah fine
pay same like last time?
oh no 10 days left
omg you prob sell these things for like $1K each
ha wtf 4 months
okay ima flip it
and its gonna fit perfect, watch

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