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no stu
you are not the act
this is me reacting
did i mean act?
anyway stu
get a fucking life
ive done hours of tech talking today
youve been lame retarded stu
well i was talking about tech before i had to take the time to point out how stu is a sad pathetic bitch with ego problems
treating the chan like his little trollbox

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if i was in a pub with you
id totally do this
youre friends pack their panties?
dude you sound like a whole group of lames
hello english teacher is using my work as class examples
and asking me for letters of rec
you decide
see youre a lame
you cant deal with reality
you have to make shit up to troll
remake the language'
its happened a thousand times
w00t is a real word now =D
no def not
my goal is not to influence diction forever
if it happens, so be it
charles go fuck yourself, kthx
kick stu out for trolling
like a proper op
and it wont ever happen
hello, duh
most engineers and techs do
its called collaborative development
stu is afucking lame, he wants to play irc kiddie games in a serious chan
and charles got his back
so charles can fuck himself too
wannabe lame
sure he does
you made him op
hes your mistake

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stu you act like a bitch little kid
yeah my stoners
not like mine i own them
like mine we belong to the same thing
not to our efnet channel
calgar: im having an okay time =)
i like bitching at stu and pointing out his fail points
failure analysis is what im trained to do =)
hes a very interesting case!
it is
haha right whatever
we know about you
yeh we
cuz i aint the only person thinks youre a bitch
and it aint an organized thing
enough stu
cmon youre not keeping shit on the lolo
anyway, if all that matters i your behaviour in here, youre a fucking bitch
i gotta get foods
dude stu is a bitch
hes a troll bitch
thats nice
haha agrravated
because im calling you a troll bitch!
yeah stu
im totally crying
keys on my cherry keyboard all malfunctioning
thats my level of pain
my hitlist
what you and your girlfriend?
who else
cmon who else
ther two bitches who troll me, and...
the two bitches who are negative creeps, and often wrong...
who else?
hahah dude

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sure stu
because youd admit it if you were
hahah youre such a fucking lame
anything else obvious and predictable to say?
how about you dont care?
dude, ill hit you
so do it
sure, why not
you want it
or youre just a pussy, trolling online?
haha right
soccer hooligans, follow the leader into iraq
yeah now youre making big sense, fucking dolt
right like youre doing anything
again with this deluusional grandeur shit
you guys are getting killed for our stupid policys
thats lamer than us
see this is what you do with spare time, stu
you troll a sci/tech channel
thats why youre sad
even timecop doesnt troll
youre a bitch stu, deal with it, try and change
you, stu
in so many ways its silly
oh it is
swish logs, ive given tons of reasons
hes arguing
hes just losing
like always
eventually he cries about he doesnt care
and hes not losing because he means to lose because he trolling
the fact that hes trolling AT ALL makes hime a bitch
this aint troll stoner chan
no its not
you dont even act as mature as my stoners

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hahaha man that explains so much
youre like an avrfreak
you think youre all that because apperently your friends are pretty dim
um, how is that unpexted from anyone?
everyone here sees how you act
you dont care, but they prob do
right stu
you already shoot yourself in the ass so many times that its like predictable
i could make a stu bot to troll the channel and then youll be obsolete
like, you were a known ass when i got here
right stu
because youre personality is reeeeeal hard to can
yeah, what you fail at
over, and over, and over, and over again
when you walking to corp offices and coming out with their secret manuals, then you can talk
i know you in here
and despite what you thibnk, people online and on irc are quite the same
in pretty much every instance ive experiences
the voice is usually an adjustment
ph33r, brick
im doing it, foolio
dad could be dead
i dont care
and mon in prison?
mom works for the school district for 20 years
so yeah
cute, you getting threatened, trying to get personal
have you started your social engineering yet?

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anyway, youre a loser for your choice of words
and constantly making yourself look like an inneffective bitch
yeah well you look like a pathetic troll daily
and you called me a loser more than once
wait so when i have a job, ill be a winnor??
man youre so gay
ya rly
stu hasnt been about electronics since his led flasher
um, haha right
never happened bvefore, and now im actually employable
thats for the luck
youre such a bitch
like, really
go fuck yourself
serious, learn how to act]\
do you act like this in real life?
haha no clear is
haha yeah i wanna know if youre an asshole to anyone like this in your daily activities
or are you the little bitch among your peers
and this is were you make up for it
hahaha sad
man thats beyond ridiculous
so what, are your peers little bitches with no brainz or what?

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maybe $4 more or something, per channel
but you get isolation, and the heat spread out a bit
but yeah its not a big deal, its the same chip
also you might hit the brice break if its 5
LM4780 is just two 3886 in one package, basically
but its got fatter pins, and is easier to route
i gotta go eat and start working on stuff
and wtf i need to clean my fucking room and bathroom
my bathroom floor becamne my dirty laundry bin at some point a few weeks ago
check msg for my email
where the fuck is my dirty clothes bin
um, my dads the crackhead, you loser
naw it dont fit there
shelves and tooling, stock, scrap =\
and other other one is all drawer bins
haha my dad smokes rock and that makes me a loser?
sure you have
tons of times

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.02 is kinda thin
oh, yeah .06 FR4 is fine
travellar: try pc mod shops
k sec
no mount holes?
oh, yeah 6
yeah try and get those dimensions close
ha you need calipers =\
yeah thats prob gonna work out secy
id also consider just using 3x 3886

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just making voltage and no work
that giraffe is so neat\
i want a fatty giraffe
omg thats huge
hahah nice
wells its up to you
i do gainclines in like, 1" by 4" i think
the bridhed LM4780 is bigger
yeah sure
youre money, gonna cost more to fab (another reason to ourpcb it)
oh totally
tha can be as little as two to220
thats actually prob the best way to do it
do you want it smt or thru hole parts?
i kinda been wanting to do an 0805 gainclone, but thru hole routes with no problem
dont do smt big caps
okay thats fine, be a nice change, heh
almost noon (ttmustang cycle start time)
yeah keep everything spread, do some nice ground things
.06 is standard
.06 is pretty heavy, heh

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mrtube: i got a cnc job probably, next interview is next week
big wood router
you do cabinets and shit, right?
mrtube: yeah it should into 8R with 35V rails
charles stfu
why dont you rtfm if youre gonna make comments
but yeah, youre pulling double the current
thru the same load
and getting 4x the power
itll burn them into 4R
but its like perfect to spec at 8R
thats why you bridge/parallel them
bridging doubles the current thru each element
so paralleling the bridges runs them hals as much current as solo bridge
at same voltages
so youre back within spec again
hah, no load

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yeah everything just age drifted too
i have some passive fischer 3way cabs
replaced everything except the 10" drivers
which fail speakers
but yeah im do the gainclone biamps into those
the open baffle ones are tang band
but not the long xmax
those only come in 4R
and i fucked up and didnt buy them for 50% on clearance
haha, nice
well you wouldnt understand
and understanding would leave you crying, on your knees
thats so awesome

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heh prob like 6 or 7
but they prob up around 8 at audio freqs
bridged parallel 200W
its an amp design from a natsemi application note
no both
so you can get 200W into 4R
yeah but it goes into bridging and paralleling techniques
and has good circuits
simple and servo opamp stabilized ones
i got mine off the ebay, not a ton cheaper but youd need two
that guy is fat
haha, nice
11:23 < MrTube> but ima need the +15 and -15V supplys for my crossover too tho keep in mind,
L7815, L7915
theyll work, for the load on a couple dual opamps pairs
haha yeah i remember you saying that
that you never leave your shit plugged in
oh and i suggest an fused IEC input
yeah weird

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anyway datasheet has all that shit
and ill bend down on of the chips and measure
theyre kinda made to pivot at a certain point
they dont spec it, tho
yeah and die at 30
sumo is hardcore
o, here come charles, ready to sound like stus low self esteem girlfriend again
oh, yeah sure i guess
you just like, export in eagle
am i like, designing the circuit for you too?
cuz theyre youre getting a sweet deal, heh
yeah im just wondering
haha, yeah ive even done the bridged amp
have you read the bpa200 app note?

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dude he banned me so many times
when youre a shit op with ego trips
he behaves like this is a troll channel
hes actually made enough comments to that effect he has no way to dispute it now
shit is like historical at this point
yeah theyll work
ill grab some pics
stu stfu
youre sad, youre defined by your paycheck
go scan some documents or do some phone support
11:11 < stu> can't you two homosexuals take this to /msg
yeah dont talk about electronics in the chan
oh no
ur such a fucking lame
did you even finish your led project?
a lame is u
not the 3886TF
yes, at the LM4780
the 3886, yes
the LM4780, unless single supply no
that got confusing
because i anmswered too may questions
LM3886TF is isolated
LM4780 didnt come in an isolated package when i used it
stu, do you know how sad you look?
like, all the time?
yeah okay stu
so you admit youre being sad
so stfu, go find a hobby
trolling sci/tech on irc gets you nowhere
dude youre pointless
youre like a little stubborn bulley fat kid
hes only a little fat
more i think
the heights

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yeah fine psu is that or a variation
or just a 3pin vreg
yeah should be fine
datasheets to make libs from
oooh, nice
i think you can bend them fine
so theyre flat
i wouldnt bend them forward tho, they need air
yeah dude, timecop paid me $800 in the last few months
charles gave up at PCB
and all board failures were timecops fault
charles ignored me because i make him look stupid
so now he doesnt know wtf is going on
dude charles business aint private
its directly related to the chan
if you mean timecop, i dont care
we usually discuss payment in chan?
dork, go find something else to sooth your troubled ego
yeah timecop actually paid me decent after i let him have my work for a steal
oh no
haha i finished that expresscard thing in like 6 hours, too
dude everyone has ill feelings towards you cuz youre an ass
thats how it works, kinda
well, not really thats just the nature os sociology
i think it works out quite nicely

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fuck drawing -/\/\/\/-
thats a hand drawn schema
im not even trying to fuck it up with stupid zigzags
yeah well thast psu works
and its cheap
and its better
you can swap the Vbe multiplier
dude thats two diff symbols
|| != )|
well, || for anything non polarized
then they need to be marked
or its incorrect
yeah thats brit
we do )|
they do || with one bar fat
anyway, my schema is ace
totally sexy
so box resistors and circleless transistors are best
darlingtons always looked hacked into the circle
the brit shit has + always
sometimes american shit
dude, drawing zigzags, instead of designing, is retarded
draw 20 zigzags
lemme see
yeah lemme see, do it now
i can do boxes all day
my tools = anything straight
fuck a template
templates are gay
charles your a bitch
no one cares
when you disagree youre wrong 80% of the time

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oh i found low volt ps
ha yeh that long
cute vreg
yeah thats not a prob
sec =D
kinda same thing, but with current sinks for the zener instead of resistors
oh haha
i used a Vbe multiplier instead of a zener
i rock
box resistors = sex
qtf is with that inductor looking shit?
resistor is a box yo
every damn resistor ive ever seen
brit style
naw, i see both all the time
so what
once american, ones brit
any tech know it an R
box isnt us
box is brit
(i use brit)
mrtube: haha use that psu

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but yeah, they do good work
timecop gets boards for them like every other week maybe
wow really?
i always do active xovers
oh haha
psu isnt a problem if you need one
just stick a vreg on the DC from the big transformers
or buy a tiny transformer
ha those are kinda neat
oh fucked up
ya rly

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they pretty good work, fuckup on little things sometimes
but amazing prices and theyll fix it
advanced is 4pcb?
fuck them theyre retards
theyre a prototype house
they sent my boards to someone else\
and their boards to me
also, they wanted to send my boards to school for the student deal
okay most schools really arent cool with that
so they were supposed to adress to my parts tech at school
they did one order right
they did the other order, basically same order, wrong
and got jim in trouble
like, ourpcb does the same kinda shit sometimes
well, not as bad
but theyrye way cheaper with a better tek spec
dunno, cuz low run
i bet way under $100
yeah those arent exgerated
mrtube: i did a full panel quote
it was like $180 in tooling
and $7 per unit
id i paid like $300, id get like 20 panels
1/3 panel was like $80 tooling, $4 unit
cutting is retarded
its why they didnt get my money, they took to long to tell me that cutting them out was the issue
and then one more miscommunication, between them and them and another 14 hours, kinda killed it

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so 10*.007/.011
btw MIT is wrong
you dont just calc the time for 120Hz
volts ripple
at 10A
welcome to real world ower supplies
charles said i should use way less capacitance
his shit calced out to 82V =)
ripply on a 25V rail
yeah as long as it dont drop out
oh yeah
but you dont use 8.3ms like the tard professor at MIT
because that doesnt take into account the diode dead time
which is variable
but its def never zero time
yeah probably
youre never gonna pull 10A
well fuck worst case if im doing math i want the numbers to kinda match up with reality
school peeps would say use between 6.3 and 7
depending on teacher
like maybe $50
prob ourpcb, theyre cheap

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60W output, times 3, doubled
haha yeah, perfect almost
okay but you can do 250VA
for the 4780s
and 160VA, for the 3886
it costs more
the two, than the 500VA one
for less power
id get the 500VA one
check ebay for 500VA 25V+25V
guy there sells them
sec i always forget this calc
okay how many amps
10A per rail
okay so...
ha fuck hope
fail like charles
18A * 7ms / 11,000uF
er 10A

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wait do you want for one speaker or two speakers?
thats not a bad amount
yeah 6 amps
oh wait damn
oooh nice
i did that
they bridge fine, into 8R
if you wanna do 4R, you gotta parallel the bridged sets
well, you can test heatsink, but its prob enough
these chips are little tanks
theyre spec'ed at 85C
and the SPiKE thermal protection doesnt happen until 150C
ha nice
but yeah
theyre all 3886
48780 is just two
but its 60W*6
per amp
because theyre 50% efficient
so you need a 360VA psu

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yeah i designed and macegr fabricated, for maker fair earlier in the month
yeah kinda, but theyre little amps
fuckin blew the 10+10W with a rev polarity DC rail, and one of the small ones wont work now
like personally?
yeah a few i guess
get a 500VA toroid from ebay
of you want something thats capable with overhead
you want 25VAC transformer
itll end up rectifying to what you need
for 8R
thatll do all your amps
yeah i cant make the little omega thing on irc =(
i would get a pair of 250VA and put them in the speakers
but itll cost like $100 and shipping
yeah its totally the shittiest part
everything else is a couple dollars
33.35V with diodes loaded heavy

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yeah, but the LM7880 is harder to do correct]
routing issues, mostly, because of the very close pin pitch
if you want ill do it for you for not so much
gainclones are fun
yeah but 4 and 6 is easy easy
do the same shit 2 or 1 sides =)
i dunno its maybe 3 or 4 hours work, but its stuff i need to do for myself anyway
make the libs and stuff
yeah understandable
youre doing both?
oh nice
im trying some smaller cghips right now to use for tweeters and shit
5+5W and 10+10W output
cuz yeah gainclones blow a mufucking tweeter out, heh
hahaha 80w
was it way attenuated?
i know about biamps/triamps =)
notice how many inputs per speaker

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theyre UL, RU, and i guess a decent name in coils
parts express is buyout, overstock, etc
why theyre cheaper
yeah single supply
if that vac or dc from the psu?
might be a bit low
i think 25V is the lowest thgey go in the datasheet for 4R
not so much
who doesnt do full wave bridge =)
im saying you dont need that much
just enough to keep it from dropping out
you dont need vregs
they have ninja PSRR
you need 35V rails
to get the 60W
youre using the crossovers in the speakers already?
they have short circuit anmd overheat protection
but like, theyll catch fire
so i donjt think it works when that happens
whenever you do it wrong
its 60W AB, 50% efficiency
theyll burn up, literally, without heatsinks
okay like pretty much never
prob more than never
but its a very solid chip

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if you blow it up before the thermal protection kicks in
*it can east
but ill eat that shit too, im hungry
for one amp
for two amps
two of those for biamps
mrtube: do you know about chipamp.com?
gainclone kit, very nice
ima start your board now, didnt get to it yesterday
heat and bus rides wiped me out
i maybe got that job tho
mrtube: i have old revision boards, i still use them as test amps
everyone uses them

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find the other people in here did your project already 3 times
thats pretty much all you need
tramsformer, bridge
you should buy an avel toroid
instead of burning them
cost like $50
get the rails you need, tho
haha right
dude you dont understand datasheets
go for it
fail at gainclones
thats like, they say itll die aqnd they dont got my back at 90V
so ima do 94V
trust man, you dont even need to design it, theres a formula
no dude
theyre no 90V bipolar
youre wrong
theyre 90V max
yo9u only need 35V for 8R
28V rails work perfect for 4R
47V rails are gonna burn the chip
youre gonna drop your efficiency out
ever spec in there is like a 25-35V bipolar
and never over 28V for 4R
so yeah, maybe itll work your way
but if it doesnt, its 100% on you
everybody does it the way the datasheet says, everyone is happy
whatever i can eat your psu

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not that huge, like 70V
80V max
hehe why are you surprised thats what you need to make the specified power =)
on which?
90V is abs max
theres no reason ti do it
and thats not impressive
they maker an output driver that sinks and sources 4mA with a 200V spread
youre gonna burn them
so regulate it
you do 28V for 4R, 35V for 8R, bipolar
um, hello yeah
wtf do you think an audio amp is
if you wanna run it off those rails yeh
ima laugh you be the only person who fail at gainclones because you like ignored the datasheet
you kick them into SPiKE mode, they gonna tear up your shit
i hope you got a bigass heatsink
ha i dont have to i have like 100 times =)
um, you need a 60W capable heatsink
for one chip
ha lame
wait finned?
but yeah thatll work
i do my test amps on socket A heatsinks
whatever im not gonna read hours of scroll

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08:29 < MrTube> LM3886 and LM480 looks like so far
and 3886 is the winnor, i think
the dual package is harder to route, pins are kinda pussy
09:03 < MrTube> they claim it handles down to 4,
3886 do 4R fine, if you heatsink them right
3875 only did 8R
also you run them at lower voltage for 4R if youre doing it right
why would you think they cant do 4R, everybody and their moms has already done 4R gainclones

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