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mrmister_: ive been using the same set of coils for like 2 years or something
no it wont scratch the tip at all, and nothing cleans it better
its just copper
if copper scratches your tip up, your tip is total shit

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oh they changed it again
trust, its way better now
prob like 10 people in here have that
dude if im at my computer im here
stop asking dumb questions, i been stuck here like at least 4 hours working on dx's board
which is now done
doitle: yes no one has complained
and kevtris had his for like 10 years at work or some shit before he replaced the tip

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doitle: like under $10, refills are like $4

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just get a decent fucking iron
i dont think ive ever seen weller tips disintegratre, and my hakko tips are like permatinned
stab into coils, clean

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theyre ok
i had to use them at sandis because i forgot my coily tip cleaner pod
tho in general, fuck sponges and paper towels
the fluxed coils are awesome and dont cool down the tip
yeah mine i turn off, and twist in the fluxed coils
and it comes out perfectly tinned with no excess solder
yeah i have to run the big holes and edge program
im setting the tool length in the collet

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we have one in the welding lab
shit is like, drop a car on your steel plate
the hydaulics are just there to jack the shit back up and keep it from breaking itself when it slams down
yeah it scared me
i let tool room guy do it for me (rudy, yay)
yeah shit just moves

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yeah you cant do shit with carbide unless youre a half decent toolmaker
stoned you can prob make with a big press
the bigass ones on table miter saws are awesome
like, hai im 2" of steel! HA NO UR MY BITCH RAWR

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its a decent tool but you can only do so much with it at that size
its def someone a hax0r should have
1/8" collete = gold
they make big stoned for them too
yeah i seen 2" diamater by 1" thick stones on them
doesnt even look goofy
that size you dont need to spin them super fast anyway =)
mmmm carbide

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dude i think i go my whole dremel kit for under $100
its a metal cable tube with plastic coating
abnd a platic handle, with metal functional stuff
thats my kit
no thats my kit, + better tool kits, + the jigsaw
i dont have the saw thing
thats a batter model?
yeah its good to have that shit
cnc is awesome, but when i just gotta hack and slash, dremel is sweet
i dont think so
a 'waldo' (re: Burning Chrome)
heh, automatic jack used one to crac k a russian program case

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yeah get a flex shaft and a mains foot switch
get a small one
they make pneumatic grinders on flexible shafts
but thats prob not what you want
timecop_: get a dremel kit with the flex shaft attachment
and tape it to your desk
and buy or make a mains switch
i dunno pretty much anything at like 10K will go right thru pcb
cheap dremel wheels go thru that shit no problem
ive gone thru it with all sorts of carbide burrs
yeh i have that works fine
i have that and like a 3A dremel
$38 is cheap?

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like a coating?
that sounds smelly
or at least open a window
yeah thats fine just dont stink up your room
its heavy metal fumes or leftovers from fabrication processes
its likely not great to breathe, itll be fine once its burned off
no its prob normal, because you prob have a shit 40W iron
serious i thought i totally sucked at soldering
turns out i was just using the worst common soldering iron, ever
(40W radioshit)
i used to buy two tips for every project
because one wouldnt last unless i filed the fuck outta it by the end
if you leave it on and untinned (solder burns off), the tips is basically over
like, at the perfect temp, the solder will just fall where it needs to go
its almost effortless
yeah prob evaporate it instantly, heh
timecop_: what do you mean?
like a holder?
i think he wants some sort of mount

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i should get a tattoo of a darlington AB section with BJT Vbe multiplier bias
its just the metal expending probably
its just the etal settling into the mounting hardware in the handle (prob another shaft of metal)
yeah once it heats up ALWAYS KEEP THE TIP TINNED
else itll oxidize and be useless until you file it
at which point itll be useless unless you constantly file it
yeah the plating will just oxidize and youll get get a good wet tip
youll never get a good wet tip
reallt this is the #1 reason to spend on a decent iron
even an unregged iron from a good company
the tips are like night and day
doitle: dont worry its just making noise because the metal is expanding into its hardware for the first time
also i think the tips have a screw retention
so thats prob creaking too

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dude stfu
7805, neiah
my mom thinks the dolphin is cute

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prob a good idea
haha wtf
dolphin blazer!?
the fucking tattooed dolphin has a tattoo
thats deep!
bong and a cricket electric lighter
and be quick

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no hes just an immune troll
the only op who ever actually did operating was blackmoon
i dunno because stu is a fag and/or he doesnt want to be anymore
because the management of this channel is fucking lame and i dont want to be any part of it
dude its fucked up when i figured out what was going on in fight club, i felt like durden was my soul brudda

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ha geeker cute english teacher OH MY GOSHED at me cutting off my dreds
my dreds?
damn like like some Final Fight miniboss shit or something
top like half done

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teknique: omg pls kill freediver hes been asking for it all day
oh, hai
oh, laters
oh haha, i thought he had some mega touchpad on his rig
its just a cover so his palms dont fuck up his mousing

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okay i go have pizza

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i like eminem but dre beats are boring
fuck blunts thats such a waste of herb =\
a girl i wont talk to anymore smoked like 2 or 3 G blunts a day
fignuts: thats kinda neat
guy can def sequence, heh
heh he h4xed his chaos pad

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sounding like rnb illness
if he dont drop hard drums or bass soon im a dub thos officially lame
im still waiting for something to happen
well whatever, this has no drums or no bass
ill prob start your board in an hour or two
all the files are done, just waiting for dx's board to finish up
lookin good at 1:00 in
hip hop in the rnb style can go suckit
dis the new hiphop
no i aint got shit i dont make music
3:05 in what i linked, gets even better

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haha, what a meathead thing to say
part of my dads side is from former transylvania

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pharmacist is like more school than alot of drs
ya id kinda be bothered
yo someone msg charles to ban this lame or be typecast as useless as well as girlbitch

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again thats related to the channel
what ELSE are you doing
thats a sweet encoder layout
i wanna build some dense midi control pads
right, and you really wanna act like were the lames?
it obviously doesnt need smt
the laytout is dicted by the electrom,echanical layout
obviously doesnt need to be smaller
thos i bet the dips actually cost more
meh, i gotta tune my cnc
haha maudio stuff is cute

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we hqave peanut butter, honey, and no bread
i am so distressed
i am?
she is cute
haha cool
control surface
freediver: serious what are you doing besides trolling this chan with your dick in your hand?
no thats in chan
please read the question again
man i just got sneeze all over my kbd

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id never buy that shit car
and thats a Renesis
my nick is renesis
Renesis is a registered trademark of Mazda
because its shit, and the Renesis is shit
that engine was fail, tho
modern car fouling its plugs from engine floods wtf
yeah no one cars, you have a mazda bitchmobile
cuz he can buy a hub for $10
oh this is for a project io section?
dude make that shit yourself
even i can make usb work and i suck at pcb
is that your pedovan?
or you already traded
oh ha
ooh, rx3
holes are basically vias
yeah those things are lame, incriments of failure
man im hungry

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dx^: topside happening
i bet you could do 480MHz with breadboard and wires
heh, not easily, tho
easier to just make a board
why arent you?\
i learned most of what i know from freediver
yeah hes been here around as long as i have
i been here like 5 years maybe
on efnet for maybe 7 years

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hahah, jfur #1
'hey you think i would get caught if i stole a tree from new landscaping in tampa land?'
'[logical reasons for and against]'
'okay well i figured like, you could run out and pull it up and run into my car and we could get away'
haha wtf
dx^: bottom done

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heh my girlbuddy chilled my exgf out, and was totally supportive of me when she was going nuts on me
i r loved
but yeah we have some deep convos about the nature of men and women
trust, its all true
wait i dont understand
she said before she didnt want to boff
but then she wanted to
and you wouldnt because of what she said before?

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i dont know a stoner who doesnt do that =\
go wack off and solder some shit
then call her and ask if shes okay
and if she doesnt bring up whats bothering her, talk about other shit
or make plans
if she wants to talk about it, stfu and listen to everything

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but ill still call them up be like bitch, why you become WHY DIDNT YOU FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF HER?
she prob thinks you dont like her or are a total pussy
either is bad
well, actually the first is maybe good
but only if you twist right
hmm, my girlpeople seem to put heavy meaning in the small talking
im like, no k rly, fuck you, come over or lets go someplace fuck this 2 hours on the phone bullshit
haha man i feel sorry for girls who are into me, ill totally talk on the phone with my best girlbuddy for like 6 hours and not even realize
dx^: aproaching end of program
line 48000+
hahaha nice
wtf i have 6 lighters in my pocket and no herb
thats normal

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it prob wonr really lower the current, because the inputs are hiz
its reduces line ringing at high speed
me, i would call her up and be like, hey whats up?
and if she makes some stupid excuse instead of being straight up with me, ill make her feel stupid
like noise and interference
it provides some degree of isolation
whats is failing?
if you call her just dont be a pussy
if youre gonna be a pussy, you gotta be agressive about it
make her talk and shit
dont let her get you in a corner, explaining shit
you keep her explaining shit
if at anytime she mentions time together to talk, just say yes
that means i want to win this argument, then fuck you
well, unless they dont like you

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i found the digikey baggie for my mc34063 switchers
its empty

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dude 5min in im like WTF BORING WTF AM I GONNA DO FOR 30MIN
then i woke up
and everything felt better
the needles?
or the difference
i could feel the needles
i was moving on purpose to feel where they were in my muscles
like 1/8"
and theyre placed at specific points so its pretty sparse
tho i guess if they were targetting some shit it could be pretty dense
yeah go pay someone to stab you
its worth it

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i yell at about 20 yards
right side, or left side
ha nice
ive heard of it
old techys talk about it
hahahaha, wtf @ 2
yeah more like you failed at the first edition and went and cried in your own made up channel
um, yeh i think so

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yeah i should check it out
right i know less than you and thats why everything here thinks youre a useless bitch troll
yeah swap meets are awesome like that =)
also farmers markets
well, its not exactly close
id have to score a ride for sure
yeah everything
even inanimate objects related to the chan know youre a waste
nope, no need
i havent paid for gas since it was under $2
haha, right
i save mad money and get where i need to go pretty easily
pretty much hit anywhere in LA within an hour and a half
bike, bus, feet, car
hmm, i can maybe get a ride, its a weekend
yeah i just wanna check it out
maybe find some decent chassis or something
yeah i bet
i have a bike
24" BMX
yes possibly, seems fun
its like 45min in light traffic, from here
i have to slow way down for peoples =\

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thats like saying, somewhere within 100mi of you
redondo beach isnt so bad, just south bay im pretty sure
dude, everyone heres thinks youre a loser
omg no timecop!
swap meet is for everyone!

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timecop_: pics of wife
like half done with bottom

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why would a 71 year old need a work permit?
and be in the child labor section?
17 year old phd in physics at 17 is totally a girl
shes ok

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i need new shit
my fucking cnc cheapo hardware prob outperforms my socket a workstation
no timecop thats when they were winning
yes socket a
and early multicore
when intel was being dumb at it
slacker_: depends
they been having those jews forever
slacker_: the psu circuit
if theyre grounded to neutral, youll fail
just shorting out the rail to ground
in series?
timecop_: hehe, happens? iunno

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ya pls, serious hes been annying for weeks
oh you have flight vids?
haha cool
well stfu, k?
haha at engine noise
ok cmon now, lets get the roles straight before we continue this any further

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okay so theres like prob 3 distincts points of possible failure
readerror: neat
yeah every says so
*everyone, and kevtris posted a vid from one looked pretty ok
yeah check next line genius
cmon stfu theres adults having real convos now
i hate modular kernels =)
well, with charles working the knobs, its prob more likely than you getting banned
hahaha ya rly
last time i got banned it was because stu got mad i was picking on his girlfriend
blackmoon: cvs cam

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freedivers homosexual services for $100, alex?
hahahaha mac users
X-Chat Aqua 0.15.2 (xchat 2.6.1) Darwin 9.2.2 [Power Macintosh/2.00GHz/SMP]
hahaha, and xchat
yeah avrdude
and related binaries
i already have one
why dont you just use that?
girls suck at pcb
because it does jtag, debugwire, and isp
its just a partport or serial buffer or what?
bridge like software or what?
buy dx's dragon?
apt-get reinstall

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been there, come back
shit i prob been banned more than any reg here
hahah wtf i conme back to this and you wanna call me lame?!
cmon i think its over freediver

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he prob heard it in a movie and didnt understand that was the proper noun
maybe we dont think its realtive and are disregarding you as scroll fodder
again, were waiting for some kinda of response from you with actual content
you have yet to deliver
man now youre paraphrasing daytime television
is that like your secret trolling weapons
so i mean, were all pretty agreed charles is a total failure as an op?
see if you were a regular, you would have been banned 3 weeks ago

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freediver: SHOW ME WAX THE CAR
hahah thats not from the movie you lame!
anyway, youre a lost troll, this isnt a place for you
go back to #meatheads
kinda except more malicious yet less effective
ha, harsh
no idea
right you know this because?
fuckit man
how about you be me
you can help people with their electronics and fabrication questions
and you can design pcb for people
ill be you
so ill basically just stand around and say random shit and look like a total loser fool
my previous name was GuyMontag
yeah isnt he op sometimes?
he prob busy working on his bike of speed and death
wow thats by far the most intelligent joke youve mad
how sad is that =(
i didnt say that i said bike of speed and death

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i am listening to live set
well im saying even if he did, who the fuck gives a shit?
well, yeh youre weird tho
it means he derived all the forumulas and theorems himself from scratch
freediver: dude were not
we know youre a tool with issues
youre not surprising us at all
hahaha 'you are' nice
youre really driving me into the dirt with scathing remarks like that
here give me a sec i have to replace keyboards
this ones all fucked up with my tears
so this guy has been like this for like 3 or 5 weeks now
and yet nothing
stfu no one talking to you
well, except dx just now
okay from now on, only speask when spoken to
serious man, youre about as well liked as charles at this point
we can

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so its more like 'he heap big chan stats'
and no i did not restate it, i noted you claimed i dont live here, i am not a reg
accepted documentation shows otherwise
just trying to keep it honest
ha i spend more time on this chan than i do in my home =\
at home or someplace else
um, youre in a channel where everyone thinks youre an idiot, trolling
who fails at life?
i like it here, theres some smart mufuckers here
funny mufuckers too
somewhat =)
also, while i am babbling at you, i am machining .008 DRC boards
what do you do with your time on irc?
i think maybe your dc jack fails but you didnt answer me, shrug
so what?
astrophysics means shit in here
designed any working circuits with astrophysics?
or you just play with pencils and calculators and textbooks and thought experiments all day

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being useless as always
freediver isnt a reg
so he is immune from charles bans
i guess he means we are in the now, now
isnt a norm?
well, no im not a norm, actually
im a abnorm
yeah thats true actually
im like towards the center of the channel interaction map
so i have documentation of my activity level in this channel
charles and you aint even on the map most likely
oh, haha h4x
check out the leads on that xtal!
yeah looks neat
whatever alligator clips are 3r337!
hahaha when did i say that?
you clearly tried to state im not a regular
so channel stats clearly state you are wrong
hahaha trolls are my 2nd favorite animals after cars =\
freediver: yes i already adressed that statement
also i was not the one to bring it up

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fail engineer
did he chill the fuck out?
omg i just did a fish pill burg X(
wait hes gone?
does he like, need to pay rent, and shit
he just been out?
prob on something
he have buddies?
no one cares, meathead
go lick your friends little shriveled balls
haha root beer?
mother tongue was kinda like RHCP
what is it?
die bitch
hey wait i know, nevermind i have a new idea
die bitch
oh wait i guess no thats the same idea!
omg repeating watch out dont get kicked!
who the fuck is failing?
if anyone is failing its your failure to realize how retarded you look in context of this channels scroll

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the fact your are too dim to even realize is just like icing on a really good cheese cake
with like thickass crust and mufuckin cherries
youre just one more fuck come in here and cant hang
let us know when you try and build something
yes also blackmoon
but only because we wish to encourage him to try harder at it
dude, i been here for years, i got no probs with like 90% of the people here, ive been banned multiple times by the resident fags, and im still here
i done paid work for people, helped countless people with their projects, spent literally days drolling on about techish shit besides the pointless stuff
you have managed to show yourself to be a fool, newbitch, failure from above
yes well this channel isnt about helping people
we actually do have other interests besides electronics
yes, haha indeed
we cannot be hardcore and tek all the time
sometimes we need foods and sex0rz
hes fail trolling like he think he got a pair, as usual, i dunno
yeah he meathead fureal
awesome that sounds like a good routine
basements in cali

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hello i live here
youre like some newguy bitch
you are like a 4 or 5 times a year event, here
ya rly, i do
serious you are like, newbitch
of course not!
nor do i even plan to own it, or even participate in operating it
tis not my style, really
did i say this channel was mine?
if i did, you misunderstood my meaning
it is mine, as i beloong to it
as one would belong to a church, or a school, or a woman
btw save that line, for the women
right, i dont belong
you belong because....
hahahah 700 years, nice
dude, youre fabulous as in fabulouslly homosexual
yeah prob that
cmon im waiting for some kind of meaningful retort from you
so far you are just failtrolling
this isnt #spelling
im sure in your meathead chans, you are all quite proper with the spelling and grammar
but in here, we savor content, meaning
we live on The Juice
no more, no less
serious like, unless youre doing some massive setup, like lulling us into a fall sense of OMG THIS GUYS FUCKING RETARDED
youre just failing

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he also tried to use my trademark argument with nothing to back it up
you are like one of those spammy redirect websites
ya, i said it
yeah he meat bludgeon me to death with his meathead
because you say so, in one chan
after proving several time youre nothing but a weak troll
not even average
i wouldnt mind a curl bar, actually
he hasnt had a tech thing to say since he got here like a month ago
he seems to kinda droll along with the stucharles mentality, but doesnt even have their level of skill in electronics of trolling
yes fool, i know about the shitty engine in the pussy excuse for an rx7 replacement
wow u r so smrt u readz car magazines
hahah have you seen my soldering?
functional, yes, precision, no
serious man try and attack me on something that i care about
yes omg indeed

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how come charles doesnt ban you wtf is your purpose here
yes youre excused, is ok to leave now
haha cowboy
and actually no youve tried talking shit several times but are no so effective =(
haha, h4x
theres like more LA X Press things in that pic than anything else
yeah pls? because its just embarrassing so far
it makes me wish you werent here
its like watching bowie sing in labyrinth
you just want him to stop
right, lemme know when you start being effective

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dx^: k bottom side is milling
says 140min
expect longer
it doesnt account for acceleration and deceleration during changes in linear movements (which is happening constantly on a pcb)
just started, it looks like a bunch of holes
the tool path preview is pretty sexy lookin
i drilled some holes with a .016 drill, when i flip im gonna line it up with the .012 drill
thats not a hack thats normal i think
blackmoon: sucky
omg thats fucking huge

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im sold on hakko shit for life
the tips are #1
blackmoon: sucks
its not wide enough in the middle?
yeah i dont understand that either

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solder wont even stick to oxidized nickel or whatever the cheap tips use
my tips come out perfectly clean when i stab them into the tip cleaner
but thats not possible with standard nickel plate tips
once the plating is fucked, you either have to file it or toss it
tho i have my chisel tip skinny cylinder, its awesome for anything except big hardware
its just kinda ok for that shit
the standard tip the 907 irons come with is more useful in a general sense
but the skinny chisel is better for 90% of the shit im doing
i think thats what i have
think that is too big
macegr: i do wire tinning and big shit with it
but it takes about 2x as long
and theres a distinct cool down moment
its like, hot enough, cools down and sticks, maybe 3 sec till the regulator realizes and kicks in

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electronics lab, done
she big
look she cant even get her pants buttoned up
wtf thats like your ideal woman or what?
you have to with cheap tips
once the finish coating is oxidized, its basically only way to do anything useful
id never sand my hakko tip
but thats shit like permatinned
yeh before it oxidizes again
you have to file radioshit tips constantly

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\until that point, just assume shes into you and thats why shes mean
but fat asses are where its at, baby
omg free parts?
macegr: someone prob cried and threw the box down and never did electronics ever again
naw man ill be like 'what? how about this? am i fat? are you calling me fat?
cuz im fatter than you. so am i fat?'
'no youre just big!'
they usually stfu when cornered like tghis
macegr: omfg
you mean like, a BOX
catalog and post contents for quick distribution!
any coils?
hahaha right
look theres only one unique girl in the world who is totally awesome
she is my best friend girl
all the other girls are rather common types
oh except best friend girls best friend, melissa
she is so sexy and thick and cool and her taste is so awesome
shes is like my fav person to be intimidated by
haha wtf
dude tell them to buy a hakko and some diagonal cutters

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is she fat?
or just thick?
thick is kinda awesome
i need to find new girlperson
exgirlpersons are just problems
i think exexgf stole my fucking sisters weed
and exgf just likes me too much and is too emotionally driven
like, ok thanks for apologizing for everything and understanding, but fuck you for driving me nuts for a week and making me feel like a total asshole when i was pretty sure i wasnt doing it wrong
blackmoon: ya rly
ccfl_man: look man
worst case, she ends up hating you and not wanting to see you and getting a restraining order

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so call her
dx^: its mostly drilled

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it was a police officer =\
plain clothes
so yeah, driving more excusable, result is almost more fucked up tho
like, wtf youre supposed to stop the car and get out
not just bump into the criminal while the cop is wrestling with him
yarly wtf
yeah he almost flipped
that cop was pretty awesome he landed on his feet and hobbled around before he just gave up looking ok and falls down
find something else to do

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nice music selection

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hookup some hps lights and grow yourself a farm
i think i has a cavity
its not really subjective either
sometimes people are just wrong
right =)
you guys are so sad, you cant even have a convo with a stoner without feeling threatened
that is the case, tho
mine either
make a taser

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like, i guess its neat i dont have to get copies made

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i just want unique keys for my holes!

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didnt ork, because we changed the locks like a month ago
so i spent maybe 5min trying to break in, when i realized the deadbolt was locked
so im like, oh i couldnt have done that
no key, so i figured someone came home
knocking, doorbell, more trying to break in
then i try my bedroom door key and shit works in the new lockset fine
i locked the door when i left, i shouldnt have been able too =(
you would think they woud have enough key patterns that this wouldnt happen
my bedroom lock is like 2 or 3 years old
same brand, tho

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man thats so fucked up why does my room key work on the front door
thats ther point i did shut and lock the front door
when i came home, i used the front door key to get in

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yeah charles cant be having people in his scroll who tell him hes wrong after he states how retarded they are
the two of you are like made for each other
anyway, why the fuck would i leave, i enjoy this place and the people here
you dont care about it or the people, why the fuck are you even here
meh, CNC is boring

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meaningful: stu, i go to school, i smoke mad weed, and i pwn you at what matters in here, and it pisses you off, so youre a little bitch about it
i love how youre idea of trolling me is getting me to point out how fucking retarded you are =)
its the name of the chan, stu
this isnt #troll_annex
or #stus_entertainment
serious, even timecop doesnt troll
timecop can behave and act like a normal human being, stu
right you next because of your constant blogging about furniture
and charles aint down with that!
no i always go on about charles when he shows up
pls dont distort the truth
band of merry men/losers?
okay, the fact that you think their is some sort of organized plot against you is silly and amusing
you and charles have both eluded to it
no, that is a fact
that is not related to me, thats is basically a multi-network thing
hell you were known for this shit already when i showed up
yeah stu
other people do, who knows you
so its not ridiculous
well, great or not, its what is

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yeah point is why do you
why are you trolling in sci-tech
ops are supposed to ban trolls and disruptors
you were the primary troll
and this chan has a reputation for it
like, most everything youve said has been contradictor by your words or behaviour at some point
well wkr4k3r youre fucking random and annoying
keep record?
dude its fucking blatant and obvious who needs records
well can you leave my little channel youre really quite out of place there
dude youre a bitch stu, stop arguing its like a channel given at this point
im might be a whiny blogger, but i stand by everything ive said on the matter
why not?
war and politics is awesome
lots of electronics in war and politics

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whove been butthurt
and who doesnt wanna cry in front of everyone
because you dont care
and nothing can hurt you
you bring up crying more than anyone else, it makes me wonder =)
you dont care about this place
or now you do, and its yet another point of contradiction
this place is like 20 regs
actual people, stu
haha right
um, why?
youre more avrfreak than anyone else
among other things
because youve tried before and im still here
several times
shit prob half a dozen times at least
because you banned me over stupid shit like stating you were a) wrong or b) being an idiot
dude, you wanna say you dont care about the channel, but that you do things as op for the channel, its kinda a bit thin
serious, you bitch because i go to school and because i smoke weed
i mean, fuck get over it

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doesnt make you associated anymore than a bachelors makes you single
or a masters makes you ninja
ha nice
have i ever claimed to be a skilled mechanic?
no but youve claimed to be competant
and youve criticized others as if you were
sure you do
anyway, youre a critical ass
and no you dont always know it, youve been wrong enough times
no youre a bitch
and as much as you are joking, this is how you carry yourself
yes its been noted
'i dont care you cant hurt me'
its so 6th grade =)
and youre fucking duluded if you think im the only person thinks these things about you
whats your point
you act like a fucking child

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dude timcop doesnt really troll at all
and wtf crying?
i swear you guys have some twisted views of whats going on
i was locked out!
my spare keys dont have the new keys
but my door key works on the front door
anyway, you go on about weed
yet every bit of help i offered you was stoned
my excellent GPA in my major was done stoned, as well as all my academic classes
like, youre pretty sad
like, you whole stated point of being here is to basically talk shit and be entertained by it
also, all your serious talk is basically bullshit because its like created to fit your argument, often contradicts some point you made another time
stu im never gonna do work for you
AS electronics and AS cnc programming
and basically an AA liberal arts
one course shy
associates in science and arts
2 year degrees

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sure you have
youre an idiot
at debate, more than anything else
please to contradict yourself some more as i go eat
fill your scrool with more pointless irc banter
as we know it is of no consequence to you
dude all the time
youre prob to dim to even understand if spelled out in plain letters
seriously, you have criticized who i am, including my persuit of electronics, constantly
so really, stu, youre an idiot
youre behaviour makes you an idiot and dim
and how you treat people
but i can remember details of shit i learned two decades ago
again, you seem to need me to fail to feel good
this again shows the level of your idiocy
i understand concepts at universal level
i dont forget shit
trolling in here is idiocy
especially considering your status in the past
change, or be an idiot
choice is yours
you arent respectable
youre a bitch, quite fraqnkly
live with it

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stu all you do is abitch about how horrible your life is and how boring your job is
why the fuck would i wanna fail at careers like you?
you can get paid for lots of things
what a few months
so anyway
what i do is why i know what i know
what you do is why you dont
haha wrong
dude, youre an idiot
you suck at electronics
no really
at alot of things
youre a straight idiot
youre an idiot at electronics, and other things
so really, go fuck yourself
and you cant figure out simple electronic shit should be obvious
like i said, money wasnt my goal
i was about learning my interests
ive succedded massively
and you know it, else you wouldnt ask for my advice on technical thing
that which you say ive wasted myself on is why i know the things i do

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joe public tends to think im a pretty nice helpful guy
if you mean, able to fit into an office without people blinking...
hahaha right
that life = failure
right stu, all my friends are because of weed
also note, im as likely to be getting stuff from them as much as distributing to them =)
two way street, we all in this together, we all got our skills and sources
i dunno prob half
if were counting family status friends, yeah
about 2, of maybe 4
if youre counting people i know and enjoy, its kinda the sam ratio
no never
well, kinda
but i always try and keep whats on me low
but when im busy, a lb every other week wasnt uncommon
ha, wtf border?
dude mex weed is like almost non existant in my circle
we dont even know where to look for shit weed
there is only two types, regs, and kush
regs is what most of the country refers to as 'the super bomb dank' or 'mother fucking killbud', etc
ha tshirt and rock

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was kinda money from nowhere, tho
exactly stu
the product of a failed system
failed family
been there, been back
ha, ill be okay regardless
surviving lack of ganj isnt hard
ive done it for weeks, years, it aint so bad
after about 2 weeks you kinda forgot why you did it anyway
yeah stu
LA didnt have weed for years
thats def the reason
always and forever
even when i wasnt doing it, i was helping people get it
LA is like herb capital of the world
if you have good weed, we prob import it, so we have it too, and then we have mad local grown
i did cut my hair fool
and i only look more punk in a nice suit
description fits more than anything else
tho im not very punk rock
i would rather be respected
i am
so im fine
by my friends, family

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they do
all the time
dude i had a CC marked debit card when i was like 16
whats your point
im saying debit card isnt even worth mentioning
anbyone with valid adress proof can get one
we did
you havent even been involved for 10min
pls2stfu and not be disruptive sounding stupid
i meant everything i said
studewnt can get credit cards easily
unemployed people have been known to get credit cards
i get like 4 or 5 offers of prepproved cards a week
um, because they make money
because the people get fucked in debt
and have to pay it off
or choose not to live, in a sense
its a scam
dude, youd get nuked too
youre like our bitch, follow the leader
everything dumb we do, you follow right along
how many of your troops been splashed for all this pointless nonsense?
and any student can get loans
its not uncommon to use the loans to pay of credit card debt
as the loan interest isbound to be better
because student loans are like best interest rates youll get your whole life
i once got a payment from childrens welfare system
maybe $400, i just bought a couple oz of herb

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debit card can kinda suck
they track your history and will lock your shit down if you do anything abnormal
like, people drive cross country, but gas in every state, then all of a suddent they cant buy gas anymore
find out that their bank security decided they must be someone who stole the card
and are getting away, or something
that happened to me at a strip bar in vegas
i was like $120 WTF I GOT 2 BEERS AND NO DANCES
then itll go away
make sure you have cash, in the case of bars
because they will normally serve you for awhile before adding it up and charging
just walk to an atm and get a couple dubs
jezus fuck youre lame
yes stu i know
i have a debit card
its backed by visa
ive had a mastercard one
i wont get credit cards
yes debit
yeah i know
i said i dont want them, i can use my debit card anywhere takes visas

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my visa and mastercard debit cards work fine for vrtually everything a CC would
and dumb decisions make them money
pay min payment
they can raise your rates as a risk if you just pay your min payment every month
they did it, theyre getting in trouble for it
but theyre still doing it
yeah, congress is basically beatink its head on walls
they cant pass shit
i even know unemployed people, NOT in school, who get credit cards
they just trying to fuck people, if you have no income, the only problem they have is how do we justify to a court that giving them a card was an okay decision
yeah i get letters from them
i get like 3 or 4 credit card offers a week in the mail

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haha, that service the fuckhead was offering, identity theft protection, advertisted his own SSN as proof (and eventually got id thieved)
all that does is put your credit on lockdown status, like mine is
people prob wouldnt do it if they realized the issues it causes when you try and do anything based on your credit
hello, its income foolio
stu, youre dumb if you dont think theyre handing out cards to students
the worst that happens is your default, and they make money off that too, eventually
anyway, ive stated a thousand times i dont want a credit card
its a scam, its why their ass is stuttering answering questions in congress
theyre in the business of small print and fucking people

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and yeah stu, you are totally wrong
they hand out CC to students, regardless of income
students get loans at better rates, easier than anyone else
and theyll do it, too
its basically just the way shit is now, dont even matter if your parents saved up for youre school, you prob still gonna have to take out loans to finish
like, i had zero problems getting a loan, with like zero credit history
i get preapproved card shit all the time too, but i dont respond because i know ill have to go thru a bunch of bullshit to get the card approved
like, if i respond, they just say they couldnt process my transaction and to contact customer support
i have to like phone the credit agencies and sign a letter and send back and shit
for anything involving my credit to happen

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its not like i can apply and get it, my credit is on total lockdown
haha no not because im unemployed fool
im a student, thats almost better than being employed to them
youre dumb =)
its hella easy for students to get CC
job or no job, aid or no aid
um, hhello because i dont want a credit card and because my shit is locked all three agencies
they cant approve me instantly for anything, per my request, without going thru alot of bullshit
no because someone stole mine, dipshit, and i told them to do it
wtf lambskin
polyurethane #1
yes my dad
got burnout cell phones with my info, among other things
so now my credit is on lockdown, havent had problems with him or anyone else since
cellphone aquired with fake info
you use it until it burns out
its quite common
haha, when i fixed that shit with the credit agency, my score jumped like 300 points

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man i hate how paypal takes 4 days to give you your money
fuck i needed that shit now
i should but getting anything is a bitch

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the bigass magnet thing makes atari sound effects at you
yeh sad =(
fuck start trek that shit is beyond make believe, its like lies and propaganda
but jim keeps on boning him none the less
what if my thai food and bagel food people dont recognize me without my dreds

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sweet, ush connect woke up
mmm, acupuncture
dx^: post work for your board is done
ima go grab smokes and start
o that sucks =\
omg your ins is gone?
sucky, good lucks
acupuncture isnt expensive
yeah its like $50-200 usually
my dude is $50 for acupuncture, $20 for consulation and herbs
heh, that sounds reasonable
cuz they prob bill you for the machine, every consumable you touched, the techs time, possibly more than one tech

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haha fuck all that
thats cool if they think someone needs physics or calculus to do tech work they can suck it
they have books for postal tests
he, standard test is just short term mem tests

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just the inside corners, im worried about, i know it can do precision details
ima have to go to that rubber supply place and get some jars to play with
you tried it on the laser already?
i have some buna-N stuff
high temp chem resistant rubber stuff

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print labels, get scale, buy stamps,
drop in box, done
yeah just ask them for stamps in the amount you need
they can print out stickers in whatever qty like the automated machine
im not sure theyll do it in bulk tho
but thats what they do when i bring packages up to them
yeah, not sure
but i think it maxes at 1.85 or something
for non machinable envelopes
for what
heh k
haha cool
is it silicone?
that comes in red alot
oh neat
i wonder if its hard to get precision stamps from poured silicone

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i never seen multi package options
thats gonna get busy
prob faster
depends on line, the automated thinger never has a line at either of my usps
flat rate is such a ripoff
heh, on a $5 product

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they have little mirrors on those nose sometimes for that
but yeah, ive never really had probs with truckers on road trips
blink lights, wait for them to pull right, speed by
like, you can actually do a pretty good job communicating with them
normal drivers are dumb they dont understand shit
tape your brake lights before braking, and they ride you closer wtf
think youre done braking gonna speed up, or i dunno what
heh yeah

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little cars get crumply, =\
its scary but its why theyre good in most accidents
like, people in SUV hitting shit at high speed, the truck dont absorb shit, and theyre strapped in tight
die from blunt force trauma, strapped to their seat
its kinda fucked either way
tho yeah, small car is bit scarier because people dont see you
i once tried to pass a truck on the right and fucker almost merged on top of me
and then like, if im at a srop directly adjacent to a tall truck, they cant see me, they try and like right turn into me
my roof is like 6" below their window
prob only old preludes are worse
open highways, truckers are awesome to drive with
hahaha yeh
else you just pull up over them

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yes i have a little honda rex
1650lbs from the factory, 50mpg highway, in 1986, with a real 4cyl engine
i dunno wtf all the excitment over geo metro was, honda did that shit like 5 years earlier without resorting to 3cyl or paper thin quarterpanel steel
and then
i seen hondas like mine wreck, they wreck like any honda

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hour walk
jeeps are fast!
i miss my carthing
35mpg dying
last time i was paying for gas, it was barely over $2 much

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meh, he still spamming my old email, hasnt mentioned xmegas at all
ha cool
omg food burning

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single drop of flux
flux is neat!
i got a jat of paste flux from radioshit in chico
yeah i can send that back with scissors
ill have to pick something later today
no didnt even get contact from the dude
local distro turns bad =(
i think my foods is done
(parmesan pasta-roni, ph33r)
oh shit, i wonder if he sent to old email

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prob starting by noon
all files done, i just gotta do a flip note
stop talking about my sister like that

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haha you almost tried to keep my hakko because of the sponge =(
oh, i dont think lemme check nfo thinger
actually, i prob dont have the files local...
yeah, its on a dvd somewhere, prob take forever to find
im pretty sure it just had all versions of 32bit and nothing else, tho
i dont care about that bitch
like how is that shit listed in your budget?
pompous excess: $30B
i dont know if what youre saying is deep or on crack

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theres basically OG (best), bubba, and purple kush
you can sell all three at about 2x normal reg weed prices
i dont have those i dont think sec
o, my bad
ha you want me to send them back or what?
i need foods
okay i have to do board edge and export gcode and make flip notes and them im done
well, with the bullshit parts i shouldnt have to do in the first place
you prob got random new stuff
im pretty sure my flat pliers and my miniplug to miniplug cable is there
no i have mine
i think both
i have the ones with the notch, and the auto stripper for bigger wires
yeah because i did the wires for the speakers with it
you have the same one but its newer looking
mine is like rusty around the nut edges
haha rly

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maybe i should just blow timecop money on a medical card
then i can just walk down the street and buy herbs retail
which is like at once amazing and totally lame
you want the list or what?
a) its federally illegal, and youre not offically documented breaking fed law
b) they have a spectrum of prices, which is dumb because on the street, its regs or its kush, there is no in between
good weed is normal weed, no matter how good, no matter what its called, unless its kush
c) i normally get really really good prices for not so much weight
so prices at shops is usually just painful
we voted it legal for any medical use it can help people with
kush is the best
cali kush (OG kush) won cannabis cup, i guess is the only time it was won by non local herb

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then theres burbank and hollywood sound engineer gigs
naw i wont even work for them if they try and pay me labor wages for tech shit
they can fuck themselves
then theres sound crew stuff, a few things involving computers people have pointed me at
and then yeah, cnc stuff is everywhere
but i kinda dont wanna do that
unless its short run/prototypes, or wood
yeah i do not ever want to work in a production shop
good hopefully
well, production metal
wood is like whatever
i have a 4gb one, im pretty sure
yeah mine too i think
oh, wait maybe not sp2
yeah, not sp2
and i dont install most of the extra shit

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omg envy
bit more post work
then i can be stupid and just do toolchanges and WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT
ima try to assemble the crossover, maybe vias will be less fail at home as opposed to my primitive environment at sandis
its hard to do vias when girls are misunderstanding at you every day!
that sucks, i gotta start doing that tomorrow
i have like 3 or 4 things to try before just resorting to the ever plentiful work of cnc programming and operation
hopefully i can find a wood shop or something if it comes to that
yeh cuz financial aid bueracracy fucked me,
im not trying to go to uni and get fucked the same when it costs 20x as much
so i get job, get car, do dr and dentist thing, save up
take a class or two a semester
anything tech at cerwin vega or JBL (harmon), theyre local

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haha thats so retarded
like all of california is burbank and beverly hills
no i do but i like oppertunities to make comments about you being retarded more

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omg eastern european girls are so sexy
well, the sexy ones at leasy
yes in every region tho
sometimes white chicks get old ok

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